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The new OS X spotlight really reminds me of KRunner, a tool in KDE I use way too much.  Except, Spotlight seems to one-up each feature KRunner already has, like opening programs, finding recent documents, conversions, etc...  Does anybody else here use KRunner in their everyday work?  I have it assigned to pop-up when I press Meta-R.
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I use KRunner mainly for running or searching (on other desktops) programs, converting units and doing calculations. I need nothing more, all other tools I need (like Klipper) I have on taskbar.
 And as shorcut default alt+f2, on alt+f1 I have Lancelot.
how about being able to use the keyboard to navigate to child windows of open applications?  that seems like it would be a useful feature to me.
it is comical how excited that gentleman gets over the transparency of the windows.  good lord.  Vista had that 7 years ago.

"Apple, yet again, innovating!"
I have assigned it alt+f1. Then use ksuperkey. All in all, just use the meta/super/windows key for krunner. 
Same here - krunner is awesome. Use it to find documents, mails and applications.
+Vishal Ravishankar I am no longer working on KDE or Plasma related things, including Sprinter, so I can't shed much light there.

You'll need to ask the Plasma Next development team, in particular +Vishesh Handa who has been working on the krunner related things. 
+Marce Villarino There is nothing to enlarge on, as the literal meaning of those words is the literal reality. :)

+Vishal Ravishankar "I have been sleeping under a rock?! "

I never made a big announcement of it. There was no reason to do so, and no way to do it gracefully; the issues are non-trivial and, sadly, non-technical in nature. So given that it happened quietly, it was easy enough to miss.

"When did this happen?"

I withdrew quite a bit in the second half of last year, and cut all remaining participation at the start of 2014.
+Aaron Seigo as a long time KDE user those are very bad news. You did a great job. Thanks help making KDE so good!!
Never liked Apple presentations. They just bomb you with all the same adjectives, but truly they are annoying. KDE had also the possibility having transparent windows using oxygen transparent theme and yes, I agree that this new search feature reminds of Krunner. But looking at Apple's history it is normal that they "get inspired" by others.
I use krunner for spellcheck, conversion, calculation, and even to open programs and find documents/e-mails.
I use krunner a lot - calculator, search, launching programs.

Milou is replacing it for search for me though, nicely categoriesed.

I was aware Aaron had left kde, which I think is a shame, we are the less for it. Understand his reasons though.
> Does anybody else here use KRunner in their everyday work?
How does anybody could live without it :)?
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