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So Kamla going to talk to the banks about their exorbitant banking fees. In terms of positive outcomes from that meeting, is anything else on your wish list?

For me, I want those ridiculous requirements for opening an account to be dropped. I find I shouldn't need any utility bill, job letter and pay slip to open a damn account. As a citizen of this country, I should be able to walk in to a bank, show my ID and get tru. This after learning that I could walk in to Bank of America in Miami and open an account with just my passport, even as a non-citizen.

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Handy tool for all non-US residents when that next Nexus gets released?

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For the past few months I've I've been asking myself: Am I just turning into a grumpy old man or do people genuinely not know when to turn it down?

I mean, I like good music as much as anybody else, but I don't like being forced to listen to it whenever you feel like blasting it. Glad to see efforts being stepped up in this area.

Today was the first time I was introduced to the term "Vice Husband".
Def: A secondary husband; one who will assume husbandly duties when your husband is absent"

And they say Trini man not easy 😄😄 

TIL that if you live in Chaguanas and work in POS, you actually have to get up at 4:30AM to get to work by/before 8AM. What craziness is this?? 

Anybody here on Digicel? What's the experience like? I'm thinking about making the switch with one of their prepaid plans.

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Parking skills hadda be on point if you wanna park in PoS. Also related, I am this close to losing it with the folks at my job 😄

I don't get it. Why do people seem to point out the down sides of your accomplishment first or on the backside of their congratulatory greeting? A few examples:

You: Hey I got a new car!
Them: For real? Ways! Well you know that brand does give real trouble with [X] right?

You: Hey I got a house!
Them: Eh heh? Which part?
You: [Any area]
Them: A'ite cool, but das real crime/traffic/flooding though... And Yuh know KFC doh deliver inside dey yet right?

You: Hey, I'm getting married :-D
Them: Very nice! I hope you know that Yuh life going an real change up now...

The list goes on.

Is this a Trini thing or just with people in general all over the world? 

Another new year I've managed to keep all 10 fingers. Happy new year, Trini massive! Looking forward to amazing things in the next 365.

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Well whatd'yaknow: I got Polymer. Good thing I've been using it for the past month or so.
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