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This child was born without a brain.

He has only a brainstem, which controls the most vital of life functions (breathing, heartbeat, etc). In my opinion, at this point, life is not worth living anymore. There is no chance of recovery at all because there is nothing to recover. It never existed. I can't even imagine being a parent in that situation.

I know that many people don't believe in euthanasia, but prolonging his life at this point is cruel.

Baby born without brain brain turns 2
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Gosh how difficult. It was only through advances in health care that he was probably able to live this long, just look at all those medicines he is being feed. So I agree with +Keyan Mobli if we make decisions to prevent death, we also need to make decision to induce death; when and who can make those decisions is part of the public debate, and that is not easy in some cultures.
Being entitled to my own opinion... This is a very selfish act on the families part... If he has no brain he retains no memories, no learning, nothing. Why prolong such a terrible existence? I feel for the family... Couldn't imagine it.
I can't help but consider this unbelievably cruel for all involved. There's nothing I can say to this that wouldn't be considered cold and heartless by someone. But what does this demonstrate? I sincerely hope that someone isn't going to try to make this a test case to demonstrate that life extends to non-sentient organic tissue.
It's easy to say that it is a selfish act or whatever.
If it was your child, you probably (well, I) wouldn't ever consider inducing death.
Is it really cruel when he can't think about what is happening? He is already basically dead and will be nothing but a drain on funds until he finally gives out
+JD Davison Yes, it is easy to say that it is a selfish act.
Because it is by its very definition. They are doing it for themselves, because there is no him or it even to do it for.
One day, sooner than later most likely, the medical technology will exist to keep the meat of an organism operational, growing even, without a head. No I/O, no thoughts, no emotions or memory, or sensory input. Just tissue growing organs.
Look and i Know ill get flamed for this, but in all honesty this is cruel.. i understand to the best of my ability as a male how hard it would be to lose a child, however that child does not live as they put it it only continues to exist. We need to understand that we have advanced enough in medicine to keep anything alive forever if we really wanted to but that is not the nature of the world. Nature has its course and just because it hurts and we do not understand it doesn't make it right. In all honesty if that child was capable of thought and speech do you not think its words would be kill me ? 12 medicines to prevent seizures, no thought, no ability to learn, comprehend, nothing. as +Keyan Mobli said no hope .. I feel for the mother and family i really do but ever passing day will just make his last that much harder, but only for the family, not for the child that knows not of his own existence or has one second of what we call the miracle of life.
And then there is a question if it is a just a long slow drawn out death anyway.
In industrialised countries we have reduce infant mortality rates to incredible levels, in some developing nations infant mortality kills babies who are healthy and those that would have normally not survived.
Our health professional are guided to always prevent death regardless of the impact, this is why I said we do need a public debate about who and when, because as +JD Davison rightly points out, any parent in a comfortable society can not make this decision alone, or easily. If society does say we will support life regardless of the quality, then that should be applied across all of society, this includes the impoverished, the incarcerated, the homeless and those with mental health issues.
no brain would be the same +Omar O'Hara ... no eyes is the same as being blind pales in comparison
+John Miller At the same time we're not forcing those organisms to be alive. We kill some of them daily, like bacteria with hand sanitizer and soap. We don't pretend those organisms are aware.
+Omar O'Hara It doesn't ! It has no brain . - please not the there is no chance of the infant ever achieving a conscious existence. Not slim, not remote, none. This is a lump of tissue and organic matter in the shape of a human. There's no experience because it has no higher brain functions. This isn't even a case of someone who was once alive and is now in a state of persistent vegetation. Non-sentient cluster of organic matter. Has never been sentient, never will be.
+Omar O'Hara well with out a brain I got a pretty good idea... It doesn't see "the world" at all
I am not entirely sure this is cruel but it is an incredible waste of resources (said with great respect and sympathy to the parents). Without a brain, presumably this baby shaped vessel cannot feel anything (including pain) or understand anything but basic stimuli. It is simply being kept "alive" artificially.

I sure most reasonably people would agree that it is our brains that make us human.

Without one, we do not exist. "Cogito ergo sum" (Rene Descartes)
Holly mother of God, I just can't imagine how the parents lead their lives under the circumstances.
Suma Chatterjee ...6th May --- It's a too sad news ... It seems , the way +Keyan Mobli Mobli -- you have explained the case , is that , this human body has the ability of enjoying Non-voluntary Functions . If the dynasty where he is born is too rich , they can afford to surround the boy with all sorts of equipments of high standard Technology , as a Life-support System . Computer / Robot may act as a Twin alongside him . We , Hindus love to enrich our Brain . But , when it's not essential for many others , it may be Guilt to give the baby a Death-sentence , although , next Birth may be with a complete body ! Actually , to kill this child will be a Boon . But , as an Indian , when I watch a Normal Man/Woman's stock of Technology in a Flat / House as a Support system , I feel like , they must be too lazy to enrich their own Brains ....
So much for "Quality of Life" :-/ Seriously selfish parents, bad choice.
If there's no concept of life or intelligence, it isn't cruel. But it is wrong. No different from reanimating a corpse that died of major brain trauma. The baby will never have a conscious thought and therefore will never walk, talk, or make a decision. You can't call it mercy to kill it because it has no clockwork to understand quality of life. I say pull the batteries.
+walt white Again, I say this with sympathy to those who have experienced similar situations. Having volunteered (and/or worked) in hospitals and hospices, I have witnessed much "selfishness". Although, I think selfish is not the most appropriate word, many people do have a terrible time letting go. Often, this results in significant and unnecessary patient suffering. It can be quite horrible and sad but one can rarely reason with the family.

In this particular case, I suspect there the baby isn't suffering. Hard to be completely b/c I am not at all familiar with the baby's condition.
+Shawn Connelly see I too come from a background of being both an EMT and a tech. I've seen things like this that make no sense as to the disparity that people want to keep a nonfunctioning life going. What purpose does it serve to keep a lifeform (so to speak) living with no good outcome?
I can't imagine what its like for the family to have to make a choice like that. My heart goes out to them.
Omar,you are so right. Who has the right to judge!!! This parent was given this challenge for a reason.
I am way late but here goes-- no brain ='s no human decisions or failures-- but with a heart one does have a soul- in my world(&God's)the soul is the state to be concerned about. Purity of soul is assured when no human failures that are unforgivable can be committed or even considered. What we see is a pure soul in a child and the Love of God in the mother. God show's His pure Love in mysterious ways. Pity the folks who treat frail people and pets (all who have brains)with the same treatment options I have seen on this page. just my thinking, a churchy soul some of you may call brainless. (and a retired icu nurse)
Naturally you cannot kill a living baby once it is born. Which is why we have pre-natal screening for these and other conditions like Down's syndrome. And this is also why abortion is so crucial to avoid suffering like this.
he's still a human for God's sake.. taking someone's life has never been one's responsibility. Let the kid die the natural way but let the parents/family extend his life in whatever way they want it, it's their baby not yours!
I see this as guilty feelings on the parents. This condition is either caused by an illness incurred during the pregnancy or drug and or alcohol use. Now saying that it could be a prescribed drug combined with the alcohol use which makes one or possibly both parents guilty of causing this anomaly. Genetic anomalies may be the cause, but it's doubtful. So I ask again.. What's the point in this being allowed to happen or go on as long as it has? Will this (for lack of a better word) child be able to laugh and play? No! Will it be able to grow to be an intelligent, caring adult,no. So the point of this would be Gods will? Hardly.. I say it's a guilt trip.
+Mark Anthony Cervancia its only human in some people eyes. I mean a being has to have thought/consciousnesses in my opinion to be human. I'm not a calling a brain dead person who is only alive because of life support/medicine a human being. If you loose your ability to function as a human or never had it how are you still human? I know its a hard choice but this is why we are over populated and waste billions on the medical field to prolonged the death of humans that should have died via natural selection a long time ago. It may sound cruel now but these types of things only truly make life and medicine harder for the people that actually need the "medical help". The money spent to keep this vessel alive could have actually saved a child's life that will actually amount to something and contribute to society. Letting the vessel die the natural way is still not helping humanity or humans as a race at all. Its only selfishness on the parents part and a needless drain on societies resources.

This is just another reason why abortion should/needs to be legal. If, as others have stated, precautions would have been taking prior to birth they could have saved a fortune in medical bills that the government will end up more than likely footing the bill for and a lot of headache by having an abortion as soon as they found out there is and never will be any brain function.
For all those that think that it's greed on the parents part, and that money/resources could be saved... have a think about how greedy you'd have to be to make that comment.

I don't care what others say; I still think the child is human.
+JD Davison its actually not greedy to think that the resources that are going to prolong this vessels life could save multiple children that will actually have lives.
+Elizabeth Waters so it is a genetic anomaly. And prolonging this existence is good how? For what? To assuage guilt. This should've been a spontaneous abortion due to it's inability to sustain it's own life. But I guess on the bright side it's definitely a good case study for medicine and psychiatry as well.
What if Helen Keller had been killed after birth because of her many handicaps? Every child born into this world has a purpose, no matter the difficulties that child or its parents may face. Trust in God, and He will provide.
The baby is a human not an object so "it" is just rude. Just calling the child "it" is moronic and just plain cruel that shows how having a brain doesn't really make a difference for some people and with the comments I've seen some might not even have one does that mean they should be killed too?
+Adam DeMine Helen Keller was a real life, not a vegatable. Not a good comparison.
For parents it is really very hard, but to free the child from more suffering it has to be done in my opinion, apparently there is no life for him.
I disagree +Dario Pernalete . Do you reason, love, learn, enjoy life? This body won't. So what's the point of this anyway?
+Adam DeMine I really didn't get that from my studies in school. They told Helen's parents that she would be deaf and blind NOT a vegatable.
+walt white yes i do. But why it? Why not him? Do you think the child is an object? I'm not saying that keeping him alive is the right decision my main problem is the fact that people actually think the baby is an "it".
+Dario Pernalete It Has no Brian therefore no thought. It has no thought therefore no self. It has no self therefore no soul. It has no soul therefore it is an object. The only purpose God had for allowing this is to use it's organs for transplants to save other very sick children.
+James Merrill I am using my brain, you just don't agree with my opinions. To react emotionally to my comment is, in fact, not using your brain.
Yes +Dario Pernalete it is just a body with the only brain functions being, eat,poop,breathe and sleep. Ergo an it, not a being capable of thought, love, pain etc it becomes an body and nothing more.
+James Merrill is that what God told you? Beacause I have never heard of babies being born soley for organ harvesting in any religion, anywhere, at any time in history. That argument is quite irregular.
This is only being discussed because it appears to be human and born of human parentage. If this was any other creature we wouldn't think twice; we wouldn't be discussing it. In nature, some things aren't meant to be. They're still-born, die soon after birth, or a mercifully killed.

This to my mind is a sad example of just because we can, doesn't mean we should.
+Ketobbey Waters There is an infinite world of knowledge modern science still doesnt understand. Science is merely a label we have put in those processes by which God operates and creates. Evolutionists describe our chances of actually coming into existance, by the theories they prescribe to, as winning tge powerball lottery billions of times. So does that mean everybody should throw their money at the lottery? I think not. I know God is alive in me, and His blessings on my life are unmeasurable.
+Adam DeMine modern science doesn't explain everything yet. That doesn't mean what it doesn't explain is done by some magical "God". I'm glad religion helps or does something for you but to me being an educated, free thinking person can't believe people have faith in a "God" that has as much footing in truth as the Easter bunny. Religion was written by man for man period. Control for the masses is where it got its footing in pre modern societies. Again I'm glad some people need it in their lives and glad it helps them I just grew out of that stage in my life years ago.
Science can't provide answer to everything in the world
It explains magnitudes more than blind faith.
I'd say you could give the kid W's brain, but that wouldn't be an improvement.
I never understood why euthanasia is considered the "humane" thing to do when an animal is suffering but not when a human is. I am in favor of allowing euthanasia in certain cases.

Normally, my requirements for euthanasia would be that the person were constantly suffering from something and had little to no chance of recovery and was capable of having the clarity of mind to decide to be put out of their misery.

Can he even feel pain without a brain? He is certainly not able to make the decision to be euthanized.

The interesting issue that this brings up is, "what makes a person a person?" Is it having the basic physical form of a human, or is it something that is more intellectual than physical? It is an old debate, and any position has a good argument against it.

Anyways, if I were in his position, I would certainly want my parents and the doctors to just let me die. It would be cruel to force him to continue living.
+Adam DeMine The age we are living in now is the first time that we can give life to the very ill by using the organs of the recently dead and brain dead individuals. If the
pharaohs of old had our technology you can be assured that his slaves would be cut open and harvested for their benefit. Our civilization doesn't sacrifice any one with thoughts in their head but this baby is just a mockery of life. It's nothing more than an incubator for the organs than can save someone who is truly alive.

No God didn't tell me anything because God doesn't talk to anyone. Reasoned observation is the only way we can see or hear God.
Suma Chatterjee ...6th May ~~~ Although I need to read all the posts again and again , to realise this Strange situation , I am somewhat moved by +Nancy Walsh 's Post . Being in ICU , she must have far more idea about the method of keeping the baby alive , than anybody of us . We are just Speculators here , to express practical opinion . But , the baby is alive with a Soul . We all know that , as long as , a soul occupies a body , nobody dies . When Soul leaves , the body becomes a corpse . If provided proper support-system , the baby may live long . The parents should get advice from people like +Nancy Walsh .
In that case, you could say we are keeping the soul a prisoner, could we not. I'm not sure how much I agree with what I just said, but it's something to consider.
+James Merrill My father had a liver transplant and I am registered as an organ donor myself. I just cannot justify killing this child by intervention. However, if the child dies by natural causes, then I am all for the use of her/ his organs to save lives.
+James Merrill and +walt white then why you care if his dead or alive if he is just an object to you guys? Or do go through that procces with everything that's an object?
+Dario Pernalete The Same reason everyone should donate their organs, it turns a tragedy into a chance for life. I donate blood/plasma regularly and am on the list for potential bone marrow donors because I have something I can give to save lives that only costs me time and pain, When I die or become brain dead like this child my organs will be used to save more lives. To do anything else is selfish and cruel.
Being entitled to your own opinion... kill your own children and let them worry about theirs.
+James Merrill how can you say killing this child is right and then say in the next breath that saving lives is the only thing that isn't selfish and cruel? Seem like a huge contradiction.
It doesn't have a brain! It's not a child, it's not a person, it's a meat puppet. It wont grow, it's won't learn, it will never speak and it will never love because IT DOESN'T HAVE A BRAIN. In this particular cast it is selfish and cruel to waist the resources to keep a living doll alive and let other children who can speak and love and grow die.
+James Merrill I don't think its up to you to decide whether or not this child is worth saving or not. He's not on life support so he isn't waisting resources (certainly none of yours) and he has brought joy to his family. You could learn a great deal from their bravery, fortitude, and love.
Here is the reason the religious folk want so desperately to call this organism life ... every fetus, prior to 26-28 days, exists at this level of non-brain having sentience, or lack thereof.
The difference is a healthy fetus grows a brain while this organism never will. It's already been aborted in the first month of gestation (it's higher functions were scooped out by Nature), these people are just keeping the organs operational for a slightly more lifelike doll.
But keep redefining life until every sperm is sacred and that tumor you have growing in your colon is defined as sacred ...
+Adam DeMine he is on life support though. He wouldn't be able to live without the cocktail of medications he is on. Normally those medications are keeping an organism that has thoughts and feelings alive. Not here.
+Adam DeMine Of course it's not my decision, nor is it yours, only the parents have that choice. Every thing I have said is my opinion just like everything you wrote is your opinion.

Bravery, either choice they make will require bravery. Not making a choice and letting God handle isn't brave, it is running away from your responsibilities.

Fortitude & Love, I love my parents and brothers and sisters but if they were brain dead I would still chose to let them die so others can live. I will freely accept the burdens of my choices but all the pain and loneliness of their absence will be somewhat mitigated knowing that in death they helped someone live.
Wondering how many of the opinions on this thread that think it's selfish etc. to keep this child alive will put the same zeal into keeping alive those children that are perfectly healthy (by their reasoning listed above) in this thread. Of course I'm speaking of the act of abortion.
I know, and that's the problem.
+Mark Daley Rather than speaking vaguely, educate so I can disagree with your points.
This whole thread evaluated the parents decision and motives on the base principle of lacking any potential to experience life. I find it ironic
that we destroy millions of children that have unlimited potential.
+Mark Daley In both cases, we are arguing that there is no harm in ending the life of something that is feelingless. An unborn fetus and a brainless baby both don't experience feelings nor are aware.

Furthermore, we are also arguing about the quality of life. The quality of life of an unwanted child or an unready mother can be argued to be low.
There are several points here that I disagree with but the origins or our "world views" that each of us derive our opinions from are likely far apart. I completely understand where you are coming from, I just disagree. And while I have the pleasure of chatting with you, can you throw me a bone on a cm9 sensation update? :)
+Mark Daley Yeah I'm not here to change your beliefs, just state mine.

As far as sensation, I've been away with finals and not keeping up with CM news.
Suma Chatterjee ...7th May --- I have read almost all the posts here , and , need to read again . There is suggestion to take out healthy organs for Business of Transplantation , just before killing the baby . When most of you here , who are postring , have full size Brain , and , still carry on purchasing whichever life / brain-support system is put forward to you all by the Multi-Nationals , then , being born in this Global village , why will this particular baby not get any , when he is the one who is supposed to achieved , provided by the Govt & Medical Organizations ? Like kidneys , Hert , Liver , Eyes , etc , should you all enjoy and this one has to die ? Actually , it is a UNIQUE case in Medical Science as a Boon , to take absolute charge of his entire life to spend as much money as is required to undergo thorough Experiment on this baby . It has to be provided with as much life / brain support system as is required from time to time , acc to the increase of his age . We love to hear regular Health Bulletin on him , be it progressive / detreriorating . He is the one , who has no brain , so , needs an artificial brain in the form of a Twin Robot . He must be announced National Property to undergo Lab Test , instead of theft of a Chimp secretly , to sacrifice for mqankind . He will enjoy all innovative Science to sacrifice for all of us . He is born as a Cursed life . He has to suffer . But , we can afford enjoyment of Technology for our own sake . In many houses , Robots work hard as a servant cum slave . Many Robots are bought to get Brain job , when the owner is busy in 7-Star Hotel . Then it's not a crime !!!!!!!
+Keyan Mobli Are you suggesting that someone who needs medication to stay alive should be left to die and have their organs harvested?
+James Merrill I will say this once more; if and when the child dies, I agree that his organs should be used to save lives. One person can save up to 50 lives by registering to be an organ donor. I think that is awesome. You said letting God handle things isnt brave, but I couldn't disagree more. It takes a great deal of courage to let go and give your life over to God. You will realize, if you ever find faith, that it takes courage and bravery to live a rightous life. Lastly, if your sister had Alzheimer's and was unaware of absolutely everything, but always had a smile on her face and was not on life support, would you kill her for her organs? My grandmother went through this, and I dont have a single family member, Christian or non-believer, that would have voted to kill her. If you're so concerned with these folks that need organs so desperately, yoy should register as a donor, go down to the hospital, and kill yourself. Just stop advocating the killing of other peoples babies. Its sick dude.
+Adam DeMine 1) I do have faith, it just different from yours.

2) an Alzheimer's sufferer may have no memory of family, friends, who they are or even time or place but they are still aware. They can still think and feel and be happy. Alzheimer's reduces a person to only a fragment of the person they were but that fragment is infinitely more than a baby with no brain.

What I think you are failing to grasp is no brain equals no life. This baby and and an adult that suffered brain death are no longer alive, they are just empty shells, the soul has left the building.
To kill a living person wrong, that is why I would never advocate killing any person that has thought but this baby has no thought because IT HAS NO BRAIN.

As I mentioned in a previous post I already am a registered donor and as soon as my brain stops working they will cut me up for parts. Right now though I am alive and it would be a sin to kill myself.

3) Letting go and giving your life over to God is just a fancy way of saying I'm no longer taking responsibility and leaving it up to chance.
+Adam DeMine Please do not put words in my mouth about organ harvesting. Also, someone that needs medication to stay alive, is still already living. This child is not living.
+Keyan Mobli this to me is cruel but at the same time as the parent you don't want to end your child's life but there is a point were the decision is going to be hard but in the situation prolonging this is only going to make it harder on everyone.
Once the baby is born you have no say in the childs death anymore. This baby lived on its own the parents had no choice. Apparently not alot of parents choice to abort these children seeing theres one borned alive every 10 thousand births in this country. Its just this baby survived 3yrs....way criticize anyone?
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