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Rustico in Alexandria had the folks from Devils Backbone up for their initial launch in Northern VA. They had quite a line up of 18 drafts and 2 casks. I guess the brewery isn't brand new but it is nice they have such a big line-up. The one time I was at the Devils Backbone brewpub they had a pretty standard selection. A lot of the new local breweries are still trying to keep their standard beers in stock.

I talked to both brewers Steve and Jason. Steve said they don't plan on expanding too far beyond their local region. I guess I don't mind since I'm now within that region. I used to see Jason on occasion at tastings before he moved to Devils Backbone and this was the first I had seen him in DC in awhile. I heard it snowed an inch at the brewery yesterday.

The beers available...

Vienna Lager
Eight Point IPA
Belgian Congo Pale Ale
Reilly's Red
Trail Angel Weissbier (Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen)
1949 Lager (Light Lager)
8 Four Point Pale Ale (Single Hop Session Pale Ale)
White Stag IPA (Wheat IPA)
Low Hanging Fruit (Belgian Saison w/ Apples)
Brewhaha (High ABV Malt Beverage)
Striped Bass Pale Ale (Session Pale Ale to Support the Chesapeake _Bay Foundation)
Ramsey’s Draft Stout (Dry Irish Stout; Nitro Pour)
Baracus (Heavily-Hopped Imperial Brown Ale)
Kilt Flasher (Scotch Ale/ Wee Heavy)
Dead Bear (Imperial Stout)
Namibian Pale Ale (Hoppy Bock Lager)
Black Summit (Black Pilsner; Collaboration w/ Heavy Seas Brewing Company; Pilot Batch)


Vienna Lager: Dry-Hopped in the Firkin w/ Saaz Hops
Belgian Congo Pale Ale: Dry-Hopped in the Firkin w/ Centennial Hops

I was able to sample 12 (or 14) of the 20 beers. And there were some good ones. They had something for everyone. I thought the Low Hanging Fruit was done well for a fruit beer. The Brewhaha was crisp and dry. I tried all three pales at the same time and the 4 Point was my favorite.

The beers I liked the best were the two casks. The Vienna Lager dry-hopped with Saaz hops was full bodied and complex. Much different than the Belgian Congo Pale dry-hopped with Centennial which had big citrus flavors. Two very different styles that were both very tasty. Being a fresh hop fan the Congo was my favorite.

Looking forward to more citrus today with some Orange Whip IPA from Mad Fox. I may even have to stop by Galaxy Hut for another Belgian Congo too.
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