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Coming up with a brand name can be difficult. Coming up with a GREAT brand name can be darn near impossible! Read our whole "Name Game" category for some great tips!

I wrote my first post on how to come up with a good brand name wayyyy back in 2006. And, although I haven't added anything new since 2009, I OFTEN refer people to this category. My intent, all along, has been to turn this category into a book. A short book, albeit an important book! To act as a resource, I even created a short page of "rules" on how to come up with a great domain name.

Read the full post:
Brand Names - 3 New Problems With Finding a Good One!
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This video is AWESOME! If you haven't seen it before, watch it! A great lesson in how we're all affected by the actions of others around us.
How to Create a Movement
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The possibilities are ENDLESS! ... Really!
This will be old news to many, but I just learned (via +Social Weather Tech) about the ability to overlay KML files on Google Earth. Really pretty cool. For kicks and giggles, here's the Day 1 SPC Outlook.
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Mental note;  When visiting the zoo, DON'T dress up like a zebra!!!  Oh yeah ... and DON'T taunt a hungry lion with your CHILD!!!
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Okay .... but all the OTHER camels laugh at him behind his back!! :-D
A camel at the Camel Haircut Competition at Bikaner India.
I am in love with this creativity and artistic sense
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Great list from +Chris Brogan. If you aren't intimately aware of each of these, it's time to do some reading!
The Ecosystem

Thinking through the whole digital marketing and business ecosystem. I keep missing parts. Care to help me fill it in?

listening tools
executive dashboard
ecommerce (incl. payment mgmt & mobile payments)
content management
video (maybe audio, too)
online events (webinars, etc)
outposts (twitter, G+, FB, plus white label social)
mobile renderings and/or apps
scrm (but not the way people are talking about it)
distribution/file mgmt tech
(not part of the above, but part of the even larger story):
online advertising
pay per click
affiliate marketing

What else?
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A GREAT read!! If being found on the search engines is important to you ... even if you're not an NGO/Charity ... This is good advice!
Tip for Nonprofit Brands: Presence on Google + = better google search results

My colleague +Jonathon Colman pointed me to this article about the value proposition of being on Google + -

Google has launched "Search Your World" see: +Danny Sullivan post here:

Anyway, just setting up account won't do it, you have optimize your account in 8 areas:

Optimize your Google+ profile
Optimizing your Circles
Format your posts headlines (add asterisks before/after your title)
Create compelling content
Share compelling content
Optimize the +1 button
Confirm ownership of your site/account
Confirm authorship

Here's how to differentiate your google + content:

Create a content schedule – You don’t have to write a full blown article each time you post…but you should schedule one in once a week.

Share videos and photos – But explain in a paragraph or two why you are sharing the content. Don’t forget your headlines!

Conduct surveys – Engage your audience with a little survey. Start the survey off with your question as the headline…then explain in a few short paragraphs why you are asking the question.
Use it as a niche blog – Use your Google+ content to focus on a topic you’ve wanted to explore…but you could never find a good reason to do it on your blog.
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