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I participated by moving 2 domains from GoDaddy to Hopefully GoDaddy won't try to thwart the transfer.
Exercise your right and unite against SOPA and their supporters. Transfer com, net, org, biz and info domain names for only $6.99 with coupon SOPAsucks. We'll donate $1 for every transfer to the Elect...
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I've moved 5 domains so far. Got a couple left to move, but they need to wait for payday. :)
So it doesn't matter that GoDaddy rescinded their support of SOPA?
No. They 'rescinded' it because of the outcry, not because they really changed their opinions. So let them burn.
NameCheap is also less expensive, Bruce. I wasn't going to move due to the trouble of jumping through the hoops but when I found out that GoDaddy was actively trying to block people from leaving in violation of ICANNS rules, I decided they were turds anyway and I needed to get away from them.
After further reading: GoDaddy backed off /supporting/ the bill, but they refuse to say that they oppose the bill. Yeah, this is just them trying to save face.
I've never had a problen with GoDaddy. I'll be leaving all my domains parked there. I don't use them for web hosting, though. I use Blue Host for that.
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