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pretty Nat Geo up close & personal for sure
Dude, that cat has some ups!! Wow... vertical jump win
Cool like a cat. They make it seem so easy.
I usually delete people who post cats from my circles - but you'll get a pass on this one.
First (and perhaps only) cat post I have +1'd
This cat has some serious air time.. the Golden State Warriors better sign the cat quick!
what a stunning ability. mine keeps doing things that do annoy me and surprise me at the same time.
dang the focus at the peak is #superhot... looks a touch nervous for sec at the turnaround tho
wow thats amazing i wonder how many feet did he jump
Looks like a scene from The Matrix. - Great stuff..
super HERO cat.....once again save earth......
+Veronica Belmont & +Kevin Rose , this is probably the coolest domestic animal video I have seen. It was either fantastically staged, or it was an incredibly lucky shot!
Wow, that's incredible!
chère véronica, vous cartonnez de commentaires ça n'a pas arrété toute la journée so happy for you
Can Cats be entered in the Olympics? Think we found our new high jumper. :)
I could watch this all day and not get bored.
Damn, he looks like a serious ninja the entire time. Never even considered breaking a sweat.
You know I cannot post this on FB.!!!
that is so cute and the kity cat is so pretty.....
Check out this flying kitty
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