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Kevin Vitali
Massachusetts Realtor specializing in residential home sales as well as short sales.
Massachusetts Realtor specializing in residential home sales as well as short sales.


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Don't Make These Mistakes When Buying in a Seller's Market

In many segments of the real estate market it is a hot seller's market all across the country.

Housing inventory is low, home are appreciating, there are more buyers than homes. This creates a very accelerated market pitting buyers against each other for good properties.

Its not 2009 where you can low ball offers and drag negotiations out for days. You have to be quick, put your best foot forward and not hesitate.

Avoid these common mistakes home buyers make in a hot seller's market.

Additional resources from +John Cunningham, +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock, +Michelle Gibson, +Lynn Pineda and +Jeff Nelson

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Moving Containers vs Moving Truck

+Bill Gassett shoares the pro's and con's of moving containers vs moving turcks when it comes time to make the move.

Moving is always stressful. Whats most important for you? to save money, to be convenient? Well you have options when it comes time to move.

Other moving and selling resources from +Kyle Hiscock +Maria Mastrolonardo, +Sharon Paxson, +Kevin Vitali- Massachusetts REALTOR, +Michelle Gibson, +Joy Bender and +Paul Sian
Should I Go With Moving Trucks or Moving Containers?
Are you going to be selling your home? Are you trying to decide on the best moving options?

In the latest article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, you'll see an in-depth comparison of the pros and cons of moving with trucks or having your own storage container.

Take a look at all of the tips and advice along with contributions from other real estate pros including +Kyle Hiscock, +Maria Mastrolonardo, +Michelle Gibson, +Sharon Paxson, +Kevin Vitali, and +Joy Bender +Paul Sian.

If you enjoy the moving tips, give the article a share.

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Should I Leave Mu House for Showings?

There is nothing easy about selling your house if you are trying to do it right. Packing up and leaving for showings can be inconvenient at times.

+Michelle Gibson tells us why it is critically important for you to leave when a home buyer has scheduled a visit.

Other resources from +Bill Gassett +Kyle Hiscock +Sharon Paxson +Kevin Vitali- Massachusetts REALTOR and +Wendy Weir

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What Should You Expect From a Real Estate Agent

+Paul Sian explains what a real estate client should expect from a real estate agent. Real estate agents must perform the duties as the law describes. Furthermore a REALTOR® has a code of etjics they must abide by.

Included in the article are excellent resources from +Kevin Vitali- Massachusetts REALTOR, +Sharon Paxson, +Bill Gassett and more.

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How Real Estate Agents Should Be Treating Their Clients

Some may not realize but real estate agents in most states are required to follow a code of ethics with regards to their treatment of their clients. Due to the trust needed for working as a real estate agents, agents just like attorneys, doctors and accountants are required to work in the best interests of their clients. This article explores the duties real estate agents owe to their clients and what clients should be expecting from their agents.

Included in the article are excellent resources from +Kevin Vitali, +Sharon Paxson, +Bill Gassett and more.

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Repairs and Renovations to Do Before Selling

+Anita Clark Realtor share some of the repairs and renovations you should consider before selling your home. Doing the right repairs and renovations could make the difference between selling and not selling.

Other resources from +Debbie Gartner, +Joy Bender, +Tammy Emineth, +Bill Gassett, +Kevin Vitali- Massachusetts REALTOR and more...

#renovation #home selling
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Late April Landscape Tips

+Eileen Anderson shares how to get your gardens in tip top shape during the month of april with other resources from +Sharon Paxson, +Kevin Vitali- Massachusetts REALTOR and +Luke Skar
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What Every Buyer's Agent Wished Their First Time Home Buyers Knew

8 real estate agents that work with home buyers were asked to give insight into what they wish every first time home buyer knew coming into the home buying process.

+Kevin Vitali- Massachusetts REALTOR Know what you don’t know and work with someone who does.
+Eileen Anderson Know your budget both when it comes to a mortgage and owning a home in general.
+Kyle Hiscock Understanding current market conditions will dictate how you handle the current market you will be in.
+Conor MacEvilly- The importance of choosing an experienced buyer’s agent.
+Sharon Paxson Getting properly pre-approved so you don’t waste your time and you understand your monthly budget.
+Jeff Nelson Establishing your wants and needs in a home and knowing the difference between the two.
+Paul Sian The importance of getting pre-approved early.
+Maria Mastrolonardo Pre-approval, searching for a home and buying a sound home.

#firsttimehomebuyer #buyersagent

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Real Estate Stats and Your Expectations

+Conor MacEvilly covers how real estate statistics can keep your expectations in check. Real estate stats if gathered properly and interpreted properly can give you an indication of how your current real estate market will react in the near future.

Other resources from +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock, +Karen Highland and +Michelle Gibson
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Tips on Staging Your Master Bedroom

Master Bedrooms are often looked by home owners when they are living in their home. Its not a room visitors typically go into.

So for may the master bedroom is just left on hold until other areas of the house are complete.

But the master bedroom is one of the more important rooms when selling your home. Think retreat when staging your master bedroom. Make it an are of peace and sanctuary for the new home owner.

Other resources from +Anita Clark Realtor, +Debbie Gartner, +Maria Mastrolonardo, +John Cunningham, +Freshome and +Three Bears Home Staging

#homestaging #homeselling

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Your Backyard Can Increase Your Homes Value

Spring is here if you are selling your house don't overlook your backyard as a source to increase your homes value.

If you can extend your living areas to the outside you can increase your homes value.

+Anita Clark Realtor shares some ways you can increase your homes value bu improving the backyard.

Other resources from +Kevin Vitali- Massachusetts REALTOR, +Sharon Paxson and +Karen Highland
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