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damn right it was.
And it was awesome BECAUSE we didn't only play computer games, but also outdoors games :)
Yup, remember it. Couldn't ever play it in the dark, but I remember it.
Jr. High School ... ahhh. I took a computer class and had a teacher tell us if we finish our work early then we can play DOOM!
Almost as good: Wolfenstein 3D is in the Xbox Live Arcade. Bring 'em on!
My 'younger adulthood' was awesome...
played it the other day (in an os x DOS emulator)!
making me feel old does not make me feel better about myself +Kevin Rose lol.... I am not sure I was a child then
I remember people getting motion sickness playing this, that and the first game mod I ever used, Barney Doom.
Mike Mc
I remember shooting my first WAD wink wink
It was awesome but I wasn't a child. Does it make Duke Nukem less awesome?......NO
two words. cat daddy. kate upton. also USA USA USA.
Childhood? That was 1992 and I was in my twenties!
I had a crappy 386 20Mhz that could not run Doom well. Just about a frame per second. So I had to play it on my father's 486, but I couldn't use it very often. Sad story!
This game sold a lot of 486 CPUs.
Mine was wolfenstein.... In High School... Yeah, I know.
yup, thats in the first map, I remember it well :) iddqd, idkfa, idbehold-l :)
You are right men !!! spot on
I played the heck outta that game! I remember saying "How can it get better than this..!!!???" (Just got done playing BF3)
Best Gatling gun of any game ever
I remember sneaking an install of this on a computer at school in elementary. Played this non-stop.
I had an engineer friend that got us networked with serial connections. I don't even know. Then finally with some old bnc network cards and we would battle late into the night. Same night as X-files. The girlfriends would separate and leave us while they yakked. Awesome.
+Graeme Ellis Barneystein 3D was awesome! The version I played had beavis and butthead as guards and barney was the main boss.
Watching that face was so satisfying/stressful.
I remember modding it so I was killing the purple people eater!
.....I remember showing this to my kids ;-)....thanx for making me feel old
I think it came out in my first year of college, and we'ed get a real mountain man friend to scale a building and break in to the college computer lab through the duct work or something (I realize now, I don't think I asked how he got in) but we'd play all night. It was good times.
I loved playing it in the dark! Awesome dark atmosphere, music and sound effects. At the top of my list for sure.
This was the beginning of the end for our generations social life.
This is the first game that made me sick.... I still can't play first person
Doom, long memories
Or you were testing an IPX/SPX LAN. Oh, NetWare -- I don't miss you.
I think it was the press release beta that I got to play.. on two machines back to back over a null modem in the 'study room' of my dorm.
When we built our first network in my intro to networking class, we needed something to test the communication soi just happened to have my copy of Doom with me. We installed it on all the computers and (ahem) "tested" the network for hours. I got everyone addicted - even the
teacher. We ended every night with an hour of Doom tournaments. Good times.
Is it bad that I remember that my daughter was born right after this was released?
I still have the diskett.
Childhood?! I was 30. Pong was new when I was a kid.
What I miss: free for all deathmatch in Shub Nigurrath's pit with rocket launcher and rocket jump combos.
hitting spacebar on all the walls and finding those secret rooms
Doom, my first FPS game I feel dizzy
Rich V
See what you went and did, now I have to find it...
We had to take turns on a friend's mother's laptop...
I did that as an adult. Didn't exist as child!
I remember playing this multi player where you had to dial in to your friends modem it was amazing!
Doom! Fantastic game. Prior to that I'd played Wolfenstein. I lost quite a few hours to those two....
OMG !! The sound effects were amazingly unnerving in certain places !
My first video game console was Pong. First computer was Commodore 64! I played tons of text games like Zork and Seastalker. First online games were off the BBS boards. My first multiplayer games was a game called Realm. It was all ASCII characters and 5 people can play at same time as the BBS system had 5 phone lines.
I found the book "Masters of Doom" in a thrift store in Vancouver. I liked reading up on the gaming scene of the late 80s and the rise of ID Software in the early 90s. I remember wondering at that time, why one Commander Keen release was for free where another that was released at about the same time was for sale. Now I know ;)
Hell-I still remember cheats for Doom better then my passwords and PINs. iddqd, idkfa, iddt, idspispopd
Childhood? I was in my 20s when I started playing Doom!

BTW, next Saturday is the 20th anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D launch.
Hmmm I used to play this but I din especially like it. Made me nauseous! But I used to like Heretic :)
I remember the chronology.. from Dark Ages (side scroller) to Wolfenstein, to Doom, and on to Duke Nukem... Look at the hardware we ran them on! My phone has more computing power (and more working memory) than my early computers did by far...
Childhood? I was in my 20s and at university when it came out. Get offa my lawn! ;)
comen ca marche merci
u can still play it on virgin america flights!
I still break this out in DOS Box from time to time... Need to see about getting all of the previously owned WADs back!
If the pic were from Dark Forces, then I would have agreed. Close enough though. ;-)
Multi-player on 3 screens with 3 networked 386's using the Left/Center/Right hack to get "peripheral" vision in death-matches made for awesome game play and made the network admins cringe!
I learned how to set up an IPX/SPX network just so I could play DOOM on it. That sparked an interest in networking for me and now I'm a Network Engineer. Thanks id!
I remember using Telix to get on BBS such as RA and Wildcat! etc. just to download DOOM back in ~1993? I too remember setting up the Null Modem cables and Novell's IPX/SPX just to play this on a LAN.
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