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While this is an important story about how the wealth and success of a city does not protect it from racial and other violence, the writer missed an opportunity to support her contentions. As a result the story winds up sounding like a knee-jerk opinion-based response to current events and, even worse, it offers little value to the conversation about this important issue our country is facing.

With a little more rigor, this writer could have delivered more impact and, maybe, more exposure to her ideas.

Here's where I think she dropped the ball.

She writes:

"Charlotte is one of the wealthiest cities in the country"

To support this she indicates the city's median home value is $170,000. But since she provides no source, this can't conveniently be verified. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. I found a source that shows Charlotte has a median home sales price of $204,500. So this seems to support her contention that Charlotte is one of our wealthier cities. Except, this ranks Charlotte #84 among all US metro areas, according to Zillow (

Maybe she meant Charlotte's wealth stems from an above average income than other cities in the USA. But using this measure, Charlotte is #21 of the 25 largest metro areas. This data is from the U.S. Census Bureau (

I'm not suggesting a person couldn't find credible data that puts Charlotte near the top of US cities in terms of wealth. And I know from experience it's a beautiful city with a lot going for it.

But that's not the point. This writer's story is that a wealthy city like Charlotte is no more immune to racially driven violence than any other American city. And this is an important story. Yet she fails to support it.

By failing to prove her first part of the story (that Charlotte is a relatively wealthy city) she casts doubt on other claims she makes. Like this one:

"...but this prosperity hasn't touched overwhelmingly black West and Northeast Charlotte and it is one of the most heavily policed. And the police don't spend much energy policing — throwing people up against cars on a regular basis to search them for drugs — in overwhelmingly white South Charlotte."

How do we know the police are treating different parts of Charlotte differently? How do we believe her implication that race is a factor in how police treat people?

The truth is, we don't.

For all I know she might be 100% correct. And if she is, then the implications of that should be pursued.

But I cannot conclude with any confidence that she is correct, because she failed to support her claims. She gives me no reason to join her in her conclusion other than, perhaps, my own willingness, based on the situation, the emotions surrounding it or a predisposition to believe such a claim.

This writer had an opportunity to build trust with me, the reader, by providing some simple, factual and verifiable information (about the city's wealth and other measures of its' wonderfulness). That would have lent credibility to other statements she made that are harder to validate, like policing tactics and choices.

But by shortcutting the easy claims she weakens the heart of the story, the part about a wealthy city being as vulnerable to violence than others.

This is the real story and it's an important one. But it didn't get the quality exposure it deserved from this piece.

#conflict #race #police #charlotte
The officer said he had a gun. The family of Keith Lamont Scott who just watched him bleed out said he was carrying a book. And then the city exploded.
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Kevin Stirtz

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If I could invest in a word, I'd have bought stock in "transmogrify" in the 1960s

For some reason the word "transmogrify" has lept in usage over the past 50 years. Google Books Ngram Viewer (see screen clip below) shows its usage increased over 250% from 1960s to 2008. Yet in the first 150 years of its life (late 17th century to 1960s) it increased roughly 50%.

It's not exactly a common word, is it? So what's behind the growth in this fun, odd word?

Some details:

-Verb: humorous

Transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner.

Origin: mid 17th century: of unknown origin.

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Kevin Stirtz

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I'm not a fan of seeing a person who could be President using such inflammatory and extreme comments regarding a serious situation like this. It's just my opinion but having a POTUS with a habit of making undisciplined statements like this could cause a lot of problems for our country.

From the article:

"Donald Trump has used the incident to discredit Clinton’s time at the helm of the state department. In a speech last week, he said Clinton 'spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched. Among the victims was our late ambassador Chris Stevens. I mean, what she did with him was absolutely horrible. He was left helpless to die as Hillary Clinton soundly slept in her bed.'"

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Kevin Stirtz

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Is it pronounced "S-Q-L" or "sequel"? 

This Hacker News thread is ablaze with opinions. Share yours.
#sqlserver   #mysql   #nosql  
SQL is an initialism for Structured Query Language. So the correct pronunciation is "s-q-l". Acronyms have a natural flow and can be read as is (NASA, LASER etc.). Initialisms do not and must be read one letter at a time. Grammar. It's magic.
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Kevin Stirtz

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Which car is cutest? #kiasoul  or #minicooper  ?
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This is big news and a huge vote of confidence for AlchemyAPI. I'm looking forward to see how this develops.
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Kevin Stirtz

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Why Identity Politics Scare Me

The more I learn about Donald Trump, the more I am amazed at how much support he seems to have. With behavior like his, I keep asking myself, why would anyone would consider voting for him.

So, why would they? Here are some possible reasons I can think of::

-Trump has usurped the GOP's candidacy and, no matter how distasteful he is, they will go along with the party will (party vote)

-They feel they could never vote for Clinton (anti-Clinton vote)

-Trump brings the perception of change in DC (vote for change)

-He is not a good choice but a better one than Clinton (lesser of two evils vote)

I'm sure there are others but these likely cover a large chunk of the electorate. The problem is not that any one of these voting strategies is better or worse than the other. The problem is they all exclude some of the most important criteria when evaluating someone for an important and powerful position: attributes of the candidate himself, not what groups he does or does not represent.

The above criteria are all based on identity. They justify a vote for Trump because:

-He (supposedly) represents the GOP
-He is NOT Clinton
-He is NOT a Washington DC insider
-He is NOT Clinton

I'm not saying we shouldn't consider the above attributes. But I am suggesting we reduce their importance and bring other criteria into our decision making. In thinking about who should be president of our country, I'd want to answer some of these questions:

-What are his capabilities pertinent to the role?
-What experience does he have that supports these capabilities?
-What motivates him to run for office?
-How does he make decisions?
-What do I think about his ethical standards and his integrity? (And what is my basis for this judgement?)

No matter who our candidates are, I'd feel better if I thought most of us were considering them based on these questions (or others that help us understand the candidates as people and as leaders).

There may be a place for identity politics in our system. But it's probably not as important as we're making it.

#Clinton #Trump #Election2016
For two straight days, lawyers for a reporter Trump had sued asked the businessman question after question on the same theme: Trump’s honesty.
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Kevin Stirtz

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I thank Target for today's definition of irony:

Target makes a point of routinely moving their products around (making things hard to find if you're used to them being in a certain location) while training their cashiers to always ask "did you find everything okay?"

#irony #funny #annoying

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Kevin Stirtz

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From the last paragraph of this article:

"...but putting out a book of business advice that contains hundreds of pages of largely imaginary notions about human psychology is mainly helpful for book sales, not for the women who are snapping it up."

Looking at the Notes section in Sandberg's book, she includes 241 citations, many of which are from scientific and academic journals. Characterizing her book as being full of "imaginary notions about human psychology" seems a bit of a stretch. 

If the author of this article is willing to stray so far from what's reasonable in this one sentence, it begs the question how credible is the rest of what she's written here. Reader beware.

#leanin  +Sheryl Sandberg 
Unfortunately, according to a near mountain of research on sex differences, the “You go, career girl!” advice Ms. Sandberg dispenses in Lean is unrealistic and may even backfire on women who take i...
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Kevin Stirtz

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Delicious memories from #Galveston  This was the first time I tried #chicken and #waffles  and I was not disappointed. Compliments of the friendly people at The Gumbo Diner.
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+Kevin Stirtz noted. There's a spot near Charleston SC serving chicken and waffles. The spot comes highly recommended. 
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Kevin Stirtz

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Is it right for the #NYPD  to edit #Wikipedia pages that contain references to the NYPD? It seems to contradict Wikipedia's strongly worded guidelines abut avoiding Conflict of Interest. On the other hand, if the NYPD edits are improving the accuracy of a page, then does that justify the conflict? 

I'd be much more comfortable if the people doing these edits were up-front about it rather than making the changes as anonymous users. For me, that sends the wrong signal about the person's intent. And it's especially embarrassing to the organization when they get called out as in this article. The Internet is less anonymous than most people realize.
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Kevin Stirtz

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Another handy tool to easily create schema compliant microdata for adding intelligence to your content. Editor for You :=)


Hi everyone,
As we know our beloved #Semanticweb  and #semanticsearch  need both some help from us, #schemaorg  is a great start for that. 
I am so proud to share an Schema Editor that my smart-as-hell colleague, +Mads Stoumann, shared today with me and gave me the exclusive right to share it with you.

We both will be glad to have some feedback from you on how we could improve it and make it even better.

How does it work:

The interface
1) Choose a schema from the dropdown above.
2) Fill out as many of the fields in the schema as you have data for.
3) Required fields are marked with an asterisk.
4) Fields with a dataset of options, are highlighted in yellow. Use your browsers arrow-down to see the complete list of options.
5) In the small dropdown to the right of each field, you can choose which HTML-tag will be used for the output.
6) If you want to hide all output, and just provide the information to a crawler, use the <meta>-tag.

Server configuration
1) Your CMS-system must be able to save HTML5-tags as well as schema-related attributes: itemprop, itemtype and itemscope.
2) In TinyMCE, this is done in a config-file.


1) Drag Schema Editor to your Bookmarks bar.
Currently, only insecure connections (http) will work.

We will appreciate any opinion. Enjoy!
Here is the link to the Schema Editor 
Generated Output. Select the text below with the mouse or with Ctrl / Cmd ⌘ + A Copy the text using Ctrl / Cmd ⌘ + C Insert the text in your editor (in HTML-view) with Ctrl / Cmd ⌘ + V. Test your structured markup here. Start Over Generate Schema.
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Delicious pie and grilled pasta.
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The in-person visits were good. The team seemed very knowledgeable and skilled. However, the communications, record keeping and follow-up is lacking. I have left 4 emails using their patient portal and I've gotten no response. The follow-up I was told to expect has not happened. And they have missed several payments I have made so I keep getting billed for fees already paid. Update 7/23/16 Still no response to multiple emails send using their online patient management system.Their online patient management system says: "Communications will be answered within 2 business days..." Since they have never responded to my multiple emails, I'd have to say, this fails the accuracy test. I called the clinic twice today to leave a message and request a call back but the system never connected me with their answering service.
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best biscuits and gravy I have ever had. service was helpful, fast and went above and beyond. everyone in our group was impressed. we would not hesitate to come back. thanks!
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I'm not big on trying new Chinese restaurants. I have a few favorites and I stick with them. But I had heard good things from several people about Panda Express so I gave it a try a few weeks ago. The service was better than I expected. Friendly and genuine. So often, corporate chains hire people with no personalities but the people here broke that mold. I had the orange chicken and fried rice. It was not as greasy as some local Chinese places so I was happy about that. The chicken was decent quality - not fat or grisly (is that a word?). Overall the food was better than I expected. And the restaurant itself was clean. It wasn't an amazing experience but it was good and it beat my expectations. So they earned 4 stars.
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Delicious hot beef sandwich.
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We enjoyed Linda's cafe. They got us in fast on a Sunday morning which was nice. Service was friendly and warm. Coffee was hot and fresh. Even though the place was crazy busy, the food came out quickly and it was tasty. Next time we are in Rogers we will definitely come back to Linda's cafe.
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Just finished another fantastic meal at the Valley Diner. We love this place because it's local, it's casual, the food is always delicious and the people who work here are always friendly and accommodating. Thanks Tony!
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