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Kevin Sonney
Linux Admin, Dad, Podcaster, and UrsulaV's partner in crime
Linux Admin, Dad, Podcaster, and UrsulaV's partner in crime

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Quick notes on last night :
- GWAR still puts on a good show. Not just the stage show, but musically. 
- Got to be about a foot away from Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies, and had the second best position for the last song of the night. The guy in front of me got to help hold her up, and so wins "best position". 
- Battlecross and 3 Quarters Dead, who I had not heard until last night, fuckinig rock.
- Old and Stubborn beats Young and Enthusiastic when Y&E is trying to shove/slam past O&S to get to the stage. Back to the pit, youngun'
- Advil is my very best friend, and the hot tub is so very, very nice. 

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Home from Nebula Weekend. For those who missed it, my amazing and beautiful wife +Ursula Vernon brought home the Nebula Award for Best Short Story for "Jackalope Wives" which you can read here :

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Oh loyal Google+ followers, I give you an exclusive-to-G+ preview of tomorrow night's Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap.

Tomorrow, 5pm ET,

I really should use Google+ more. Of course, the lack of cross-post functionality probably contributes to that.

FINALLY got out to do the long overdue #ingress portal key pickup for town. At least until both the heat got to me. The fun bit is getting the message from +Tarus BALOG thanking me for "stopping by."

Good morning BayCon. First breakfast, then badges and setup.

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 For the people who do not follow me on Twitter or FB, a report. 

Seattle People! I will be at JOEY Kitchen at University Village on Thursday at 7:30pm! Come hang out!

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Kevin Sonney commented on a post on Blogger.
Ergh, yeah. For reference, Ubuntu does better on macs for hardware support (wifi, graphics, etc), but is not as happy with the touchpad. Fedora is a PITA to get working just right. I keep wanting to do my recording in Linux, because Apple and MS piss me off with it, but even then, it's not happy.

Only a few days left for Hugo Nominations. If you need to know what +Ursula Vernon has that is eligible this year, ask!

Oh +Jeff Garzik? who do I talk to if two bitcoin accounts, not hosted on MtGox, were cleaned out at 2am today? It was under $100, but the machines that hold the keys were OFFLINE at the time....
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