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I guess the UK is somewhere in the middle of both lists.
Google : Ranks Countries With Fastest Internet Service

Google announced recently that it was planning to invest billions to improve internet speeds, particularly for mobile devices. As part of that effort, they compiled page load data for countries around the world and ranked them by speed. I got my hands on this exclusive data and I will share it for those who are interested.

Check out the top tens in each category below:

Top 10 in Desktop Speeds (in seconds)

•Slovak Republic (3.3)
•South Korea (3.5)
•Czech Republic (3.7)
•Netherlands (3.9)
•Japan (4)
•Denmark (4.3)
•Switzerland (4.3)
•Sweden (4.5)
•Belgium (4.6)
•Norway (4.8)

Bottom 10 in Desktop Speeds (in seconds)

•Chile (10)
•Colombia (10.2)
•Peru (11.7)
•Brazil (11.8)
•Argentina (12.8)
•Malaysia (14.3)
•Venezuela (14.9)
•India (15.1)
•Philippines (15.4)
•Indonesia (20.3)

Top 10 in Mobile Speeds (in seconds)

•South Korea (4.8)
•Denmark (5.2)
•Hong Kong (5.9)
•Norway (6)
•Sweden (6.1)
•Estonia (6.2)
•Czech Republic (6.3)
•Japan (6.4)
•Romania (7.5)
•Slovak Republic (7.6)

Bottom 10 in Mobile Speeds (in seconds)

•Malaysia (12.7)
•Indonesia (12.9)
•Singapore (12.9)
•Mexico (14.1)
•Brazil (15.8)
•Argentina (16.3)
•India (16.4)
•Thailand (17.4)
•Saudi Arabia (21.2)
•United Arab Emirates (26.7)
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Ah yes, there's Thailand towards the lower end of the bottom ten! Apparently next year we'll have 3G over here.... Or so the corrupt powers that be would have us believe!
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