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This is the one with 3.5 hr battery life right?
+Kevin Tofel Thanks Kevin, it's interesting the different directions Google's taking this. What's your opinion on the new Acer or the relatively new Samsung for $250. Is the Samsung worth the extra $50. I imagine the flash drive helps speed the thing up a bit.
+Gabriel Lawrence I have to do more testing and usage scenarios, but the Acer seems faster than the ARM-based Samsung at the moment; mainly due to the processor. But the extra $50 may be worth the speed sacrifice since you get 2x the battery life and a lighter device. That's my early opinion...
+Kevin Tofel Thanks, and whether you want a glossy screen or matte will be a big one for some I imagine.
I'm quite curious about upgrading the Acer with an SSD and perhaps even more RAM.
The biggest downsides to me are the battery life and the fan.  One of the things I was kind of interested in with the ARM version was the completely silent operation.
The Acer seems like it would be an easier road to dual boot some other Linux on as well though.  Might be nice on occasion to have the extra utility.
Anandtech speculated it was identical to another Acer device which sells with Windows 8 on it and has otherwise identical specs.  The specs for that machine on Newegg state it is using 2GBx1 RAM slot and has an additional slot free.  Also states 8GB total max RAM.

Specs given under the 'details' tab. 
I'm also wondering if Acer sells a larger battery at all.  Though of course too much upgrading obviates the point.  ;-)  RAM and a small SSD shouldn't be too much currently though I think.  I wonder if there would be any problems with the OS auto-recognizing the upgrades.  I'd think not but then one never knows until one actually goes.
That is why it came with long power cord for desktop based purpose.
One difference I've noticed between the C7 and the Windows version I referenced in a previous comment to this post is that the C7 lacks an SD card slot while the Windows version has it.
Are you going to be giving Netflix and Bastion a go on it +Kevin Tofel ?  I assume it should be fine as it is x86.
+Michael Dopp actually, the C7 does have an SD card slot on the front; I missed it in the video, but used it last night. I've already used both Netflix (don't watch Skyline, BTW) and Bastion and they work as expected.

seems to be able to handle 4GB max ram according to acer. maybe 8gb if it's completely identical to the acer aspire one windows model but chrome OS can only handle 4gb(?). curiously, they both use same battery+chips but the windows model is rated at 4.2hrs instead of the 3.5hr of the chromebook. also the windows model with 4gb ram is priced $350 as opposed to $200. 

thanks +Kevin Tofel for your continued coverage of the chromebooks. 
ChromeOS is probably 32bit, hence the 4gb ram max.
My biggest curiosity at the moment is how the screens, the touch pads and keyboards contrast on the C7 and the ARM versions.
I have seen a lot of praise for the keyboard on the Samsung particularly.
I do like that Acer has left not only the caps lock key but also given a function key and a search key.  They have also left a 'delete' key.
Other than that I would be curious to know if ChromeOS can support bluetooth USB dongles as the ARM version includes USB but the Acer doesn't.  I am in the process of converting any sound equipment around the house to be able to handle bluetooth audio as it is so convenient with tablets etc.  So it would be nice if the Chromebook could take advantage of that too.
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