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Handy little tip to use 1Password (which I swear by) on a #ChromeBook. I have my 1Password data on Dropbox so it's just a matter hitting the Dropbox website and opening the 1Password.agilekeychain folder and opening the HTML file there. That opens a web version of 1Password (1PassWord Anywhere) so you an at least access login data. Sweet!

You need to do this workaround because the 1Password Chrome Extension simply accesses the 1Password client, which, of course, you can't install on a ChromeBook.
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Interesting approach, but it seems more clumsy than free +LastPass and +LastPass supports two factor authentication as well via Google Authenticator. What features won you over about 1Password?
I liked 1Password, but moved to +LastPass when I didn't like the way the developer sort of forced folks who wanted future upgrades to buy the Mac App Store version and pay again for the same software. It wasn't pretty. Plus I truly love the way +LastPass works with my multifactor authentication with my +YubiKey 
Thanks man. That was pretty easy.
Seems like you have to log into dropbox before you can access 1Password.html.  So then in order to use 1PasswordAnywhere, you have to remember 2 passwords - -not 1!   Is this accurate, or am I confusing something?
I just got a new Chromebook, and this was my first question. Thank you!
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