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  • Walden University
  • Everest University
  • University of Phoenix
You get what I have to offer ...
I'm simple, yet complicated.  I love to be social and withdrawn.  I live in reality but long to be in an un-realistic world.  I don't have many true friends, but the ones I do have are forever, apply within.

Ask, if you really wish to know ... just be ready to know.

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Active gamer, father and friend.
Information Technology Professional
  • AlphaGraphics
    Technical Support Tier II, 2013 - present
    System and network support for AlphaGraphics.
  • Torn Silence Productions
    Owner/Operator, 2013
  • Integratech's (formerly DirectPointe)
    Tier 2 Systems Admin, 2011 - 2012
  • Florida's Blood Centers
    Helpdesk Coordinator
  • Datamax Corp/
    Technical Support/Writer
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Because ... Canada.
This cop went undercover to seek out the vilest of criminals, but he found something far greater than anyone expected.
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Images of Pluto were relayed this morning from NASA, and they weren't quite expecting to get what they saw.

Now maybe they will re-instate Pluto's Planet Membership status.

#nasa #starwars #pluto  
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Marvel Collector Corps FIRST EDITION distribution!  Avengers Age Of Ultrom!

Not a bad haul if I do say so myself.  Yes please temporarily disregard that Wolverine hoody there on the bed ... another team, another day.
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..and folks want to know why I left Florida?!

I totally believe this dude ... TOTALLY!
TAMPA, Florida - Ashton Black said he was just a normal guy working at Ace Cash Express when The Devil approached the counter where he stood late one night. “Satan was about 10 foot tall, had huge 12 inch horns, was red,” Black said. “He told me he wanted to enter me. And I sa…
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Eternal life in Florida? No thanks!
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Fifty Shades of Wayne - A Parody
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At least this one ended well for the child ... not so much for the 'mom'.
If we're going to hear stories of children being left in hot cars, we're at least glad to report on those that end well. That includes the report of a New Jersey sheriff's officer who bashed open a...
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It's taken quite a long time ... I dare say that I'm still not completely done with it yet, though.

This is a screen shot of our guild base in Ark Survival Evolved.

Taking several bronto's and trike's to haul the load, we practically de-forested a section of the map a bit away from where our base is.  Thank the coder gods for re-spawning resources.

This is built off of the side of a cliff, 3 story house sitting on a stone foundation.  The very top left is what I've called 'The Perch', which is where we store all arial tamed friends with the exception of the Argentavis's.

I'm quite fond of this as it's quite literally my first attempt at base building in any game.  Until Ark, I never really became interested in sandbox elements as I didn't find it interesting at all.

I'll try and take some screen shots inside to see how that was planned and done.  Enjoy!!

#arksurvivalevolved #mmo #gaming #steam
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+Shawnna Troxel You and Doug should come build on our server ... =)
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Happy Birthday B-Man ... wish I could be there to say that in person.  Miss you guys!
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I'm a giant squid! =)
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Every time you email someone overseas, the NSA copies and searches your message....
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