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Under this tree I asked +Darya Pino to marry me, she said yes!!!!!!!!!!
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Best of luck there mate :P
Congratulations, and what a sweet, sweet photo, +Kevin Rose
Would give you a +2 if I can as such an event is worth celebrating.
Wishing You Both The Best. Congratulations. Group Hug!
Congrats Kevin! and congrats +Darya Pino ! You two are definitely a great couple and I wish you two the absolute best. I don't even know you guys and I am so happy for the both of you. Now hopefully this engagement doesn't last as long as +Alex Albrecht , lol. I kid. Seriously though, Congratulations. =)
Congrats! I wish you both a happy life together:))
Google will to that to ya.
Nice man :) grats and wish you both best of luck.
2012 have started very well for you. Congrats.
Congrats to you both, on here and on twitter!
Joe Tee
Congrats to you both, may nothing but good things come your way!!
Deeeaaaad maaannn walkin'!!! Just kidding. Congrats.
Fantastic! Blessings and wishes for a very happy life together.
Congratulations Kevin and Darya happy for you both
Congratulations Kevin, and a nice spot in Japan to do so
Congratulations, both of you! Kevin, we knew it was gonna happen soon. She's perfect for you!
Congratulations Kevin!

Oh, and you do know she's too good for you, right? Work hard every day to earn this gift you've been given! :-)
Happy for you both!
Congrats and all best wishes :)
That's nice Kevin, happiness and health to you both.
Thank God! Finally, Toaster Pup will have legitimate pack leaders. Congrats.
Congratulations to both of you!
Wow....How cool is that Kevin..Truly made for each other.....!!!!!
best of luck laughter love adventure prosperity good health to u both
Wow wow wow!!!! Congrats guys!!! Que bonita pareja!!!!
Congrats! - she said no to me last week.... :-)
This is like a wake up for us geeks. The good old Kevin Rose the oldschool hacker the boy in the internet media. ...
It's like dignation came to it's end and K.R. is going to merry Darya. Whoaaa
mani S
great idea. congrats Kevin
It's been quite the few weeks for you! Congrats to you both!
Awesome! Congratulations to you both!
Congratulations to you both!
Congrats, Kevin! Nice save letting April 1 pass by before spiking a knee!
watch out for the samurai behind you!! :D
Felicidades again!! : " DARK TIPPER "
The very very best to you both....may you have many years of love, joy and peace.
lam pondering doing mine in a forest
Congrats Kevin and Darya :)
Congratz! I wish you the best for decades to come!
That's awesome you may get married before Alex. 
That's awesome! Nothing like a good women to spend your life with.
Now who will tie the knot first you our Alex?
I said once and I'll say it two make a great couple, and congratulations to the both of you. First Google and now Darya says yes, things are looking real bright for you Mr. Rose. Keeps us all posted on things are going.
Congratulations to both of you.

Also did anyone else notice that Kevin either hasn't switched to Android yet... OR he has early access to instagram for Android, just saying.
Wow. A new job, marriage.... you're growing up so fast sniffle :-)
I think everyone who watched Diggnation saw this coming.
Congrats to you both!
Are you going to beat Alex to marriage
congrats...I wish a long and prosperous marriage for the two of you :)
Congrats! (and you said you didn't have a plan...)
Congratulations! A proposal under a cherry tree is a very good idea
diggnation double wedding perhaps? i'm sure i'm not the first to think of/say this but i'm saying it anyway
Have a happy forever after, you guys really could be a bit of a fairytale if anyone :)
Very happy for the both of you. I think you are both awesome as individuals, so together, you guys will be unstoppable! :)
..... another bites the dust....... No more Yager!

Congratulations & blessings to you both!
Congratulations, that's awesome.
Great news, I gather she shares your interest in tea?
Good luck. Remember that marriage is not 50/50. It is 100/100.
Congratulations! You two look so happy!
congratulations!!!! I think this calls for a diggnation reunion to announce the news!!!!!1 :)
Congrats kevin! ull probly get married before alex does lol
Proper job, getting married.... kids next !!

yeah very congrats, it's a wonderful thing
i have been drinking Gunpowder Green Tea for years...:)
The Fixed;) Congrats KR&DP!++
Looks like a great spot. Congratulations and may your success continue.
That's so great! Congratulations Kevin!
congratulations, man!
Congratulations, Kevin! also, nice tree.
Game Over!
Congrats dark tipper.
That's amazing! My best wishes.
Wow! Congratulations Kevin. Maybe you'll beat Alex to the alter. ;)
Congratulations....need to resurrect Diggnation now and life will be complete!
congrats dear!
but i am jealous ..........
darya is realy lucky .....................
A. D.
Congratulations Kevin!
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