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skype to facetime or xbox to any apple device would be cool
I'm not a Apple user, but with the litigation that Apple has done in the past, why would they open up the standard for use on other platforms when keeping it closed locks users into their ecosystem?
It looks like google talk works on all the platforms (PC, Mac, IOS, Android) -- why not use that? Does FaceTime have some advantage?
+Mike Potratz I'm not sure why they would, but Steve Jobs himself publicly said they would. Its been about 3 years now, and they haven't. One can conclude they lied in order to increase the adoption rate.
+Kurt Schwemmer As far as I can tell, they have engineered an advantage on iOS devices, as FaceTime is always running in the background whereas 3rd party alternatives have limited abilities when they are in the background. I have heard many stories of iOS signing out a Skype session once the app is no longer running. 
Hangouts; it's surpassing Gtalk, which on my attGS3 is wifi-locked, works on mobile data, cross-platform on desktops and Android and iPhone apps, free face-to-face-to-face or "group video," and a whole lot more!

(As far as I can tell, Gchat, the IM part, is still used on desktops for Google+ easy messaging, while Hangouts on the desktop use the Gtalk plugin as of now, but is different from Gtalk A/V. And hopefully Hangouts will get your A/V through JavaScript soon (aka. WebRTC)!)
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