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Kevin Wolff

General Discussion  - 
Found another critter in my live rock. Any ideas what it is? There is a bristle worm in the rock somewhere too. Do those kill snails? Something is killing my snails and my royal gramma has completely disappeared.

Also my sand sifting goby died last week as well. Practically ripped in half. 
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It sounds like you may have a mantis shrimp. While most of the smaller ones are harmless to fish, larger ones can and will eat fish.
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Kevin Wolff

Discussion  - 
Bought some live rock. After a couple of weeks I found new life that I can't identify.

The picture show some stringy white things that come out of the hole, explore a bit, then retreat. If you look really carefully there is a red antenna looking thing in the bigger tunnel. I wish I saw it when I was taking the picture. I didn't notice it until I reviewed this pic. It's not in the other pics I took so it must have hidden.

The video shows a kind of worm I think.

What is this stuff? Is it harmful? Are they pests that I need to get rid of?
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Looks like a bristle worm. Don't touch if that is what it is. Stings.
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Kevin Wolff

Tell us about your tank  - 
My first saltwater tank. Thought I'd share it with the group. Two clown fish, a royal gramma, a watchman goby that will hopefully pair with the pistol shrimp who has been hiding since I got him.

Put in some green star polyps, a feather duster and some purple zoanthids.

16 gallon innovative marine nano. Think I need a bigger tank. 
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I actually have no idea. This is the product page.

Eventually I'll try to find a protons skimmer that fits and an extra pump for current.

It's a really nice little unit that I put in my office at work. 
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Kevin Wolff

Need Help  - 
I bought a couple of ricordia and one had some grass type stuff growing around it. Does anyone know what it is and if I should be removing it? In a week it's grown quite a bit. Feels like it may take over my tank.
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buy a Salaria ramosus, it will control your alge grow... ;-) Nice ricordia.
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Kevin Wolff

Need Help  - 
What are the micro feather dusters? What is the pink thing in the middle of the second pic? Thanks in advance. 
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It looks like a sea cucumber to me.Heres a link....
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