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Kevin Vitali
Massachusetts Realtor specializing in residential home sales as well as short sales.
Massachusetts Realtor specializing in residential home sales as well as short sales.

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12 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score Before Buying

Everybody is so intent on getting the best interest rate when buying a home. One way is to improve your credit. Did you know your interest rate, your PMI premiums and your insurance premiums are all effected by your credit score?

+Kyle Hiscock has written a great artilce with 12 credit improving tips. Thinking of buying? Don't wait start taking the steps to improve your credit now. Every 20 points in approved credit score means a better interest rate!

Other credit resources from +Luke Skar, +Credit Karma, Myself,+Bill Gassett via +Credit Sesame Inc., and a few others.

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12 Tips For Boosting Your Credit Score!
Potential home buyers need to have good credit in order to buy a home. At times, a buyer may need to improve their credit score before applying for a home loan.

Depending on the type of mortgage a buyer is applying for and who the mortgage lender is will determine the credit score requirements. In many cases, mortgage companies are looking for minimum scores of 640.

There are some small actions that consumers can take to improve their credit scores! Over on +Rochester's Real Estate Blog, learn about 12 tips to improving a credit score.

The article can be found at

There are some great resources throughout the article from +Luke Skar, +Credit Karma, +Kevin Vitali, +Bill Gassett via +Credit Sesame Inc., and a few others!

Please consider sharing socially if you find this information helpful!

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Disclosure and The Sellers Statement of Property Condition

In my area of the world I recently have run into a trend where listing agents are not providing a Sellers Statement of Property Condition (SSPC). I also know many attorneys who would prefer their client would not fill one out as well.

The idea behind not disclosing issues with your property is you are putting the burden to find any issues on the buyer thus limiting your liability.

Having the SSPC filled out by the sellers is a commonly accepted practice. Many agencies will not accept a listing unless this is done. But also buyers become become weary of a seller who has not filled one out. They wonder what is so bad the seller is hiding.

In this article we discuss the sellers legal obligation to disclose as well as a real estate agents obligation to disclose. There are also plenty of benefits to providing home buyers with the Sellers Statement of Property Condition.

One last not is that state law varies greatly on Property Disclosure, whether your a buyer or seller make sure you understand your obligations.

Other resources by +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock, +Debbie Drummond and

#realestate #homeseller #disclosure

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Best Google+ Real Estate Articles for April 2017

+Anita Clark has rounded up some of the best real estate articles on Google+ for April 2017 for Bill Gassett over at

Topics covered this month are:
+Luke Skar 15 VA Mortgage Facts
+Just Close Should Millennials Rent or Buy
+Bill Gassett What is Dual Agency
+Rochester's Real Estate Blog Basics of an Estate Sale
+Paul Sian What Luxury Buyers Want
+Kevin Vitali- Tewksbury Massachusetts REALTOR How Much Home Can You Afford
+Anita Clark Givng Prospect Information of Value
+Social Report How to Expand Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Thanks Anita for the hard work!!

The Very Best of Real Estate April 2017
Each month we round up some of the best real estate content found in the Google+ communities.

This month +Anita Clark had the honor of putting together this excellent compilation of posts featuring some of the top real estate bloggers.

Featured writers this month include +Just Close +Luke Skar +Kyle Hiscock +Kevin Vitali +Paul Sian +Social Report and +Fit Small Business.

Fit Small Business featured some of the best business blogs for 2016. Some familar real estate bloggers were honored including +Dustin Brohm - Salt Lake's Favorite Realtor +Joe Samson and +Anita Clark.

There is lots of great real estate content here so check it out and share if you enjoy it!

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Great Projects to Update Your Kitchen Before Listing Your Home Debbie Drummond #kitchen #homeimpovement

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Tips to Maintain and Care For Your Wood Siding

Wood siding can be a very desirable feature for many home buyers if it is in great shape. It will definitely increase your homes curb appeal when it come time to sell.

Allura has written a guest post on my site with 5 tips to maintain and care for your wood siding. Maintaining and caring for your siding on a regular basis will extend its life as well as create a great looking home.

Other resource included from +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock and +Joe Samson

#homeimprovement #woodsiding

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How Big is My Home?

When it comes time to list your home square footage plays a role in pricing your home correctly as well as marketing your home.

When pricing you want to compare your home to similar sized homes.

Some buyer make buying decisions based on the published size and will have a minimum size they will view.

Of course you want you home to be bigger, it will have more value. But you want to be careful not to overstate the size of your home. It can lead to trouble. It is not unusual to meet with a seller and they think there home is one size but when I pull tax records and start to verify it is significantly smaller. It is important to be accurate for several reasons as the article will cover.

We also look at how to properly calculate your homes square footage.

Other resources by +Bill Gassett, +Anita Clark, +Kyle Hiscock, +Lynn Pineda, +Conor MacEvilly and

#realestate #homeseller

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What Makes A Bedroom A Bedroom?

When selling a home bedroom count effects value.... the more bedrooms up to, a point, the more valuable a home. Often a seller will try to stretch and make an area a bedroom that is not really a bedroom.

It is important to describe your home accurately, first so you get the right buyers and second so you don't get into legal trouble.

One big area that trips up seller are homes with a septic system. Septics are approved for a certain number of bedrooms. If you advertise 4 bedrooms and have a septic make sure you have a 4 bedroom septic!

+Bill Gassett goes into depth about what makes a bedroom a bedroom. Check out his article with other #homeselling resources from +Anita Clark, +Kyle Hiscock and +Paul Sian.

#realestate #bedroom
What Are The Requirements For a Bedroom?
One of the questions both buyers and sellers ask real estate agents is what is the requirement for a room to be called a bedroom.

Do you know the answer? Did you even realize there are a number of legal requirements for a room to be a bedroom?

In my latest article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, I explain the legal requirements for a room to be considered a bedroom.

Some of these requirements may surprise you!

One of the things many people automatically think of is if the room has a closet or not.

Having a closet is actually a misconception for a room to be a bedroom!

Take a look along with the helpful contributions from +Anita Clark, +Kevin Vitali, +Paul Sian and +Kyle Hiscock.

If you enjoy the information on bedrooms, please consider sharing it socially.


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How People Upgrade Their Main Bathrooms, and How Much They Spend

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Keeping It Real Estate Podcast Home Inspection

I occasionally get the opportunity to be on Northshore 104.9 Keeping it real estate. I LOVE the show it is a real estate show hosted by Attorney Rick Carter with a twist.

The Co-host is comedian Tony V. We tried to discuss home inspection but witha twist from Tony V.

Check it out.

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Selling a Luxury Home? What Do Home Buyers Want?

Selling a luxury home requires a bit more finesses then a typical home. It is important to understand what luxury home buyers expect in a luxury home.

Modern upscale finishes and modern more open floor plans are what tops the the list for luxury home buyers as spelled out in +Paul Sian's latest post.

Other resources from +Debbie Drummond, +Adrienne Hollis and myself.

#luxury #realestate
What Are Luxury Home Buyers Looking For In A Home?

When selling a luxury home homeowners may be wondering what today's luxury buyers are looking for when shopping for a home. By having the latest updates that today's luxury home buyers desire home sellers put themselves in better position to sell their home quickly and for more money than if they try to sell an outdated home. This article explores where luxury home sellers can improve the amenities and features of their home so luxury home buyers take notice.

Also included in the article are excellent resources from +Debbie Drummond, +Adrienne Hollis, and +Kevin Vitali.

Please consider sharing socially if you find this helpful.

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