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Kevin Smith
A computer/geography nerd.
A computer/geography nerd.

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On my way home now from #ud25th. As usual I didn't think to take many photos during the event but here am with Lord British yesterday at the Cinnabon feast in the Disneyland picnic area.

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The weather cleared up toward the end of my flight for some nice photos. #ud25th

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I'd seen the previous of these, but this one is even better, particularly the end.

Has anyone else noticed that excluding Slytherin, the dominant colours of Hogwarts houses and Starfleet divisions (as of the 24th century) match up thematically? Command and Gryfindor are red, Operations and Hufflepuff are yellow/gold, Science and Ravenclaw are blue.

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If you ever wanted to live in the utopia of the United Federation of Planets, here's another reason. In fact, come to think of it, the Federation are just the end result of Kerbal Space Program.
Hands down, the best bit of Star Trek headcanon I've read in a very long time. It explains so much.

"Please exit by rear door" sticker with an arrow pointing toward the front door instead. Someone at BC Transit used the right side sticker on the left side of the bus or they never bothered to make left and right side stickers.

Heading in the right direction this time. Would be nice to play tourist in London but I'll just have Heathrow international departures to look at for 3 hours.

Going the wrong way because airlines.

Headed home after #FOSS4G2016

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Luggage arrived yesterday and today I did my workshop with Torben and Jody.
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