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Kevin Vitali
Massachusetts Realtor specializing in residential home sales as well as short sales.
Massachusetts Realtor specializing in residential home sales as well as short sales.


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Selling Your Tewksbury MA Condominium
Selling Your Tewksbury MA Condominium-
Selling Your Tewksbury MA Condominium-
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No Reason To Be Scared to Buy or Sell a Home This October.....

Check out +Bill Gassett's Mass Real Estate News with a compilation of the best real estate articles on Google+

+Luke Skar Must Know Home Inspection Tips
+Jamohl DeWald What is Mortgage Insurance
+Jeff Nelson Sell Your Home Fast
+Karen Highland Understanding Buyer Agency
+Conor MacEvilly Licensed, Bonded and Insured
+Bill Gassett Property Liens Can Stop Closings
+Paul Sian Choosing The Right Neighborhood
+Anita Clark Buying a Home This Fall
+Kevin Vitali Top Mistakes When Hiring A Listing Agent

#homeselling #homebuying

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What Mistakes Do Home Sellers Make When Hiring A Listing Agent?

Selling a home is not something you do everyday and there are many components. Hiring the right agent will generally bring success.

Hire the wrong agent and it will lead to failure and disappointment.

Don't make these top mistakes when hiring a listing agent.

Check out other #homeseller resources from +Bill Gassett, +Paul Sian, +Sharon Paxson and +Jeff Knox

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Failed Home Inspection. Whats A Home Buyer To Do?

You thought you found the perfect home but your new home failed inspection... not really. A home inspection is not pass or fail.

You should expect a home to be safe, sound and functioning reasonably well. If something should arise during your home inspection you find unacceptable what should you do?

Well first don't go off the deep end. Thoroughly read your inspection report and clarify anything you might not understand with the inspector. Are there major issues that need to be dealt with immediately?

Maybe its time to renegotiate with the seller if some of the items are deal breakers for you. If your requests are reasonable a reasonable home seller will work with you.

Other resources from +Bill Gassett, +Xavier De Buck, +Maria Mastrolonardo and +Joy Bender


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Good Faith Deposits Explained

When you buying a home you will come across having to put up a good faith deposit with your contract.

The good faith deposit is not your down payment. It is earnest money that is held in the escrow account to show the seller you are serious and you have skin in the game.

At some point you need to realize that while you have protections in the contract in place for your good faith deposit, at some point it could be at risk if you default on your contract.

Sellers take a large risk taking their house of the market for a buyer and can incur significant losses if you do not close on the property.

Good faith deposits are certainly negotiated between buyer and seller. Of course a seller wants a larger deposit and a buyer wants a smaller deposit. But, a larger deposit could give your seller more confidence in your offer.

Other resources from +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock and +Petra Norris

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Sellers, what do you do if you have to put your home on the market after a failed home inspection?

One of the worst things for a home seller is having to deal with putting your home back on the market after a home inspection. It leaves buyers wary of your home and wondering what's wrong.

+Bill Gassett discusses some best practices if it comes to remarketing your home. Do you make repairs, do you give a credit? Find out some great solutions.

Other resources from +Lynn Pineda, +Paul Sian and +Kevin Vitali- Massachusetts REALTOR

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Your Listing Is Only New Once

Sometimes sellers miss the boat whn they list their home. Maybe they think the market is so hot they do not need to do the basics and don't want to be inconvenienced.

But can you afford not taking it seriously from day one? There are many reasons why the first few days to the first couple of weeks are critical to your marketing.

It is important to come out of the gate priced right and fully prepared. Your home will harness the most interest it will over the life of the listing.

Other resources from +Debbie Drummond, +Paul Sian, +Kyle Hiscock, +Xavier De Buck, +Maria Mastrolonardo and +Sharon Paxson

#realestate #homeselling

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Professional Real Estate Photography

At the forefront of marketing your home is the images you present online in the MLS and throughout the internet on sites like Zillow,, Trulia and more.

In this day and age you will be competing with agents who hire professional real estate photographers. Will your agent be providing high quality photos?

Don't be afraid to ask a listing agent how they handle listing photos. It could be a professional photographer or their are other agents who have taken the time to take their own professional quality images. If they are showing up with a cell phone it may be time to rethink your listing agent!!

Other resources from +Bill Gassett, +Paul Sian, +Michelle Gibson, +Petra Norris and +Joe Boylan

#homeselling #photography

Understanding Fair Market Value in Real Estate

Over 80% of the home sold in the US are sold through an agent with most using the help of a multiple listing service. Out of the remaining sales many are private sales and never go to the open market.

Once a home goes to the open market a buyer can expect to pay fair market value for a home as well as a seller should have the expectation of selling for fair market value.

How is fair market value determined? Well there is a way to go about determining the probable selling price of a property. It is not just a number pulled out of the air.

Other resources from +Kyle Hiscock, +Bill Gassett, +Anita Clark, +Xavier De Buck, +Paul Sian AND +Lynn Pineda

#homebuying #homeselling

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Home Selling Guide

+Joe Boylan has written a comprehensive article on selling your home, covering everything from hiring an agent, to successfully closing on the property.

Thinking of selling this is a must read you can't miss.

Tons of resources from top listing agents: +JD PDX Real Estate Jamohl DeWald, +Bill Gassett, +Joy Bender, +Sharon Paxson, +Kyle Hiscock, +Karen Highland, +Wendy Weir, +Anita Clark Realtor, +Michelle Gibson, +Debbie Drummond, +Xavier De Buck, +Paul Sian, +Jeff Nelson, +Petra Norris, +Kevin Vitali- Massachusetts REALTOR, +John Cunningham, and +Ellen Pitts

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