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Buffer Box seems cool but might be a safe house for drugs and other illegal deliveries.  Might have to have a crap load of surveillance around them.  Healthy Labs seems smart too.
9GAG doesn't really have a lot of original content. Bufferbox looks the most useful to me.
Any comments on why they're your favourite? Especially why you chose 9GAG :)

Love FlightFox. Haven't had a multi city trip to try it out on yet.
Bufferbox looks a lot like the dhl packstation here in Germany. 
None if these startups seem too exciting. I like the idea behind BufferBox though. Don't get me wrong, the ideas are good, but none really make me want to follow up on them.
Lotta boring, redundant and niche.. more than simple. Mass ubiquity in any of these is going to be a crap shoot by a fish. Lately groomed start-ups have been just off.

How is Bufferbox no different than Amazon's own initiative? They all are pretty meh.
Kamcord seems to have a unique piece of technology with application well beyond what they are initially applying it too. Met one of the founders at MIT, very nice and intelligent guy, they shall do well.
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