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How to enable pinch-zoom on the Chromebook Pixel touchscreen for web pages

Got a Chromebook Pixel? Type chrome://flags in the address bar and find the "enable pinch scale" option. Enabled it, restart and you can pinch-zoom on any web page using the touchscreen. 
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Was delighted when I stumbled onto this over the weekend as well. Makes a huge difference in the value of the touchscreen, don't you think?
Agreed, I went from not using the touchscreen at all to at least using it every now and again. :)
This doesn't seem to be in the stable channel windows release just yet. I really want to try this out in the ASUS TAICHI
These guys are so obviously in on the hoax that their job of playing it up just goes over the top and gives it all away....the future of computing is all about touch screens ....nothing to do with performance/power consumption/ did I miss that parody right out of the box. not quite the Oscar level performance given by Kevin Tofel.
"I went from not using the touchscreen at all to at least using it every now and again."  Sounds like this "touchscreen on a laptop" thing is the wave of the future.
Chris Y
$1300 for a feature you have to manually enable, that comes on an iPod Touch for $299. This is the future.
Glad this works. But it doesn't enable pinch/zoom on the touchpad. Lame.
Is the pinch scale available for Windows version of Chrome browser? If so, which version? I tried older versions up to 20.0.1132.47. None of the versions has this flag. From the screenshot, seems like it supports Windows version, beside Chrome OS.
I've tried to find this on the Dev, Beta and Stable versions of Chrome today and I couldn't. I'm trying to put it on Windows 8 but it isn't in the flags. It should at least be there and say "Sorry, this experiment is not available on your platform."  Did this get removed?
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Dec 28

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pinch-zoom works on stable branch too.  unfortunately, pinch-zoom is buggy run chrome.exe -enable-pinch screenshot posted right click google chrome icon>right click google chrome icon->properties->add " --enable-pinch" to the end of the shortcut

hope this helps.G
+Gavin conaghty Do you still have to update the flag if you add that property?  Thanks for the tip!  :)
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