Behavior Modification and Google's Pursuit of the Star Trek Computer

The above is my blog post that largely contains a continuation of thoughts on what +Mark Traphagen  calls UBM (User Behavior Modification), which he brought up in his thoughtful and informative post on the new Google Plus reach numbers, which can be read here: -

What is most interesting in that post for me is Mark's contention that while Google has aims to stretch its reach further and further, it has a counter balance in that has to provide quality results... otherwise people will stop using their product. While this is true as an adage, I'd like to refine this and say that Google needs to provide the experience of quality, not necessarily quality itself (by other, more broadly considered standards). This is an important distinction in the realm of human knowledge.

This points to one of the more subtle things Google has been doing in Search as it seeks to provide a Star-Trek-like answer experience to our queries. It has been working on modifying (and simplifying) our query expectations and practices so that the answers we do get, and that Google is good at giving, are found to be more satisfying.

And, I would suggest,  it has been doing something of the same on Google Plus.

For an additional and interesting comment thread on this post see +George Station 's share:
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