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+Jason Perlow got me thinking about an alternative, but we ended up trading in our 2011 Acura RDX for a 2013 Chevy Volt today. With 2 work at home adults that don't drive much (we generally drive short ranges) and 41 solar panels on our roof making excess electricity every month, we're hoping this works out well. 
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Can you see out the back to back up though?
+Kevin Tofel 41 solar panels, but a garage full of drywall that needs  the mudding work finished. Just teasing! Just imagine if solar panels were mandatory...
+David Newkirk yup, no prob seeing out the back as the black band below the hatch is also glass. Plus we opted for a built in back up camera so we can see behind us on the 7" touchscreen.
Wow, 41 solar panels and a volt. That is awesome! 
Our of curiosity, about how much does it cost to put 41 solar panels on your roof and use them to power your home?
I am so ashamed of myself for not noticing the vette..... BTW, if that is your vette, you were already my favorite tech guy this just raises you way above the rest. 
Nice ride. Those new wheels look much better than previous years. However, I do like the Vette better ;)
You guys are funny; I didn't think anyone would see the Corvette! She's a 2007 with 17,000 miles. She also has a custom plate: MBL TECH. ;)
+Derrick Davis the Volt still comes with painted aluminum wheels. These were an option: alloy wheels with lack inserts. 
Excellent write-up +Kevin Tofel on the solar install. We're so close to the sun down here in the middle-east, we could benefit immensely by these initiatives. But for an oil-rich nation, it is so much easier for them to just run the power plants without noticing the gradual average temperature increase across the last 10 years or think about clean solar energy for the next generation. Surprisingly, the latest focus is on building more and more glass buidlings (reflecting more sun-light back), which end up increasing the average temperature. 
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