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Seems like some bad info out there so let's nip this in the bud. NanoSIM is too small for Nexus 5 as shown next to my iPhone 5s. 
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Thanks for that, I was wondering what was "official".
+Patrick Quirke I think the carrier mentions are likely due to promotional consideration; i.e.: T-Mo and Sprint are actually selling the handset. I don't think AT&T is. But: it's unlocked and supports AT&T's bands so it's fine for that carrier.
+Patrick Quirke SIM adapters are fine although I've used some that tend to get a little stuck every now and again. If you don't plan to remove the SIM much (or at all) you should be fine.
I don't use a sim with Sprint, but I'm taking this phone to other providers since its unlocked.
Glad I ordered both the micro & nano SIM from T-Mobile the other day. I'll be testing their coverage on my Nexus 5 32GB Black when it arrives on Monday. 
Nexus 5 is a global phone - the GSM variety has bands in the USA for both AT&T and T-mobile HSPA and LTE.
Just been on the phone to +Three UK asking for a new SIM. Thanks for sharing that: very timely.
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