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Open House- Sunday April 5th 12-2pm  52 Regency Drive Dracut MA 01826

Desirable Meadow Creek new construction almost ready to be delivered.  Over 2700 square feet of living space with a stunning view of the Four Oaks Country Club.  Many upscale materials in this home, including maintence free Hardi Plank siding and PVC Trim. 

8 Rooms, 4 Bedrooms, 3 full Baths

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Kevin Vitali

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Signs of Roof Wear

After this particularly snowy winter in New England, this spring is a good time to check your shingles for damage.  Here is a quick guide from +Alpha Roofing & Interior.

With many people chopping ice and raking it is important to check for damaged shingles that may prevent future water leaks.  As much as spending cash on some repairs it beats cleaning up after water damage!
With the warm weather on its way, wise homeowners will schedule some time this spring to check on the condition of their roof.

“All roofs need repair or replacement from time to time,” advises the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. “Periodic roof inspections will help you spot developing problems before they cause costly damage to your home.”
In many cases, you will be able to spot any significant problems from the ground. Call in a professional to check for you if you suspect there is damage and you are uncomfortable about going up on the roof.
If you would like to learn more about roof problem signs follow the link below or call to schedule a free roof inspection with Alpha Roofing (204) 295-5045
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You want my help, but you already have a Real Estate Agent?

So I was sitting at my office yesterday and received a call from a woman who was asking me to help her find a home.  She had a million questions.  Come to find out she has a Buyers Agent already.  I falt out asked her, so if I find you a home you are going to run to your agent and have them write your offer.  She said yes. 

I told her to call me back after she rethinks why she had to call me in the first place since obviously her buyers agent wasn't helping her. 

This is certainly not an unusual occurrence.  Over the years I have asked the buyers who insist they have Buyers Agents why they are calling me. Some of the top answers:

1-My agent has a full time job, I cant reach them.
2-I haven't heard from my agent in days, I have left numerous messages.
3- My agent told me to go find a house and call them when its time to write an offer.
4- I didn't want to bother my agent.

If you are a home buyer and you have a buyers agent and you find yourself calling me for help or any of my nationwide counterparts who are willing to give you a 110%..... I think its time you stop and re-evaluate your relationship with your agent. 

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+Kevin Vitali Beats me Kevin. It drives me crazy and what really gets me they stick with these individuals.   
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Stop Chasing Dragons

There is generally a period that most home buyers go through.  They start out with wants, needs and ideas of what they want.

Than for some it may take many months of lost time and aggravation to realize that their wants and needs are not entrenched in reality.  I have seen some buyer's flounder for years on their own trying to find something that doesn't exist. 

A skilled buyers agent can quickly help you sort through your wants and needs and help you decide if you are in fantasy land or dealing in reality.  They can also help you make reasonable compromises to achieve your goals.

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Are you searching for a home to buy? Are your wants in needs grounded in reality or fantasy? A skilled buyers agent will quickly help you wrap your arms around your home search.
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That's a whole other blog post! 
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Kevin Vitali

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I took this photograph to test out the Cheetah Light CL360.  I was looking for a battery operated portable lighting solution so I bout one of these to give it a whirl. 

This looks like a large speedlight but it packs a whallop.  It is about 4 times more powerful than a regular speedlight.  The other great feature it is barebulb.

Set up is One Cheetah Light CL360 at 1/16th power.  Fstop is 11 and SO is 100.  The Cheetah Light was put in Cheetahs own 33 inch Octabox.  Light was placed to the right at about the 2 oclock position with a feflector in the 7 o'clock position.  Simple set up.

I will be buying more of these.  A great choice for photographers that need a powerful light on the fly wich can be used with modifiers.

Price was about $750 with a stand, light, battery, Octabox, slave and mount.
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No Money Down Loan Programs
I recently closed on two homes where the buyers were using no money down loan programs.

Yes!! it is possible to get %100 financed with the right program.  The two programs are offered by the USDA and the VA.

USDA eligibility require the home to be in a "rural" area and there are income requirements.  In the greater Boston area, rural could be Tyngsborough, Acton, Georgetown and other smaller communities.

The VA no money down loan program does require you are a service member, a veteran or an eligible surviving spouse.

If you are no eligible for these no money down programs there are still programs with as little as 3% down.

#realestate #homebuying #nomoneydown  
Are you a home buyer looking for No Money Down Loan Programs? There are two programs that exist that are a great opportunitiy to get 100% financing.
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Great tips from +Bill Gassett on selling a condo.
Killer Tips For Selling a Condo
Selling a condo is slightly different than selling a single family home.

There are a few more considerations that both buyers and sellers need to think about. In the article I share some detailed tips for selling a condo including:

1.) Getting FHA mortgage approval for your complex.

2.) Listing your assets and marketing the heck out of them.

3.) Staging your condo properly.

4.) Be prepared for the buyers home inspection.

5.) Get your condo docs put together.

6.) Hire a Realtor familiar with selling condo's.

7.) Assemble costs and fees.

These are just some of the condo selling tips shared. Take a look and if you find the article helpful please consider socially sharing.

#realestate #condominium  
Take a look at some of the best tips for selling a condo. Selling a condominium is a little bit different than selling a home. See how to sell a condo!
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Thanks very much for sharing the tips on selling a condo +Kevin Vitali !
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Kevin Vitali

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What can happen with Multiple Offers?

With the spring market heating up fast and good properties going quickly, it is important to know what can happen with a mutiple offer situation.  You can't avoid it if you want a good house so embrace it and learn how you can become the winning bidder.

This article discusses what can happen in a multiple offer situation.  Basically anything can happen.  It is really the sellers decision.  They do not have to counter offer or give you a second chance. 

Unfortunately many buyers get into multiple offers thinking they will have a second chance but still hoping they can knock money off the list price. 

Here is a classic example that happened just this weekend.  I had a buyer that tendered an offer on a property at over 15% of the list price.  He knew there were already two offers on the table. 

The sellers moved forward with another buyer.  I informed home that an other buyers offer was chosen.  He was upset the seller did not negotiate with home and said to go back and offer another 10k more.  I explained to him I would follow his instructions but that the property was already under contract.  The sellers were legally bound by the contract even if he offered more at this point.

Of course I was informed of the same by the listing agent.  My buyer still was angry they would not negotiate.  I explained to him that we discussed this and I told him when he put in his first offer he should probably give his final and best.

The point is, don't shy away from multiple offer situations.  If you refuse to engage you are missing out on good properties.  But* the first step in winning the home in a multiple offer situation* is understanding what can happen.
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Get your home ready for the spring selling season
Like most home sellers I am sure you want top dollar for your home.  Quite frankly who doesn't!  A successful home sale is usually not an accident though.  The best home sales are a collaboration between the home seller and real estate agent executing a carefully crafted plan.   If you want top dollar for your home preparing it properly is the first step in achieving the most amount of money you can get.

This Seller Wanted Top Dollar, but......

This past weekend I showed a home.  It was actually over priced by about 5%-7%.   At first glance it looked good, but as we walked around we started to notice the marks on the wall that needed touch up, small holes from moving fixtures, clutter in every corner that seemed to close up the rooms, floors with excessive wear, trim pieces missing on the exterior, dented appliances, etc....

Unfortunately, the home was priced in line with new construction in similar neighborhoods where everything is brand new!  While the home was still overpriced that gap could have been closed with proper preparation of the home.

You have to remember you only have one chance to impress a buyer.  They will move on and find a home that does impress them.  Remember to take the time to prepare your home for the market place.

#sellingahome #realestate  
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Selling a multi family home can present additional challanges over a single family home.  Tenant relations during the sale of your multi family is vital.

#sellyourhome #realestate  
Selling a multi family home canpresent challanges that you do not have with other properties. The key to successfully selling a multi family home is to follow these few tips
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Great share by +Bill Gassett.  Spring is around the corner.  Don't just list your home with any agent you come across. 

A good agent will have a clearly defined plan to get your house sold as well as provide you with solid data about pricing on your home.

Compare agents marketing plans and not just the price they give you for your home.  A home will sell for what it will sell for as long as it is marketed properly.

#realestate #homeselling  
Traits to Look For in a Real Estate Agent
Like any other industry no two real estate agents are created equal. In fact there is a big disparity from a good and bad agent.

Having been in the business for nearly thirty years trust me when I tell you how important it is to have a great agent!

In her terrific article +Julie Rains of +Loans101 explains some of the qualities you should be looking for when hiring a Realtor.

Julie brings up some excellent traits that are usually common with those who are considered top performers.

Make sure you also have a look at some of the great resources she references by other top real estate Pro's including +Kyle Hiscock +Elias Nathaniel +HouseHunt Agents and +Seth Williams.

When buying or selling a home do your homework! Don't just hire anyone you happen to meet - the odds are not in your favor.

When you are looking for a new home or hoping to sell your existing home, it’s likely that you’ll work with a real estate agent to locate a property or find a buyer. Among your circle of friends and acquaintances, there are probably a handful who are licensed realtors, all willing to help you take Continue Reading
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wow nice home
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Renovate or Sell?

Here is a great article from +Anita Clark about whether you should renovate or sell your home.

I have found over the years that if you are considering a major renovation.... including additions, major kitchen renovations etc...
from an economical standpoint it will be better to sell and buy a home that suits your needs. 

For example a major kitchen remodel will probably only recoup about 60% of so if what you spent.  If you go to purchase a home with the kitchen you want, that kitchen is most likely discounted in the sale price.

Financial factors should not be the only decision in whether to buy or sell.  If this is your forever house and you plan on staying for 15 , 20 or 30 more years the financial factors play less of role in your decision.

But lets face it, things change.  What if you are forced to sell your home do to a job change or another reason.  Will you be able to recoup your money?

One last thought I wanted to leave you with is many time folks who are renovating a home to suit their needs, tend to way over improve for the surrounding neighborhood.  Over improving will leave far too much money on the table if you must sell.

Talk to a local REALTOR before doing any major renovations and discuss the financial feasibility of your planned renovation.

#realestate #homeselling  
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Thanks so much for sharing this article +Kevin Vitali 
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Massachusetts Realtor specializing in residential home sales as well as short sales.
I am a Massachusetts REALTOR working out of Tewksbury MA.  I cover Essex county and Northern Middlesex County when working with home buyers and home sellers. 

Buying a House

I work with home buyers as a buyers agent.  I will represent you the buyer in the transaction.  I can offer many levels of service depending on your experience and needs when buying a house.  I can provide any or all of the services below for you.

  • Discuss and assess your individual needs
  • Bring an objective view to the process
  • Help arrange the professional you will need through the process (attorneys, home inspectors, mortgage professionals, movers….)
  • Provide you with the knowledge and experience gained through the closing of 100’s of transactions
  • Educate you about current market conditions and trends and help you analyze the data
  • Prepare you to buy
  • Help you find the right home
  • Determine if your target home truly suits your needs
  • Analyze market value of the home
  • Help you prepare an offer
  • Negotiate the offer in a timely manner
  • Help co-ordinate the closing  between all the involved parties
  • Makes sure you are comfortably settled in your new home

What did he long time client of mine have to say?

"Kevin made purchasing our first home a very comfortable and swift experience. He wowed us with his extensive knowledge of all things real estate and made us feel at ease by his personable attitude. Kevin will put in the extra hours needed to accomplish your interests at the drop of a hat. As if you were his only client. I look forward to call on his expertise again."

Massachusetts Short Sales

I have been doing a large amount of shorts sales over the past 7 years.  If your mortgage payment has gotten cumbersome, foreclosure is looming around the corner or you have to sell for personal reasons but are upside down on your home, I can help.  I can explain all of your options to foreclosure and decide which option is right for you and your family.

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Southern New hampshire
Old Lyme Connecticut
Contact Information
1501 Main Street, #19 Tewksbury MA 01876
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