So I bought my wife a June Oven for Valentine's Day. Conceptually, it's amazing: an efficient oven with Wi-Fi, built in camera for object recognition, app notifications and will get smarter over time.

But, it was $1,500. There is a 100 day return policy, no questions asked, else I might not have taken the chance.

So far, I "made" Toaster Strudels this morning and it correctly identified them, plus they were the best I've ever had. (A toaster never fully thaws the middle without burning the outside!)

Tonight we cooked baked potatoes and they were perfect. We also made two steaks (we chose medium rare) and they were.... just OK. The broiler part of the smart recipe didn't quite sear the outsides enough, however, they were a perfect medium rare. We'll have to play some more.

Neat thing is that you can watch your food cook from phone and you get notifications when food is done. And everything you cook gets recorded by the camera so you get this nifty time lapse video!
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