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Now THIS is super-slick: iPhone 5 case with 4-inch e-ink display. You can push data to it from the iPhone. 2 screens on one device with little extra power usage.
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easy to read in sunlight. good idea
i really see this idea as a must in all future phones. Embedded in the backside.
But the primary purpose of the case is to protect the device when it is dopped, yet wouldn't the e-ink screen then be at risk?
+Ken Goldsholl e-ink displays are pretty durable; more so than glass. They're essentially laminated plastic and hold up very well.
i guess in this situation we must see the purpose of the case as an extention of the phone's usability.If the e-ink was in the back of the device, a see-through case would do the trick.
+Kevin Tofel OK, that makes sense.  I haven't used an e-ink display since the original Kindle, and don't remember how durable they are.  I'm still skeptical, though, as they will add weight, and most phones go to great lengths to avoid doing that (otherwise, they would all have bigger batteries)
Good point on the weight, +Ken Goldsholl The case will weigh under 75 grams, but that's a big bump over the 112 grams that an iPhone 5 weighs by itself. 
That is pretty neat.  eInk screens are nice, it doesn't show fingerprints and is very durable.  
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