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We're looking into it now.
Click here to go to our homepage.

"Click here" loops to same page…

P.S. For a moment, I thought you invested in :)
Looks pretty cool. :D  My gf and I are planning a giant trip across South America on bikes right now... so Rally would be a good platform to fundraise on?

Also, I need to setup a venture one day. What do you think of what I call "Emosay" ... basically it's like G+/Instagram but people can easily share audio snippets on top of the picture stream? :D
Oops, I think I took down the site w/the tweet/g+ post.
Neat site. My CS senior project was a fundrasing webapp.
Hah, maybe I should read the damned article first :)
+Aaron Hutchinson is a better domain name. ;)

On a more serious note, it'll be nice if they can work with Google Wallet to reduce transaction fees for non-profits, and maybe leverage some Google infrastructure to keep their website running to support campaigns larger than +Kevin Rose tweeting/g+'ing their site. :)
Look forward to meeting you this week Kevin!
When a tin cup and a dancing monkey just doesnt cut it. RALLY.ORG we're the pimp behind the beggars.
It was at this moment he got the idea to kidnap Kevin Rose's dog. Better still, less dangerous, a random puppy on RALLY.ORG. "Contribute or the puppy dies." Of course he wouldn't actually harm a puppy, but they didn't know that. The rubes. 
Congrats! but I have to ask: how is that different than other crowdfunding platforms?
+Kevin Rose can you please invest in a Tech Blog, just saying. Tech News Central
I thought you said you weren't interested in "me too" products, Kev
Check out an new Animation hub for Kid's and interaction... 3D animation content and games
Great idea with  I'm looking for amazing things to happen in the crowdfunding industry over the next 6-12 months.  Especially when Equity crowdfunding is permitted and regulated by the SEC.  I recently started a forum at to discuss the many issues.  I will add a folder for shortly
Because fuck Kickstarter, that's why!
How can i view your old tv shows?
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