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Kevin Taylor (Donavyn de Raine)
You get what I have to offer ...
You get what I have to offer ...

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For today's #politics. #disturbed 'Open Your Eyes'!
+Nora Qudus

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A message from real Americans, to all those affected by the most recent travel ban that was issued this past weekend.

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Now THIS is the 'America' that I want to be a part of:

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"...two officers face murder charges after dash-cam video revealed they talked inside their police cruiser about running him down"

Not once ... but TWICE.

"Mann was waving a knife in the air and doing karate moves in the streets just before police responded"

The best way to diffuse this situation is blunt force FORD trauma?

"...appearing to drive their cruiser twice at Mann, who managed to scramble out of its way both times. The officers then stopped the cruiser, got out of it, pursued him on foot and opened fire."

18 shots, 14 of them hit Mann.

Turning the tables in a true 'What If' scenario: If Mann had survived and somehow turned the tables, could he claim in a court of law that he reasonably feared for his life?! Would the charges be dropped and he walk away? Would he have received "paid time off" while the evidence was being scrutinized?

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"A police tank and two unmarked police vehicles rammed the stolen vehicle on a busy city street"


"..seconds later, a police sniper shot Uran dead."


"Police pulled Hicks out the window of the wrecked car and slammed her face-first into Jefferson Street."

Typical police procedure. I wonder if she was resisting, too.

Does anyone else see a problem with this? A tank ... a sniper, and bodily injury all in a police officer's day of work?!

Are you kidding me?

Welcome to the new forums!

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Happy birthday +Misty Maestas
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