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and perhaps obvious but that's how you do "ads" in the Internet era - get the so cool, so much actual content, that people freely share and discuss them. Well done indeed
Wonder if people in the crowd were planted there like that girl at 2:30
It's a commercial, but it's great!
Classic Pepsi... Ur commercials always bring a smile to my face ;)
This commercial & of course Uncle Drew.. go down in history as #Epic !! :-)
 Uncle Drew, has some serious moves, haha :)
+Kyrie Irving +Cleveland Cavaliers +Pepsi #excellent #uncledrew 
I swear I felt that way when I played in my 30s and got to shoot some in. I bet you I dream tonight I'm Uncle Drew.
not only "uncle Drew" is fake ... also the girl with pepsi can @2:30:P
Ben Rio
hai...very good...hw r u? i"m an indian
You the man! At 54 I got game! Bring it like Drew
I believe Uncle is around 25 yrs old. It didn't pass my test. 
Hi Kevin, any new Foundation videos coming in shortly?
how did you do that was that your video and if its not just tell me how you got it to go on the google plus............and did you just poast it?
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