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Straight Talk has quietly increased the amount of "high speed" data included with its "Unlimited" plans from 2.5 GB to 3 GB per month. The change applies to both $45/month Unlimited and the $60/month Unlimited International plans.
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+Roger Martin I've gotten up to 30mbps down in my area. 
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Kevin Tofel

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Alpha / pre-release copy available. Bought! Now time to get Dart Smart. :)
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I'll allow it! :)
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Kevin Tofel

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Kudos to the Opera team; this is how the mobile browsing experience should be.
Summary: My new favorite browser for iOS is Opera Coast. The newest version for iPhone and iPod touch joins the already available iPad edition, bringing more of a simpler web consumption experience instead of a web navigation exercise: Definitely a must try.
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LinkBubble on android is amazing. You should try it out +Kevin Tofel 
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Kevin Tofel

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A slightly delayed new Chrome Show podcast is ready from me and +Janko Roettgers Quite a bit to discuss but perhaps the most interesting to me is the Microsoft - Motorola patent deal.

It covers Android and Chrome OS. Might that mean a Motorola Chromebook in the future? Or perhaps it's the rebirth of the ill-fated LapDock: An Android phone with a Chrome OS partition that powers a keyboard and screen. Hmm.....
Gigaom Chrome Show
Chrome Show: Could Motorola revive the LapDock with a Chromebook?
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I'm listening ! 
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Kevin Tofel

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On the plane headed back to PHL and had to say thanks for all of the great advice peeps in AZ gave me here on G+. You guys rock and I'm sure to be back here shortly to close a deal.

Once I get migrated this summer, we'll have a meet up: first round is on me! :)
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I didn't know Rovio diversified into the airline carrier business... (sorry for crashing your post I just couldn't help it :) ) 
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Kevin Tofel

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"No matter how many Microsoft ad campaigns are thrown at you don’t believe for one second that you need to have an internet connection for these things to work well. Of course, an internet connection really does make more sense — since you well, bought a laptop essentially built for the sole purpose of browsing the web, but that won’t stop you from being a road warrior sometimes and leaving free Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity behind."

Just one of many good points.
Chromebooks: A Gimmick, Or The Start Of Something New?

This article by +Luke Saunders is an extremely well written piece that hits on a lot of the typical Chrome OS talking points. I found it earlier today on Medium and felt like I had to surface it here on Google+ as well - it's that good.

To briefly quote from one section that really hit the nail on the head for me:

"Something to note here though, is that Chrome OS is one of the most user friendly Operating Systems that I’ve ever seen. First time setup is incredibly simple and can be finished in a matter of seconds. A wizard guides you through the process of connecting to Wi-Fi and signing in with a Google Account (which by the way, you are going to need one). After that, there’s no more configuration, really. Everything is ready to go and you can go out and browse the web to your heart’s content."

These are the types of articles we need to be promoting.

Read The Full Article:
Are they really as good as people say? Are you really tied down to a constant internet connection? Most importantly of a…
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Despite his atrocious grammar, the author hits the nail on the head.
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Kevin Tofel

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.... unless you have time for 1,500 words of my arguable thoughts, that is. ;)
Summary: Typically a product that shows nothing but yearly growth, Apple’s iPad slipped in sales this past quarter, marking otherwise excellent results. Was the drop due to inventory management as Apple CEO Tim Cook suggests? Perhaps. Perhaps not.
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+Kevin Tofel Thanks for your advice, your point on the 'desktop' v. 'mobile' issue is well taken.

I'm something of an oddity among artists in that most of what I do is writing, whether that's articles, lectures, script., mainly on Google Drive. I absolutely need to work with HD video and non-linear editing as 'end products' on desktops, but I was impressed with what I've seen of the iPad's editing abilities. It's lightweight but probably better than Chromebook can do, and that versatility is attractive.

Beyond excitement for "what's next", the main draw of Chromebooks is the integration with Google Drive (& Calendar, Gmail etc.,) However, when I look at the available editing and multimedia apps for Chrome I can't help but compare it unfavorably to Apple. The far superior display on the iPad (except the CB Pixel) is also difficult to ignore, it's quite important when working with visuals.

Google has my heart but Apple is increasingly occupying my head. I'm all for the web platform, but we must be practical!

I'd love to just get both.
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I so need this app. #HighHandicapper  
Summary: Sensors that analyze your golf swing in real time are awesome but require a phone or tablet for instant feedback. Google Glass might be a better device for this and Swingbytes new Glass app is ready to tell you why you’re slicing the ball.
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I don't know if this would help me too much but does look awesome. 
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A slightly delayed new Chrome Show podcast is ready from me and +Janko Roettgers Quite a bit to discuss but perhaps the most interesting to me is the Microsoft - Motorola patent deal.

It covers Android and Chrome OS. Might that mean a Motorola Chromebook in the future? Or perhaps it's the rebirth of the ill-fated LapDock: An Android phone with a Chrome OS partition that powers a keyboard and screen. Hmm.....
Gigaom Chrome Show
Chrome Show: Could Motorola revive the LapDock with a Chromebook?
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great show!  i was nodding in agreement during the whole launch into chrome os conversation around LapDock.  

These devices are getting powerful enough to run a lot of what we need to do.  my phone can push resolutions that my TV can handle, i just have few ways to get it on there.  

I am hoping that Google will put resources into this big time.  Image the "only device you'll ever need" slogan.  they kick up a phone to 128 GB storage, 4+ GB of ram, high end GPUs.. very low latency connection via Chromecast.. host of accessories such as Keyboards, mice, drawing tablets, and game controls.  Chrome and Android cover everything i could possibly ever need to do.  Imagine gaming on your tv via your android, then switching to Chrome while you crank out that article, then back to android for recording a podcast.  

Projects like Hera show the possibility of cross pollination between the two OS's even further.  Oh, one last thing.. I have 1 HDMI  in my house but 4 DVI monitors.. come on chromecast.  i have lots of High res legacy displays that could use some love.. just saying.. 

ALL THIS IN YOUR POCKET and if they keep up the level of security chrome brings, why on earth would you play with mac or windows until they get their crap together?
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Kevin Tofel

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Spent a ton of time walking around the Phoenix metro area over the last several days, per my Fitbit. Heading home today but definitely saw a few houses to bid on once ours is sold. 
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Are we connected on Fitbit +Kevin Tofel? We should be!
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