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I still get questions (at least once a week) on my sit-stand desk. Definitely one of my best purchases this year as it's much healthier to get off my behind than sit in a chair for 10 hours a day. Here it is in a standing position. This version is electric so you just press buttons to raise or lower it. Cost me about $975 shipped.
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That's great looking. I really want to switch to one of these sometime when finances allow.
What's it like over a period of time? 
+Steven Abrey it takes some getting used to. I couldn't immediately stand all day, for example, so I'd alternate for a few hours here and there. Mostly what I do is write a post standing up then write the next one sitting down, etc... After a few weeks, it becomes less tiring to stand although I still don't stand all day long.
Looks like a great solution to table vs counter space in a kitchen as well. Variable height island.
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