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+Ranjeet George +Antony cyriac This is what I did this weekend :D
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hahaha ikr :D i expected more of a disgusted reaction though :P
those are the newbies, the little guys, yes :P
They looked small :D
Snakes aren't scary :P
ewww kev!!!!! y would u do that??? ew!!!
Yea snakes are pretty cool when u told me about it I expected like a anaconda or something :D
hahaha an anaconda in nj in the wild? i wouldnt think i would see that. but its lucky we came upon the right kinda snake, we found out later that there were rattlers and copperheads in the same place :P how is that gross? and merin i didnt know he was gay see what happened was that i was taking pics of the snake when this guy wearing short running shorts came up and saw it and picked it up and was like, "its not poisonous, you wanna hold it?"
-_- You didn't know he was gay? WAS he gay?
Guys can wear short running shorts and be straight :P like all pro runners. I doubt theyr all gay :P
no its not gross i just thought u randomly picked up a snake and i was like holy cow thats not.... sensible :P
hahaha yea kev dont be biased and besides even if he was gay... who cares..
Well, if you're wearing short running shorts and you're not running... That's either bad fashion taste or...
well maybe he has bad fashion taste or just didnt care...
either way it doesnt matter :P
the guy who gave u the snake was at church?
No Kevin told me the guy who gave it to him was gay
so i hike with short shorts and a pink shirt and another girl :D
oh yeah that thing he said about being handed a snake by a gay guy :D
yea exactly someones smart unlike merin :D
Yea ik but I got the joke :D
Don't tell her :D
nahh i let it go, that wouldnt be nice :D
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