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Back in SF after an amazing trip to Japan :) - stoked to get back to +Google tomorrow!
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Jealous. Where in Japan did you go?
Enjoy work, Kevin!
I think I speak for everyone when I say that we demand pictures!
WB Kevin and congrats on the engagement
家を歓迎 - Thanks to Google it says welcome home.
Hope you got to experience the peak of the cherry blossoms in Tokyo.
+Kevin Rose; Welcome back to USA; watched you a long time on RV3, congrats on the new business situation! So happy Google is seeking out talent like you - people who get DESIGN; it signs good things ahead for us Google fans.
I like the new Google+ no major issues for me here.
And grab some glasses at google !
so no more tweeting now that you work for google? only google +?

Time for a Random show, i would say you have enough content now :)
Actually. You should have some spontaneous hangouts sometime :)
Just finished watching the last DiggNation. Tried putting it off as long as I could. Saw every episode. Thanks Kevin, Alex, Prager & Glenn!
Yo, I'm missing Diggnation. You and Alex have any plans of creating another podcast?
japan it is...welcome back home kevin
Get back on mainstream tv! Take over G4, live again!
Awesome man. Looks like you are doing big things.
Yes, ... that is my hacker style... hohohohoho....
Mike B
I love to visit Japan someday.
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