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Picking up one of these to make my own damn Chrome tablet. Sorta. ;) Can return this through Jan 15. Let's see what happens. 
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How are you planning on making your own chrome tablet? Would you care to explain a bit further; I'm interested in you little experiment! +Kevin Tofel 
That's what I did. It works well :D 
Don't do it! It's a "real" laptop now. It has Office and iTunes right now! #scroogled  
+Bobby Situkangpoles I dont think so. It looks too high end to be the T100. I remember the T100 being a bit "plasticky"; but if it is then I'm impressed for the price point!
+Bobby Situkangpoles s it is. I did some quick JavaScript benchmarking in store and it fell in the middle of what I've seen on the HP CB 11 and Acer C270. Good enough for intended use I think. 
+Kevin Tofel awesome. This thing can't come to my shores soon enough! Really looking forward to read about your experience with it :) 
I thought about doing the same thing until I got a TF700 Refurb for $250. 1920 rez vs. 1366...
+Kevin Tofel Is your Pixel still working after the Gatorade shower, or was this purchase a replacement to hold you over?
I'd be interested in how it works when it's not docked.
+Jeff Parker One other minor task (IIRC); make Chrome the default browser too. Then you get the Chrome mode. Then again, that may have changed...
+Kevin Tofel, you do recall correctly.  I threw the link in there so I could abbreviate the process for casual readers.  :)
Hello Kevin,
Long time reader here (used to read JK on the run).
Does changing Chrome to metro mode makes it stable ? The desktop version I have crashes everyday on a computer with very good specs (Win 8 Pro 64 bit)
+Bhanu Gouda glad to hear from long-time readers; thanks! :)

So I've been using Chrome in Desktop mode mainly because it works more like ChromeOS; you get the app launcher, a "desktop" to work in, etc.... TBH, it hasn't crashed once on me yet!

I wonder what the issue is. I know this is a 32 bit version of Win 8.1 but I can't see that difference being the reason for your crashes.

Are you running the Stable channel of Chrome or Beta/Dev? The other thing I'd consider is disabling any and all extensions to see if "plain" Chrome is more stable for you. 
Thanks Kevin,  Yup, I used to read JKontherun, still read your stuff on Giga. You Stacy and Om were my staple diet those days.
I have a Xeon box that I bought from Dell Financial Systems ( they sell off-lease machines for Cheap). Its a Xeon Quad  3.2 Gig Processor with a nVidia FX 3800 1 Gig Video RAM and 12 Gig RAM.  Every desktop application (Office, skype, Google earth.... ) works great except Chrome. The nVidia card is gives me errors.  I keep updating the nVidia driver each time they put a newer version on their website. Firefox , IE and Opera are fine. Only Chrome has issues ( its not Beta or Dev). I hope Google makes a 64 bit one.
Where did you purchase this from that would allow such a generous return policy?
+Shawn Joseph Best Buy has a 15 day return policy; it's even longer for purchases during the holiday season.
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