Where does Google+ fit in my life?

In order for a product to make its way into my everyday routine it either has to create a new addiction (eg. make every picture I take look awesome -- instagram) or offer an experience that is so much better than the competition that I make the switch (eg. My move from Friendster to MySpace to Facebook). So where does Google+ fit in? I'm not sure, but a few of the features having me coming back for more:

-- Feedback Loop: +1's next to everything give me a way to acknowledge others for their contributions, whether it be a great comment or post to the stream. Facebook offers this in the form of 'likes' but this is a key feature missing from Twitter. To give feedback on Twitter I need to retweet or reply, this requires a lot more thought than a simple +1 click.

-- Realtime data: Seeing comments appear Quora style (as they are happening) is fun -- couple that w/the lightweight feel of the UI and G+ feels a lot faster than the competition.

-- Incoming: This allows me to see all the post from people that are following me, for brands and Scoble (web celebs) this is a great way to interact w/your fan base without having to follow people you don't know.

-- Wait, this is a long post: Is this a blog replacement? What happened to 140 characters? This post will reach a wider audience than posting it on kevinrose.com, it also has the added benefit of social sharing built in from the ground floor (think Tumblr re-blog). I might replace my blog w/G+ if it bring more traffic and sharing.

-- Sparks: This needs a lot of work but could be a killer feature. I'm excited for the posibilites here.

... all that said, great first effort Google!
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