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benefit #2928 of working at +Google, two things on today's lunch menu:

"Very Very Slow Braised Beef with Stewed Tomato Herb Broth and Natural Braising Juices"

"Petaluma Farms Organic "Free to Run" Chicken with a Slight Hickory Smoke and Fresh Herbed California Olive Ranch Vinaigrette"
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apparently, the Petaluma chicken didn't run as freely (and fast) as it possibly wanted - haha ;)
Jesus, Anthony Bourdain should visit the Google canteen
Perk #2929 has then got to be the white tuna sashimi at Root Cafe today. Tough tough choices!
Kevin = 20+ pounds six months from now =)
Does Google hire nontechy people too? All this impromptu salivating has me contemplating a career change to janitor even...
Working for a decent tech company is great. Our lunch menu options today:
lemon pepper chicken breast with black and red quinoa
hearty beef stroganoff over herb buttered pasta with steamed vegetables
jumbo baked potato bar with all the trimmings
made to order risotto with choice of ingredients
egg flower soup

Sure beats the lunch offered everyday by my previous employer: vending machine snacks.
"Free to Run" Chicken from Petaluma? Must have been running away from +Leo Laporte
free to run until they caught it and killed it :D
I have figured out what you are working on. It's a top secret "Google Food" project.
BTW -- If you had anything to do with Kina Grannis's song on the G+ video ... THANK YOU! I learned about her on diggnation (gotta digg song) and see her in concert every chance I get!
Oh I am so jealous! Well not really, congrats Kevin, hard work pays off.
So, pot roast or BBQ chicken with dressing on the side? I think that's the same menu as my middle schooler.
Common Kevin, really? Don't kid yourself, that's just a trick to keep you within the compound and not wander off for that Big Mac you've been lusting after. :)
Not too "Free to Run", otherwise they would still be running, not on the menu.
Which perk resolves the commute back up to SF?
Oh wow! C'mon Goog, take over the world already - I'm waiting for you!
You should have gone to Facebook where Zuk kills your food...
That's one of the most ridiculous thing I've heard. I actually had the exactly same comment when I tried to send my iphone from Sydney to Auckland. Well, you can get it back if you are happy to pay service like fedex or ups. Good luck
.......and you get to read everyone's email, among other benefits..
Hey Kevin... pass the word along. Google needs to integrate a google music player into Google+ such that we can listen to our music while browsing Google+ and maybe even have group listening sessions where we can gather in a hangout or chat or something and all listen to the music one user is playing.
So it sounds like a very common benefit, Ive eaten at the Google Sydney office quite a few times and its 5Star +Kevin Rose
Jealous, here at IBM they also serve fish on a Monday, it's the same fish! :-S

Which is what you get from a catering company as tight as Compass.
Working +U-Haul Breakfast Specials: Individual Quiches $2.75 variety of homemade individual light and fluffy breakfast quiches Yogurt Parfait Bar $2.50 mix and match yogurts, fruits and granolas to create your own parfait. Lunch Specials: Green Chile Chicken Salad Sandwich/ Wrap available all week. our homemade light chicken salad with a southwestern twist of green chiles and chili powder. Homemade Soup: Arizona Black Bean slow cooked black beans with corn, tomatoes and peppers, southwestern seasoned. vegetarian. Homemade Soup: Greek Lemon Chicken a light chicken soup with orzo pasta, fresh spinach, and diced white meat chicken. Featuring: Apple Chicken Walnut Wrap $4.25 strips of white meat chicken with cool crisp apple wedges, chopped walnuts, spring mixed greens, gorgonzola cheese crumbles, drizzled with strawberry balsamic dressing and wrapped in a tortilla. Hawaiian BBQ Quesadilla with Slaw $4.25 slow roasted pork in a tangy bbq sauce pannini grilled on a whole wheat tortilla with low fat mozzarella cheese. served with homemade sweet hawaiian pineapple and ham creamy slaw. topped with crispy fried onions. Chef's Choice Steamed Vegetable $1.25 Grab N Go: Baked Potato $1.25 Jumbo baked potato, top with your favorites
You allowed to tell us what you are doing at Google yet Kevin?
Working at home breakfast specials: Whatever is in the house. :)
haha "Free to Run", but not "Free to Escape"
Enjoy Google. Just figured out why Google+ isn't as big as it could be. Nothing to really post your experiences from other than the computer. If only they would integrate with other apps that let you currently post to multiple social sites... I would have been using Google+ more. Something to tell the big heads about. ;-)
+Blair Slavin What do you mean nothing to post from other than the computer? I really like the mobile app. The "Nearby" feature is one of the best online social experiences.
yeah ... with facebook it is like you only grow your social network through your immediate and connected friends.. but with Google+ you get to meet all sorts of new people.
reason #2928 why I am envious of Kevin Rose.
I got a braised beef with you! DAMN YOU ROSE!!!!
i think my cousin joe is the head chef for google
It's all about the food isn't it Kevin! :0)
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