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I went through the 90+ page user manual -- yes, you read that right; 90+ pages -- and did find some nice tidbits for those who opted to buy an Apple Watch.
Summary: The new Apple Watch is filled with settings and tweaks to control the experience. These seven will help you get more out of your new watch.
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Can't comment on SW3 as l'm yet to buy it, given that Android Wear on the Moto 360 l use, has been a less than compelling reason to "upgrade" from the SW2 at the moment.

l did keep the user guide to my first Sony the LV- MN800 (aug 2010) and its about 75 pages long, that also came with a bunch of booklets all of which went in the bin. The SW-MN2 (dec 2011) also came with its "war & peace" sized booklets, which hit the bin apart from its Quick start guide, that required advanced origami skills to fold back up.
The SW2 my daily driver since Sept 2013, also had a bunch of booklets which suffered the same fate as the previous 2...

So only my bin, would know what they were about...

re: SW3 (the 4th offering since 2010) Well - If ever Sony offered a dark metal band version of SW3, that run's the SW2's UI, then l'd gladly read every page of their booklets to buy one!   
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Kevin Tofel

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Looks like a super solid phone for India. Twice the price of Android One devices, of course, but has some strong features.
Summary:Xiaomi grew smartphone sales 150 percent in China where the company is based. Now it has sights set on India with a very capable Android phone at a reasonable price.
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Kevin Tofel

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Hmm... may have to switch from a Moto X to a Nexus 6 after this news. 
Summary:Google thinks it has a good value to offer with Project Fi: Phone service that works across devices and relies on seamless Wi-Fi to cellular hand-offs.
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I think I'm with you!
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Kevin Tofel

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Smart move, me thinks, as the company focuses on key services that will be in strong demand.
Summary:BlackBerry's smartphone business is limping along but the company knows mobile device security. It plans to apply that expertise to billions of potential connected things.
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Kevin Tofel

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As a Sony Smarwatch 3 owner, this is downright disappointing to see. I love Google's open approach but at the end of the day, that seems to matter less to top-tier developers who keep choosing iOS first. #Sigh  
Summary:Months after Android Wear launched, the number of top-tier apps is already lacking when compared to a watch you can't even wear yet. Is it still an iOS-first world?
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+Chris van Gorder​ Apple is an easy choice. Product selection is simple there are not a lot of alternatives or options. So if somebody want just a phone or just a smartwatch which just works then Apple is a no-brainer. Nothing sexy. 
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Finally! I'll get to use that Wi-Fi radio in my Sony Smartwatch 3 after I get this update; hitting the LG Watch Urbane first and then arriving "soon after" on other devices. Also included for all watches: flick your wrist gesture to move between cards, draw emojis on-screen and a new always-on mode for apps.
Summary:Google's latest software update for Android Wear will make the smartwatches easier to use in a hands-free mode and over Wi-Fi networks.
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+Kevin Tofel Oooo Tofel Burn 😮
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Kevin Tofel

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I see the expected price comparisons between Google Project Fi and other carrier plans. But the disruption is really about the network redundancy and coverage advantages. Looking forward to see more phones get support.
Summary:Google's new mobile voice and data service may save you money, or it may not. Either way, it offers network redundancy and coverage advantages for work and personal use.
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Check the FAQs at

"Are there any termination fees if I leave Project Fi?
We do not charge any fees if you leave Project Fi. If you buy a new Nexus 6 when you sign up for Project Fi and choose to pay for your device over time, the remaining monthly payments on your Nexus 6 are due if you leave Project Fi"
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Kevin Tofel

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Looking good! Easy to install and start using in under a minute.
Summary:Google made another enterprise play with Chrome OS today, announcing that Box now natively integrates with Chrome OS devices.
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+Matt McGraw​ I think that +Yoichiro Tanaka​​ has already written a WebDAV filesystem helper for ChromeOS.
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And there was much rejoicing throughout the land!

Well, maybe not since there's a firmware update you need first for the Wi-Fi bit, but still, progress is progress! ;)
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KJ Kim
I do find practical use out of my Gear Live, but sometimes I wonder if I'm "too" connected and if some of these products suffer from overlap.  When I get any notification, everything goes off from my desktop notifications on my laptop to my tablet to my phone and now my watch.  I don't know what I would do if I had a car with Android or Google Glass?
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Kevin Tofel

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Summary:Even though there's still sales growth to be had in its home country of China, Huawei is gearing up to tackle the U.S. smartphone market.
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Xu appears confident that Huawei handsets can offer a tremendous value

I've got to admit that my Huawei Honor Holly wasn't bad value. It's not without it's faults (the "usual" cheap Android ones - camera's not great, the device stutters occasionally, little hope of an upgrade to lollipop) but the battery life has been excellent and the pre-installed crapps were actually removable (which was a refreshing change). 
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Kevin Tofel

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The lines between web and native apps continue to blur. Good, I say, but web apps admittedly do have a ways to go.
Summary:Chrome 42 implements the Push API web standard so that developers can have their web apps behave a little more like native apps on a tablet or phone.
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Web Apps only have a ways to go when you compare them directly with Native. There are plenty of things web apps can do better than native apps
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I get (and appreciate) what Endless OS is trying to accomplish here but why not a Chromebox or Intel Compute Stick and broader ecosystem for the same price range?
With all the talk of the developing world leapfrogging into the mobile era, Endless wants to help bridge the global digital divide with a new kind of PC.
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The problem seems to be that everyone assumes that the ROW market for computers needs a general computer in the format of existing computers. I wonder if that's really the best assumption.
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