This is what is wrong with the Android rom community

The CyanogenMod Kang project. Gross. If you need a tool like this, then all you are probably planning on doing is rebadging or "optimizing (read not doing a damn thing)" CM. It's not like compiling is difficult to begin with. Honestly, the whole point of opensource is to take a program and add features/code, not this. If you say that the reason I'm against this is because I don't understand Open Source, then you probably don't know how to code. Terrible.

A couple LOL-worthy bullets:

All the following do is save space on /system... which is pointless because that is mounted r/o during runtime anyway. They do NOT improve speed of a device as the "optikangers" want you to believe.

- Remove all non english languages.
- Remove live wallpapers
- Remove cm wallpapers

The "to come" features are even more laughable. This one is just impossible
- Pure AOSP via plugin

What does this even mean? Error checking? Wat.

- Better error checking support.

Erm.. the build system does this..

- Check for errors during compile and point to places to fix.

and for extra salt on the wound.. lol.

- Edit the name of your kanged rom!
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