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Why do Real Estate Agents Take Over Priced Listings?

Excellent article by +Bill Gassett about agent taking over priced listings.

Does it happen?  You betcha!!

And as a home seller you let them.  Your emotions take over and you want to believe your house is worth 10 or 20k more....

Step back interview a few agents and  have a serious conversation about the comparables for your home home with your agent.

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Why Do Real Estate Agents Take Overpriced Listings?
This is one of the dirty little secrets of the real estate industry that exposes which agents are not too professional.

In the article you will see all the reasons in that agents take overpriced listings.

One of the more common reasons is to be able to use the overpriced home to generate business elsewhere.

One of the ways the agent does so is by having vehicles to advertise and holding open houses to generate business for themselves.

Take a look as I share the other reasons along with articles from +Kyle Hiscock +Karen Highland +Paul Sian and

If you find the article helpful please consider sharing socially.

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Over the years a number of people have asked me why real estate agents take overpriced listings. If you are not working in the industry it is probably hard
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Thanks for sharing +Kevin Vitali!
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Kevin Vitali

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Thanks +Fernando "Fred" Pucciarelli for posting.

Most buyers get a homeowners title insurance policy when they purchase a home.  Then it is long forgotten.  Make sure you get the policy in the mail and then keep it where you can access it.

Most title problems don't arise until you are trying to sell.  If you have the name of the insurer and the policy number handy, many title issues can go away quickly
Great article on Title Insurance via +Realtor Magazine

It's important for home buyers to be aware of title insurance matters during transactions.

#realestate #titleinsurance 
Helping clients understand the complexities of title insurance keeps potentially small legal issues from snowballing.
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Thanks +Kevin Vitali​. 
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Kevin Vitali

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Heavy Competition for Good Homes

If you want to be a competitive home buyer on good homes in today's real estate market, you will most likely run into homes where there is competitive bidders among buyers.

While some buyers want to shy away competitive bidding, think about it this way....  If there are other buyers interested and willing to pay what you are willing to pay, than you have a desirable. marketable commodity.   Others want what you want.  The market is showing that this is a desirable home.  That is a good position to be in.

Working with an experienced buyer's agent there are strategies that can help you be the winning bidder.  Ones such strategy is the escalation clause.  I have successfully used this on several occasions to help my buyer clients be the winning bidder on homes they want.

The simple explanation of an escalation clause is you are willing to pay X dollars over the next acceptable offer up to maximum purchase price of X dollars.

You have been out in the market and you have found the home you like, don't lose it over a couple thousand dollars.

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An escalation clause, when making an offer on real estate, can help you be the winning bidder when you find yourself competing with multiple offers on a home.
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Kevin Vitali

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Why should you hire a real estate agent to sell your home?

In Essex County in the past 6 months 6087 homes sold.... but alternatively their were 973 homes that did not sell.

Thats 16% of the homes expired unsold!! It slower markets expireds can reach upwards of 30-40%.

While most sellers want to get the most money for their home with the least amount of hassle, they mostly want to know they can get their home sold.

An experienced real estate agent can walk you through the entire selling process... from preparing your home, to properly pricing your home, to negotiating the best deal for you and to get your home closed in a timely manner.

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When a homeowner decides to sell their house, they obviously want the best possible price with the least amount of hassles. However, for the vast majority of sellers, the most important result is to actually get the home sold.
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Kevin Vitali

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Fannie Mae's Housing Forecast predicts interest will rise steadily but at a very modest pace, housing starts will rise and more homes will be sold thru 2016.
Good news to show we are in a housing recovery.
Some Highlights:  30-year fixed mortgage rates are projected to increase steadily over the next year. Housing Starts will well surpass 2015 numbers. Home Sales will re...
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Kevin Vitali

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Pring Your Home

When selling your home pricing is everything.  If you home is languishing on the market, take a realistic look at the price of your home.  Price you home right at or very near fair market value is the key to get the RIGHT home buyer through the door.  There are also key pricing strategies to discuss with your agent.  

One vital pricing discussion I have is breaking a $25,000 barrier.  $xxx,000, $x25,000, $x50,000, $x75,000 are key cut off points for many buyers.  If your home clearly belongs in the 400,000 - 425,000 rage and you price above that point, you are doing a disservice to yourself.  This is just one pricing discussion of many I have with my sellers.  Properly pricing your home has many key benefits.

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The residential housing market has been hot. Home sales have bounced back solidly and are now at their second highest pace since February 2007. Demand remains strong going into the winter.
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Kevin Vitali

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Here is a post by +Bill Gassett that discusses "stigmitized" properties or properties with a psychological factor.

If you had to guess, does a Massachusetts Real Estate Agent have to disclose a murder. suicide or paranormal activity in a home?

Read to find out.  Also I have a post discussing stigmitized properties at

Do I Have to Disclose a Murder or Paranormal Activity?
This is a question on the minds of home owners and real estate agents alike when they are involved with such a property.

With Halloween only days away I thought this would be a fun topic to write about.

Do you know your states disclosure laws when it comes to murder, suicide, haunted homes and other paranormal activity?

You should! Take a look and share if you enjoy it.

#realestate #halloween #murder  
Do I Have to Disclose a Murder/Haunted Home With the Halloween season upon us I thought it would be an opportune time to take a look at one of the more ghoulish issues in real estate disclosure laws....
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Appreciate the share +Kevin Vitali !
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Kevin Vitali

General Real Estate  - 
Denying Home Showings Costs You Dearly

People laugh when I say they have to show their home.  "The response is oh yeah of course"

But, for some it is a hassle... picking up the house, getting the family out, moving pets, etc...  Listing your home isn't necessarily easy.  

So after a few weeks and 15 showings you get tired.  The time for Saturday morning that a buyer wants to schedule is inconvenient.  If they could just come two hours later..... so you say no.

For many home buyers, you need to remember, they aren't sitting just waiting around to get into your house.  Usually they are working with an agent and they are seeing a handful of houses.  You say no they may not readjust their schedule.

Remember all it take is one buyer and then your home is under contract.

#realestate   #homeselling  
Denying home showings what is it costing you? It can cost you the sale of your home or at the very least thousands of dollars.
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So true and one of my biggest pet peeves!
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Kevin Vitali

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Here is a good article by +Paul Sian about 10 things to fix before you sell you home. 

Lets face it here in New England we have some old housing inventory, no house is perfect.  But there are several big ticket items that concern buyers.  These items can cause more damage to a house or create a safety issue if not taken care of immediately. 

These items are roof, HVAC, plumbing and electrical.  Put the systems in good working order and give your home buyers piece of mind.

Save the receipts! A buyers agent will be asking for them.

#realestate #sellingyourhome  
10 Things To Fix Before Selling Your Home (Infographic)

In my latest blog post I cover 10 things you should fix prior to putting your home on the market. Ignore addressing these 10 areas and you run the risk of having your home deal fall apart or getting lower final price than expected.

Includes in the post are great resources and additional advice from +Anita Clark, +Michael Roberts Construction, llc, +AA Action Waterproofing, +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock, +Ryan Fitzgerald

Please consider socially sharing if you find this article to be useful.

#realestate #homeimprovement #homesellingtips
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Thank you very much for sharing +Kevin Vitali !
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Kevin Vitali

General Real Estate  - 
Selling a home with Solar Panels

With the influx of leasing companies offering free installation of leased solar panels there is certainly a big temptation for home owners to sing up.

But, being involved in a few transactions that had leased solar panels, I can tell you it certainly adds to the complication of selling a home.

First, I can tell you that if you sell your house, you are signing a contract saying a new buyer will assume the lease.  But on the downsize they must qualify.  Now you are bringing a third party into the transaction.

Secondly, I can tell you that many home buyers are still skeptical about solar panels and you can definitely be turning away your best home buyers.

Find out how buyers perceive solar panels and how to avoid certain pitfalls.

#sellingyourhome #solarpanels #realestate  
Selling your home with solar panels, does it complicate the home sale or does it entice buyers? Are solar panels a hunderance or a positive for home buyers?
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From what I have seen in the deals I have been involved in the savings has not been significant.  Theres been a savings of 10 to 25% but what on a $2000 a year electric bill?
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Kevin Vitali

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Cats are aloof, independent, seemingly indifferent to people much of the time. Yet they're beloved the world over. Just how popular are they? One of the most searched items on the Internet popular. More than two million videos and 26 billion views on YouTube popular. Their own exhibition called 'How Cats Took Over The Internet' at New York's Museum of Moving Images popular.
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Will mortgage rates rise?  As interest rates rise housing becomes less affordable.  Interest rates are amazingly low.
The interest rate you pay on your home mortgage has a direct impact on your monthly payment. The higher the rate the greater the payment will be. That is why it is important to look at where rates are headed when deciding to buy now or wait until next year.
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Massachusetts Realtor specializing in residential home sales as well as short sales.
I am a Massachusetts REALTOR working out of Tewksbury MA.  I cover Essex county and Northern Middlesex County when working with home buyers and home sellers. 

Buying a House

I work with home buyers as a buyers agent.  I will represent you the buyer in the transaction.  I can offer many levels of service depending on your experience and needs when buying a house.  I can provide any or all of the services below for you.

  • Discuss and assess your individual needs
  • Bring an objective view to the process
  • Help arrange the professional you will need through the process (attorneys, home inspectors, mortgage professionals, movers….)
  • Provide you with the knowledge and experience gained through the closing of 100’s of transactions
  • Educate you about current market conditions and trends and help you analyze the data
  • Prepare you to buy
  • Help you find the right home
  • Determine if your target home truly suits your needs
  • Analyze market value of the home
  • Help you prepare an offer
  • Negotiate the offer in a timely manner
  • Help co-ordinate the closing  between all the involved parties
  • Makes sure you are comfortably settled in your new home

What did he long time client of mine have to say?

"Kevin made purchasing our first home a very comfortable and swift experience. He wowed us with his extensive knowledge of all things real estate and made us feel at ease by his personable attitude. Kevin will put in the extra hours needed to accomplish your interests at the drop of a hat. As if you were his only client. I look forward to call on his expertise again."

Massachusetts Short Sales

I have been doing a large amount of shorts sales over the past 7 years.  If your mortgage payment has gotten cumbersome, foreclosure is looming around the corner or you have to sell for personal reasons but are upside down on your home, I can help.  I can explain all of your options to foreclosure and decide which option is right for you and your family.

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Southern New hampshire
Old Lyme Connecticut
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1501 Main Street, #19 Tewksbury MA 01876
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An escalation clause, when making an offer on real estate, can help you be the winning bidder when you find yourself competing with multiple

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Selling your home with solar panels, does it complicate the home sale or does it entice buyers? Are solar panels a hunderance or a positive

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