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Anyone needs an Inbox invite?

Hello Guys, does anyone knows how to disable headphone detection?
My Jack is broken an the phone permanently detects a headphone...
Device Info:
Nightly 20140928
No modifications

Best regards and thanks in advance

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Noooooo I missed it :(((

Very nice buildings :D

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Hi Guys, unfotunately i killed my girlfriends htc one mini (m4) :(
i wanted to install the 20140606 nightly and wiped everything including the internal storage (yes, laugh at me :D )After that i tried to install the zip with sideload but my computer does not recognise the device with adb. fastboot shows the device but the command "fastboot -w update" gives the error " EOCD not found, not zip "
What can I do? 
thanks in advance

BTW, i have ADB Version 1.0.31 from the latest SDK and the correkt drivers are installed, adb worked in the past. 
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