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I'm very excited to announce that +Revision3 has been acquired by +Discovery Channel. +Revision3 will continue to crank out great content w/the power of Discovery behind them!

I wanted to publicly thank a few people for making this happen:

+Jay Adelson (co-founder) - Jay believed in Rev3 from day one and was our first investor. Without his funding (allowing me to leave G4) and leadership in the early days Rev3 would have never gotten off the ground.

Dan Huard (co-founder) - Dan co-hosted and launched Rev3's first show w/me, "Systm".

Keith Harrison (co-founder) - Big thanks to Keith for being our first cameraman/editor.

+David Prager (co-founder) - Prager left G4 and joined us as a Co-founder, helping us land our first sponsors and helped Diggnation attract a worldwide audience.

+Ron Gorodetzky (co-founder) - Ron helped scale and code the site in the early days.

Brad Murphy - Brad is the best ad sales guy I've ever worked with, he's the anchor of Revision3. Brad and team transformed us from a fun hobby to a real business.

+Ryan Vance - Ryan's programming direction helped craft many of the Rev3 shows you love today.

+Alex Albrecht - For being my co-host for all these years :)

+David Sze, +James Slavet - Big thanks to our investors at Greylock for believing in us.

... and of course the entire Rev3 staff and talent for carrying the torch for all these years, even after a few of the co-founders had moved on to other projects, thank you.

Thank you: +Graham Hancock , +Stephanie Chu, +Mauricio Balvanera , Smack, MG, +patrick norton , +Veronica Belmont , +Glenn McElhose , +Alex Albrecht, + and all others I'm forgetting both past and present :)
The cable guys get a Web video studio and network for about $30 million.
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Congrats guys, you deserve it for all your hard work!
Amazing news, but Kevin, we need a little Foundation Podcast love again. 
Congrats. I have to wonder though how Rev3 will look in 12 months or so.
Congrats to everyone. Couldn't have been acquired by a better channel.
Congrats! Very cool news.
Gratz... Does prove that cable/old TV media isn't going away anytime soon.
Congrats Kevin ! What a great year =)
That is great news for everyone at Rev3. Been a faithful watchers since the early days. Congrats everyone.
PK Lai
I'm wearing my Systm tshirt!
All right! Time for Discoverynation!
Amazing news. Congrats on all your success so far this year, Kevin.
I'm interested to see what Discovery will do with Rev 3. Hopefully no major programming changes, but much more funding for great new stuff...
or at least better than the G4TechTV acquisition, right? or was that one just a jack-move? Either way congratulations to Rev3 it has been deserved!
Congratulations! Discovery has a huge video library and most of it isn't available online. Looking forward to the future!
Congrats. I hope they don't fuck things up now :/
maybe discovery can go back to actually making good shows, I frequently do a torrent search for the discovery channel and really nobody cares except for 'future weapons'...but I will give you props for not sinking to the level of the history channel and ancient aliens.
Cool, can we have Diggnation back then??
Congrats Kevin. You're such an inspiration!
Congratulations, I’m looking forward to continuing watching the shows!!
Congratulations Kevin...keep up the good work
Mike C
wow. didn't see that coming. congratulations revision3. good move, discovery channel.
Awesome news!!! More great Rev3 shows hopefully in the future!
Congrats Kevin, looks like your retirement account just got a little bigger :-)
If u actually read the comments then I want to say congratulations first and second keep the good content coming and don't become the ny times and charge for it!
Congrats, Kevin! I have to echo the thank you list as well, which is endless. It's been a long trip to get here but we're all so proud.
Congrats! Looking forward to more great things!
You inspire me and I wish you the best. Thank you!
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Nice, AWESOME! Please don't kill linux/bsd support, I use the Miro app and have gotten many people into Revision 3!
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Congratulations to everyone at +Revision3! Thanks for keeping me entertained for the past few years. Definitely well deserved.
Oooh! Details, please. I watch Tekzilla religiously via AppleTV. Will the video podcasts continue? Is Rev3 going to become it's own channel?
I am so happy for everyone at +Revision3 !!!
Proud to say that I worked on the team for over a year as an intern!
This only means bad things for the future of +Revision3. Try to remember that the +Discovery Channel is a network company and the networks are evil. Let's not forget what happened to +G4TV. Congrats are definitely not in order.
Congrats!! Dude, you're on fire!!
<sarcasm>yeah for consolidation of the media</sarcasm>. How is this a good thing. Once enough of the youtube channels are backed by huge corporations the union rules that apply to movies and tv will start being enforced for web video, making independent networks prohibitively expensive.
Just being honest. This worries me. Hoping for the best!
Dang that's nuts. Twit is the last of largest Online network left... well from what i know.
I'm really hoping for the best... dreams of veronica and patrick on tv together again this time with robert instead of leo... and the most awesome dream ever.. +Kevin Rose and +Alex Albrecht bringing back Diggnation, but for TV!
+Kevin Rose Are your employees part of the deal? If I tune in and watch Tekzilla and I don't see Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont I'm tuning out.
Congrats Kevin! Hope everyone keeps working and things don't change.
would have more if diggnation was still going
Patrick on Mythbusters please.
This is freakin' amazing! Congrats to all of Rev3! <3<3<3
I remember watching the first episode of Diggnation. Kevin had just left G4. He had passion and was determined to be successful. Way to go Kevin. You give hope to all entrepreneurs looking to follow a dream. 
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What does this mean? Will shows like TRS keep going as usual, or will there be changes?
I use to watch these guys on satellite
Goodbye Revision 3 as we know it. Have to start looking elsewhere soon probably. (After Discovery gets their noses in).
Heres to hoping you folks are now able to be more like TechTV and less like G4. I was a fan of the old TechTV, but was embarrassed to be caught watching anything from G4.
Congrats Kevin... now if only Discovery Channel can bring Diggnation back!!!!
Congrats Kevin. What's next TWiT being taken over by Turner Broadcasting or Fox?
:O OMFG Kudos to all the team, i hope this get's a better Revision3 and doesn' steal the essence of web the shows that i love
This is an awesome achievement. I have been watching your team since Revision 3 got started after TechTV sold out to Comcast and its mockery of its shows. I only wish the best of luck to all of you at Rev3.
P.S. I only hope we get to keep the shows this time.
I'll continue to be happy with news as long as the good content keeps on coming from rev3.
Wow, this is great news. Would this mean that we could possible see some of the Revision 3 shows on Discovery channel soon?
Busy month for Kevin huh; gets engaged, sells of his company "Milk" and he gets hired by Google, sells Revision3... holy crap!
How is instagram worth a billion dollars when it's never made a dime while rev3, a profitable business, only worth 30 million?
Way to Go Kevin. Can't wait to see what you bring to society next.
Fred S
Congrats dude!
Nice, congrats to all! Still miss diggnation!
Congrats on the sale! I do miss the weekly dose of Diggnation....
I knew this day would come one day! Congrats to each and everyone involved and who put the Rev in Revision3!
Congrats to +Revision3 , does this mean that we'll see Revision3 shows on Discovery's channels?
Rob J
anyone else weirded out by the cyber dating going on in this
Congrats thread?
Congrads I look forward to bringing content to your channel.Thanks. Jack Knight
Hopefully everyone at Rev3 was a part of this deal instead of buying it and then stripping what they want.
Awesome! Does this mean shows might be shown on regular TV? In theory?
waaaaaat? Great for revision3... right? yes?
Awesome! Congrats. I was ecstatic when I found Revision 3 after G4TV completely screwed Tech TV. I miss the Screensavers my only issue is Patrick needs to bring back Systm and you need Bert Monroy back too. Miss both those shows a lot.
Let's hope Discovery keeps Rev3 as is, or adds to it. It's one of the few TV channels I watch. Congrats!
Hopefully this won't be like when G4 acquired TechTv. At least Leo's still on thanks to podcasts. Though I'll admit it's been months since I listened to his show.
I hope Discovery doesn't ruin the Revision3 Android app... I use that almost daily on my train commute.
Getting people to believe is half the battle brother!
Kevin would really appreciate your thoughts on our 1 1/2 yr old web tv start-up at You're the MAN!
Awesome feat, always thought you were a leader in the field. Watched as countless people doubted you, props. +1 ;)
A. D.
Congratulations Kevin! The only thing that sucks in this deal is most likely it will be the down fall of Revision3 as we know it. Its great source of news and entertainment for now.
This is Amazing news Kevin! The best channel on cable meet the best channel on the web. A wise acquisition Discovery!
Was this really a necessary thing to do, selling Rev3 I mean? I just seems like every time a big company gets their hands on a great product or a great small company they have "good ideas" on how to "improve" their new toy. I am really going to be crushed if this happens to Rev3. I have been a fan of Rev3 since the last part of 2007. I have seen shows come and go but their was and still is always something great to watch, I just hope you have not made a huge mistake Kevin, I know it is a win win for you because you sold it for a profit, but where it would become a mistake is if Discovery tries to make it Discovery3 the new internet channel oops there goes all the original programing out the window. Can you tell us why or what the reason was behind you making this decision? I as I am sure many of your viewers are curious as to why you sold the best thing to happen to the internet since it's inception. Thanks for the answer in advance.
i love that  show and want to see it again
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