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Where does Google+ fit in my life?

In order for a product to make its way into my everyday routine it either has to create a new addiction (eg. make every picture I take look awesome -- instagram) or offer an experience that is so much better than the competition that I make the switch (eg. My move from Friendster to MySpace to Facebook). So where does Google+ fit in? I'm not sure, but a few of the features having me coming back for more:

-- Feedback Loop: +1's next to everything give me a way to acknowledge others for their contributions, whether it be a great comment or post to the stream. Facebook offers this in the form of 'likes' but this is a key feature missing from Twitter. To give feedback on Twitter I need to retweet or reply, this requires a lot more thought than a simple +1 click.

-- Realtime data: Seeing comments appear Quora style (as they are happening) is fun -- couple that w/the lightweight feel of the UI and G+ feels a lot faster than the competition.

-- Incoming: This allows me to see all the post from people that are following me, for brands and Scoble (web celebs) this is a great way to interact w/your fan base without having to follow people you don't know.

-- Wait, this is a long post: Is this a blog replacement? What happened to 140 characters? This post will reach a wider audience than posting it on, it also has the added benefit of social sharing built in from the ground floor (think Tumblr re-blog). I might replace my blog w/G+ if it bring more traffic and sharing.

-- Sparks: This needs a lot of work but could be a killer feature. I'm excited for the posibilites here.

... all that said, great first effort Google!
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To me it feels like Twitter and Facebook combined.
And a blog, and a hint of chatroulette.
Honestly I feel like the biggest thing they need is a twitter-like short-form "default" post format. Do the other stuff too, but they won't replace twitter for me as long as twitter is concise and g+ has everything and the kitchen sink.
It is a blogpost, but don't you find it a bit worrisome that your content is owned by Google as opposed to it being hosted on
Agreed re the feedback loop here! Would LOVE a thank button on Twitter - it's long overdue. People love to be acknowledged for retweets/tweets.
And we've Only Just Begun to Live with Google+!
It's definitely a great start for big G, the realtime is what makes it the most fun imho much like the addiction that one can get with Namesake.
The UI is clean and simple which makes it nice to look at for extended periods of time. The integration needs some work but it's exciting to think of the possibilities ahead.

I think using Google+ to blog is a great idea as you pointed out. Without a character limit this brings in a whole new aspect to posting. You can freely discuss things with people and not have to worry about every reaching a limit (like Facebook and of course Twitter).
it's also currently a novelty and as with any internet social novelty it's important to dig your heels in first, One of the first to use, more to gain - see Youtube/Twitter.
Can I +1 the paragraph that says "Wait, this is a long post!" For me that's the sort of remarkable thing about this. I love, love twitter but this place makes me realize there are things that I want to say that just don't work in 140 chars. And, really, nothing works on my blog for about 1000 reasons.
It is a very compelling experience. 
I agree with you on Sparks. I think it could be the next iteration of the RSS Reader. The ability to focus in on the specific topics of the day/week/year/etc without much thought, surrounded with the G+ environment to quickly share with others will definitely be killer.
When they allow the G+ comments system to be integrated into external applications (Discus style) then it will not matter if your blog is here or on your own domain.

Personally, I think the API and how open Google decides to be will be huge. Will they make it easy for me to integrate my other stuff with G+ or hard like Facebook.
Looking forward to Hangouts with ScreenSharing and White Boards!
Watching these comments popup in real time is also pretty damn impressive.
requires much more engagement than watching a twitter stream. that could be good, or it could just make people tired.
totally agree, there is so much here, from the little nuances to the big picture items, this thing is really well designed...
I think Twitter should be a lot more afraid than Facebook at this point. Facebook and Google+ have similar enough experiences that Facebook's user basis will give it enough rope to try and fix things before Google+ takes too much from it. But twitter's entire experience is captured and improved upon here with Google+, and twitter doesn't have anywhere else to run. Great post Kevin.
Having the circle feature means I can separate work colleagues from friends and from family also. So I can post photos of me drunk and disorderly without having those circles see them, all in the one service.
Hmm, not digging that I leave one comment on this and my gmail inbox is filled with every subsequent comment - though that's probably filter failure on my part.
+Alex Dahl I think you're right. With the right touches G+ could encompass most, if not all of the features that drive people to other social media outlets and really create a huge, healthy community.
All I can say is I'm loving it, and learning as I go. Please keep posting! Hungry!
Discussion tonight regarding the AFU (average Facebook user) and whether or not they will want to switch. The chatter on g+ right now is primarily people who are google lovers, techies, and the like. Love the ongoing actual communication. FB feed ended up being mostly game updates and very limited discussion..often with one word responses. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a different social network that simply offers an alternative to the more engaged, versus those that simply "play" online. On FB, a mention of the Casey Anthony trial would bring comments of "oh..yeah, I heard something about that..." versus g+ where there were lengthy discussions on the aspects of the trial as well as well-informed opinions of defense versus prosecution. What's the difference between the two networks?
I think if Google can be the best steward for our personal data. Google Plus needs to have full text search scoped to my own content, and across each of my circles. They also need a good data export solution.
So far the interaction is intelligent. We will see what happens when the spammers and marketers show up. If the conversations continue to be productive it's a winner. Facebook generally is dribble. 
The fact you can start a Hang out based on this post is real cool!
I'm liking it so far, but, like all the other big social sites, and well life in general, I constantly feel overshadowed by the more popular people on here.
I could see Digg being integrated into the Sparks.. might wanna check that out
i don't agree with the twitter threat here. this is awesome but twitter benefits from its brevity and will remain that service that specializes in giving me a series of updates i can consume in reasonable time. my + feed is already too much to handle. i like it. but its different.
+Bill Stafford We'll see what happens when the more "Average" users start floating in here, you know..that neighbor who's computer you cleaned up the spyware from last night and your mother. The only thing we can do is hurry up and wait.

+Todd Cochrane So far I've been very impressed with the quality of content on G+. If it keeps up Google has a sure winner.
I actually liked buzz for the long form discussion ability over twitter which to me is purely a broadcast platform. With g+ this is buzz 2.0 without people dumping twitter feeds plus the much improved privacy model. This is indeed a fantastic 3rd attempt! 
I think you just obsessively keeping looking for things to forever keep replacing your blog as much as possible.
Kevin, I totally agree with the bit about Twitter. It happens a couple of times/day where I'd like to just be able to "Like" or "+1" someone's tweet.
I find the Hangouts Freeze up quite a bit. Hope fixed soon!
its only used by geek community for now, I would call it a success if college kids start using it.
+Mykola Bilokonsky I suggest changing your email notifications in your settings (top right, the gear). It's a bit overwhelming if you comment on popular posts like this.
I like the idea of G+ being a blog replacement, but in order for that to happen, the URL string needs to be improved. Kevin Rose's current ID is a string of 21 numbers following That's not easily memorable like "" is. Each post has a strange string attached to it, as well. If it were more like Wordpress and you had the ability to control it, it could be a better blogging platform. It does have everything for people to start up a blog, with one exception: multiple links. You can only attach one link in a post right now, unless you include the full URL within the text of the post. Not incredibly useful except for quick shares like this post.
+Jeff Jarvis has some great points about G+ on his profile. He is using it almost exclusively in blogging about G+ from what I can tell. Worth reading if you're interested in G+ beyond simply using it.
I think they have merged the best of facebook & twitter. Follow people without asking for their approval . Also having selective sharing with ready to use circles. Great effort by Google.
So far, Google+ reminds me of the glory days of FriendFeed. Lots of smart, interesting people hanging out and a very responsive team of people listening and iterating quickly.
on point krose. now, bring on the friends and bring on the games like hanging with friends!
Google+ is all about giving +ToasterPup the platform he deserves to connect with other SF doggies.
+Ramesh raman I'm not sure that it is g+ that kills them...I think g+ is bringing together all of the Google products into a singular space and creating a Google experience...hence Google+ Just a thought.
Google+ has a lot of possibilities. It combines the best if everything in a clean easy to use package.. But at the same time brining more to the table. It offers both private and public uses. It can be facebook when you want to talk to friends and family, but then it can be twitter when you want to share something with the world..
One thing that really sets it apart (which a lot of people seem to be ignoring) is the hangout feature. imagine a public hang out with some tech industry big wigs.. It would be like quora and redits 'ask me anything' but much more personal..

Google+ can (and IMO will be) so much more than just a facebook+twitter mixture.
+Mykola Bilokonsky You can updated your email settings to avoid the issue you're having. "Comments on a post after I comment on it"
Feeling ssme as Kevin on msny points here... Interesting
It also makes me wonder what type of communications, socializing or sharing system we'll want (and see) in another couple of years.
My rule of thumb is that at any time I only have five (at most) sites that matter - Google+ is one of the first things since Twitter to really become one of my short list of must keep open sites (and with the integration into gmail & google reader which I already switch between I find myself switching between them in the same tab)
Twitter+LI+FB (but still need to check messages at Twitter+LI+FB :-( )
Nice summary, but you forget the most important factor that makes people come back to use social networking sites: people. Facebook did not get big because of its features or its design. To the contrary, it got big despite some flaws in privacy and how they were treating users.

People are the main reason people interact on the Internet. Shopping, reading, learning, all that happens too, but social interaction was the breakthrough of the Internet as a mass medium.

The reason why you wrote this post was, you wanted to express your opinion and see if you are getting any reactions. That is a human pattern, expression and curiosity. Of course you also want to learn by providing what you know or think about Google+, because through feedback you gain both, confirmation and inspiration. These are strong psychological drivers for human interaction.

Google+ was designed around human behavior patterns. It took learnings from previous social networking web applications, but it did not happen like an accident, like Facebook, which stumbled upon one behavior and built its entire existence on it (later on expanding it with features such as games and apps).

I think the most clever idea behind Google+ is that it's thought out as a modular set, not as one website only, the form we are experiencing it now. Social networking sites benefit greatly from their extensions, sharing options and commenting options outside the actual website. Interconnectivity between web services is a key factor for social success of a service like Google+, so as soon it is available for the public, I expect Google+ to be present virtually everywhere else outside the Google+ website.
You can always favorite tweets, bit not sure how Twitter/users utilize this feature. I definitely haven't noticed my tweets being marked as a favorite (possible that none have been) bit some friends have.

I do prefer the +1 terminology because in the world of Google it means far more than a like or favorite.
It feels like they finally took all of those things that bought and smooched them together! I love it!
Good points all. Twitter is still an ecosystem of its own IMO with its simplicity and 140 character limit. The like/plus aspect is a great point, however.
I don't think everyone will make "the move" as in stopping Facebook or Twitter and starting to use Google+ only. You don't stop being friends with one person because you have a new friend.
True true I wonder how this will impact the next droid gens that are yet to come out. I mean, if the traffic increases and the site improves will google integrate google+ in with the next droid OS ala iOS5's integration with twitter. It could end up that all the iPhone users will be using twitter and andriod users will be on google+ that could fit in nicely with bing and mircosoft's latest collaboration with facebook. By the end of this we could have software/social network war....for now lets sit back and watch my friends.
Agree! The +1 is a brill way to give props. Hey. If these hunches pan out and g+ activity replaces blogging, can we finally drop the word 'blog' from the lexicon? Please?
Kevin Rose is in uber inventive/analytical mode. Listening to him talk on diggnation and post this... he is definitely thinking his hardest on the next big thin. you'll find it soon kevin!
Plus a little bit of yammer
I really like the idea of using G+ as a blog. I'm just wndering how one could sort and save all posts. Having a sort of an archive just as on traditional blogs would be nice.
+Kevin Rose I'm waiting for search, especially filtering your search via a circle, but you know it's coming.

Still, doesn't plus have a whiff of pownce about it? Still miss it (excuse the pander)
+Kevin Rose
I think G+ is aiming about sorting (sources of) information rather than sorting one's personal social network. G+ is combining Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook with a micro blogging aspect.
It might be tricky to build up the user base again... but it seems to be much easier to actually follow all the information than in for example at the Facebook News Feed.
Sorting and displaying all the information will be a major topic in the upcoming years. I would go as far as predicting that the one who figures out a killer application to do so will be on the cover of a major magazine :)
+Yishai Kaminsky Wow. I'd not seen Takout before. This is much better than the piecemeal Data Liberation efforts. I got a singke 400mb file to download with data from my Google services (not all yet, but a good start). I'd love to see all my G+ content captured in one place for backup.
Completely agree on Sparks. Needs a lot of work. But imagine the huge potential of finding relevant content, experts and people you don't know around a specific interest. Then layer hangouts and to me its killer and would redefined what social networking means.
My only wish is that they keep the farmville, mafia wars BS out of here. 
Completely loving this, its a mesh of all the good stuff from each service. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Wordpress.... and on and on. Once this gets busy and the floodgates open up I can see a lot of these other sites start to lose memberships.
It's not the 'first effort.' [Buzz, Wave, profiles, Orkut, et cetera]
EDIT: you can edit much better and you aren't restricted to one-liners unless you know to press shift+enter.
Where is Reader fit in with this new Google universe? I'm interested because I love my Google Reader.
Well the fact that i didnt follow your blog, but it was so easy to find people like you on here that i couldnt help but follow, definitely shows that it's reaching a new audience, and helping us consolidate all our social interaction into one client rather than seven...thats good in my book!
I find it interesting that it looks like a facebook clone at first glance but as I get into it, Google+ turns out to be a twitter clone with facebook and tumblr features. It hasn't reached that level of usability as twitter yet but I am excited for Google+ for taking the best of each social media and creating something (sort of) new.

Now, as long as Google+ doesn't add any annoying facebook features such as liking pointless pages/phrases, poking, and third party apps, it can be a worthy facebook competitor and keep those annoying users away at the same time.
Maybe someone mentioned it already, but Twitter does already have a similar equivalent to +1/likes. Favorites. They aren't used effectively in the web interface, which is why so few think to use them. But entire communities have surfaced around "starring" (, which creates an interesting aggregate of the stars you receive), and a lot of the 3rd party apps like Tweetdeck will notify you when a tweet is starred.

That said, Facebook and + are far superior on the UI front in that regard.
If you had access to analytics Google+ could totally be a blog replacement.
Until more friends are able to get to G+, i'll still be using FB... Not that i'd have any hard feelings about ditching it asap.
Thanks for the insight +Kevin Rose! I have to agree, Google has made an excellent effort to combine attractive features in one neat package... Once the floodgates open, its going to be interesting to see the ripple effect... Can't wait! Cheers!
Isn't a Fav the Twitter analog for Facebook Likes and Google's +1's?
In theory, yes, Chris. But in practice few users see it that way.
It would also be nice to see the integration of Google Music within Google+
Can't wait to see morefeatures. Twill be great to see your +1's outside g+ show in stream.
I'm thankful for the ability to have a longer post. I miss that about, when people would actually write in depth about themselves or things they were working on. Facebook notes don't seem to really work the same way, because they get buried in the stream.
I think this post is great! Its almost expresses exactly how I feel about Google+, One problem that I just noticed from reading all these comments is. How do you collapse the comments after expanding it to read them all?
+Josh Hardenburg You're right, I can't find a collapse comments option anywhere. That's annoying.
Still new, but liking what you are putting down here Kevin. Hopefully I can be as enthusiastic as you after a little bit of usage on my part...
I expanded this to read some of the comments and now no luck collapsing. The chat messages also pop open when a new message comes in vs. just lighting up as they do in gmail. That being said, once more people are on here and the kinks get worked out - Google+ should be pretty spiffy.
All that's missing from Google+ is all my friends. I think once the majority of my social circles migrate over to Google+ I will then drop Facebook altogether.
Waiting to see whether they find a way to integrate Music Beta. If they can enable reasonable IP protection, yet allow people to DJ for one another, they've got a killer app right there.
I've made this comparison before, and I don't mean it unflatteringly, but every feature mentioned (and I agree with you) - was present in Friendfeed. Sorry. is present in Friendfeed. So, while Google+ may succeed where Friendfeed failed, it probably won't be for features.

As it is now, it "feels" a little bit like a mix of Twitter 2007 and Wave. New shiney, mixed with a really geeky and engaging core. However, we all know where Wave ended up; and Twitter, though still valuable, clearly lost its 2007 appeal with breaking social discovery through the #fixReplies saga and viewing Trending Topics as a business model rather than making it more interesting (such as Friendfeed's "popular among your friends", "popular today", etc.) and searchable.

Just my 2¢. And lest I sound like a "hater," I wish for all these services to do well. To me, it makes sense to have a place to go to engage with your geek friends, a place to go to read the thoughts of people who'll never talk back, a place to go to share pictures of your dog or cat with friends who you see everyday... To me, they should be able to co-exist, but so far (so far) it seems like most people want one place to go, maybe two.

As a sidenote, I originally posted this comment on a Shared version of this post. Little did I know that it doesn't work the way Facebook does, with one "true" post that all see. Instead, it forks. I thought it was a little odd that a post by +Kevin Rose would only have 2 other comments... but apparently, I'm still learning my way around Google+.
I think Twitter needs to worry, I just got in a few hours ago to take a peek not thinking I would ever use this, I like what I see. Now I need to get people I know to join.
-- Realtime data: Seeing comments appear Quora style (as they are happening) is fun -- couple that w/the lightweight feel of the UI and G+ feels a lot faster than the competition.

I absolutely agree with this. Actual speed is one thing, but G+ does a fantastic job of appearing lightning quick.
I'm not sure I'd call this Google's first effort. Buzz seemed intended to be a subset of what ended up being Google+. When Google+ rolls out to everyone, I think the Buzz branding will be quietly retired. At least they put forward a better effort this time, and they're rolling it out slow enough to incorporate feedback before it gets hammered by the blogosphere.
to me it's the control that allows you to actually set how you communicate with a set group of people. It's not too open or too closed. it's exactly how I decide it to be.
It's a bigger, badder, and lighter LiveJournal. Think about it. Long posts: check. Everything is editable: check. You can follow people without being "friends": check. The list goes on... and on.

Anyway, I say this because I do think G+ is essentially a blogging tool... with a side of social networking. I'm digging it.
If you are on the android device you get full comparability. Unfortunately for us iFanboys it wont be easy...
+adam coleridge - you make a great point. the relationship idea is more the best of twitter and fb. It has the lack of commitment of twitter but with the look/feel of fb.
I like the fact that it already uses the things I've +1'd. That makes it nice.
By forwarding your domain name, can we assume Google+ is now apart of your everyday life?
When is digg going to add the Google+ share button?
To me it is Linkedin and my blog rolled into an easier and more interactive form.

It is unique- and intelligent.
That's the connection we need, a link to LinkedIn
It fits somewhere between Ping, Tumblr for people who don't like the idea of blogging and another newfoundland where nerds can be influential and feel superior again. For a while at least, up until the moment when Gaga stomps into view and we can all go back to understanding the shape of the world.
Is it the new Pownce? ;-)
Well said! It's interesting to hear your thoughts on Google+. Looking forward to more posts from you on here...
Sparks has potential to be killer feature if really given extra thought...r u hearing google..
i agree blogs can be created if some more features are added..
Google + is all in one currently.
The combination of the circles feature along with the sparks feature seems to be whats reeling me in. I am pretty impressed so far. I love the ability to determine how I share my info and which groups I share it with.
So how is Google+ any different to FriendFeed?

Nobody seems to use that anymore. Will G+ go the same way
Marcus they said it on TWIT yesterday,what makes it different is that it's focused. It's not getting as many useless feeds that are cluttering up the screen. I've been wanting a filtered Social network for forever and Google+ is delivering.
Definitely agree re sparks - I can see the potential, it just needs polishing. I fired off some feedback yesterday, still waiting for googlegods to shower my ideas with praise... I'm patient.
Do u think Alex is gonna join? def would be like giving the finger to Facebook if he does, it would be interesting to hear soem thoughts during next weeks episode
I definatley never go or ever have been to your website, but I saw this post and I have known of you since you weren't even popular; a minion on ZDTV that was hardly ever exposed to the camera.
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