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If a bear falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
If a bear falls from a tree in the forest does it make any noise? How about when it falls from a tree in the city?
lol, priceless is right…i looks like he's jumping on a trampelene
Bear on a trampoline! Way better than wrestling one. 
A 10 for the execution and a 9 for the artistic component.
Next evolutionary step: Bears growing wings.
Cool! And surreal, I guess.
Needs photoshopping to turn it into a kung-fu bear doing a jump kick
I guess climbing a tree isn't a safe thing to do!
Call Conan!! The masturbating bear lost his diaper!!
Yogi never really fit in on the Police force. It became apparent the day of the trust exercises. When Yogi's turn came to fall out of the tree, his a-hole coworkers pulled the pad out from under him. That was the day Yogi snapped and mauled everyone on the Jellystone police squad.
I shouldn't laugh, but that is quite funny!
This inspired me to start a new Pinterest board called "let's play catch"
Trust fall. If you catch the bear, you'll be seriously hurt. If you don't catch the bear, he'll seriously hurt you.
Uhh, Boo Boo... does this mean there won't be a pickanick basket?
Hahah, wow. Where the repin button. Now that's timing.
why did it get up there for lol
Free band name: Bears in the Air.
The Ursine Levitation Club will be meeting at 6 PM next Monday at the Yellowstone National Park.
It's autumn, when the leaves change color and bears fall from the trees.
The Australian drop bear is a long way from home!
I think they should try that with people attempting to commit suicide by jumpgin off rooftops...
Before reading the description, I thought, why is that guy in a bear suit jumping on a trampoline? :)
My photoshop skills leave much to be desired, but I think this bear would look way more Keanu Reeves if it was wearing sunglasses and was firing guns in each paw.
The guy next to the tree looks more freaked out than how the bear probably feels.
This bear is now dead. He was relocated about 50 miles away, but a car hit and killed him.
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