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Saw a true community effort in the CM channels today. Someone that doesn't even own the devices, but has experience in this field managed to fix the last of the camera issues.

I just recorded a 1080p video on the Sensation. So close to nightlies. Just a little longer guys (and gal).

EDIT: I spoke too soon. There is still an issue with recording video that rears its head after a couple of minutes.
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waiting with patience still on custum ROM till CM realese
Did you write gal because there is literally probably only one female waiting for it? lol. 
Moar updates....sweet, thanks! Can't wait for this on teh Evo3D :)
This is the happiest I've been all day. You guys rock.
It's hard to say without seeing a logcat, but could there possibly be a memory leak or a problem with the bitrates?
Do you have any more info on the problem? I could try looking into it. Don't have much experience with ROMs but I want to learn. OC kernels get boring after a short bit
Erie T
Are there any other bugs/issues that's a major concern? If it's not, why not just release the nightlies? I don't mind a broken 1080p recording camera.
FYI: Before the OTA on T-Mobile on Sensation, After video recording or playing video, all sound is dead on the phone, have to reboot
He isn't going to release nightlies because noobs will complain and spam him and someone will make a small edit to the code that fixes the camera, add a theme and say its a magical ROM
Nice update. This is definitely wetting my appetite.
Whew! That was sooooooo close! Have you looked at the camera mod on xda. I'm flashing that as soon as I'm done flashing cm7 anyhow. I'm sure you've seen it though. 
The camera mod on XDA is a sense based camera, which wouldn't run on CM. Thanks for the update Kmobs. Looking forward to it. :D
Ah well what do I know? Haha guess I won't be using it after all. I forget everything out there is all sense based. (Almost everything) 
I have a senseless rom/kernal and i run the camera mod...
Erie T
A "senseless" rom is still sense. Just the rosie launcher and other stuff deleted.
Whatever the case... I'm rdy for cm Haha... 
I'm patiently waiting. Sense is so damn buggy. :/
Your a tease man lol. Its like you flash your CM on us, then put your top back on. Your a bad bad person :)
Show me your CM, Babe!
Kmobs Can and will you post a video when the main issue will be fixed? 
Keep up the great work, can't wait to experience the magic you guys come up with!
Do I need to buy you large quantities of meth? Anything to help and all.
They don't do ETAs. You just have to wait and cry yourself to sleep every night until it's ready.
Question. I just installed the newest hd revolution and it has the new 1.56GHz overclock and I have to say this phone is blazing fast but still good on power management. So my question. Will cm use a oc daemon like this one to bump us up to the 1.5ghz or higher range?
I think they normally use a mostly stock kernel for the official CM release. [I'm apparently wrong.]
Well I know the nook color ROM allows you to oc 
This cm7 is going to be like Oprah ....well worth the wait 
YESSSSSS oh and +Keyan Mobli can someone tell Google to add Native screenshots to ALL of Android already lol
Google missed that effin boat - they now need to add native video recording, video editing and apis for remote control to all of Android. I wonder what frickin' fairytale land does Rubin's team live in? They are consistently over-promising and under-delivering since I/O 2010.
pretty sure native SS is in ICS, but still
This news is very exciting!
Sweet... Waiting patiently..... Or something....
It's like not seeing your significant other for a prolonged amount of time, once you do, it'll be that much sweeter. Hope all is going well.
Just wanna thx cm team... It's Simply Amazing... waiting for the Official CM7 now
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