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ahhh technology...
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That's technology at it's finest. =]
Hey look, it's the dude from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!
I want his job..! lol well,at least with the woman's line of clothing
Um, interesting. I'm skeptical about how well it will be received for men though. :-)
i Cjay
I'm not peeling this crap of my junk +Kevin Rose no way.... 8P~~
So I can finally have spray-on-jeans for real?
spray on bandages sounds practical... not so much with clothing
This is what the FUTURE is going to look like, if the FUTURE sucks.
Combine that with a shower and it would make getting ready in the morning a whole lot easier.
I love that after playing the video, "Next up" was CSI:NY 4x01. The spray-on condom scene.
Cotton mixed with plastic and solvent. Couldn't be toxic, now could it?
+Steve Dondley Luckily, skin isn't porous and none of the chemicals would be absorbed into the skin. Er, wait...
I think it's amazing. He said you could have thick clothing made from it.
Imagine the possibilities in a survival situation. Or the medicated bandages.
Surely it doesn't need to be sprayed on bare skin? You could just spray on some extra layers if it got cold.
+Tymek Borowski Love Stanislaw Lem, and the brothers Strugatsky!
Reminds me of that movie 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' when the kid makes spray-on shoes that end up never coming off...haha
This sounds perfect.. for COSPLAY!
I saw the video and the only thing I wanted to know was: What kind of solvent? I'm guessing alcohol-based. Easily obtainable and evaporates.

One point though. I never saw anyone remove their clothes. Sounds like it's a one-time thing for now which would make it WAY less practical for clothes.
As you watch him spray that cotton stuff out and hear him talk about how it hardens into cloth... Am I the only one that is hearing the Spiderman theme?
Yeah, that's some beautiful, um, technology right there.
this is what folks in spaceships have been wearing. we're almost there
Impressive! And from a Portuguese guy! Great!
Why do I get the feeling that an emaciated Spiderman is locked in a dark room, in a warehouse, somewhere in the garment district?
hehe ... I can't help but chuckle... lab geeks get to see a woman naked. No wonder he invented it.
Spray on bandages sound especially exciting. They don't mention edible spray on clothing though I imagine that would be an easy addition.
I saw this when it was first posted last year. Wonder what became of it.
Damn it's good , i wanna spray my iPhone for a cover
Shouldn't she be wearing eye protection?
I'm wondering if this could be used for burn victims.
Funny that none of you asked this question yet....what about body hair? I bet that stuff would freaking hurt coming off, lol. Lucky for them they had models with no body hair to test on, but in the real world, there's body hair on people...sadly...a lot on some people...
ok when will i hear " Honeeeyyy, come help me spray on my clothes..."
Can you imagine a graffiti artist creating a giant fabric artwork using spray cans filled with that chemical. Genius. I would love to see that.
does this can make my ass look big?
It looks like it can be sidejacked into a web-shooter.
I imagine that in the future computers will apply these garments to humans directly.
Bit like the Knit-O-Matic from Wallace and Gromit "A Close Shave", just not as dangerous :)
hmmm, redissolves with the same solvent huh? I see a new use for water guns ;D
Interesting. I'd like to try it out somewhere sometime.  not mentioning on somewho! 
Did that father and son team that made the paste-socks invent this, too?

Damn, I watch way too many commercials...
I envisioned Tom Cruise using this in a Mission Impossible scene.
This is old, but none the less interesting. 
I see a niche market for this as a prank item at nudist colonies.
This has been around for latex clothing for quite some time
This solves the problem of the morbidly obese: finding a shirt that fits.
Very interesting ! I always learn everything ! Nice
It would certainly kill "the mood" if you get what I mean :) (Like how the heck do I get this off?)
Notice that none of the model had body hair.
Ouch. . yes. Not going to work for me.
Way too much work to put a shirt on.
wouldn't it be easier to just slip on a shirt?.. however the medical applications he mentioned... GENIUS
This will put the belt industry out of business!
how many times do I have to see this post. EVERYONE is sharing it.
dear god.... killer klowns from outer space is coming true!
It's about time tech served a useful and needed purpose...
Just more excuses for the scientists to get naked hotties in the lab.
Too bad they spelled Imperial "Colege" wrong in the credits
(Is anybody going to read this?)
When I saw this video last year I thought a spray on bandage would be the best application. You just need to add some antibiotics and poof, medical magic.
This is the same stuff the Ghostbusters sprayed in the Statue of Liberty when they wanted to get stuff done. What's new about this? Oh... it covers up girls. Okay, cool with me :).
All I have to say. "Sha bang bang!"... wait.. it's not edible?
oh wow this like 1 million internet years old...
You can already get pray on condoms!!
... fills water gun with spray on clothes solvent ... /mischievous_grin
I wonder if you can make a disappearing swimsuit out of this.
Why isn't the female model wearing eye protection?
I wonder if the material stuck to the guy's armpit hair? I can see people doing some strange things with this.
Pretty darn cool! I see this being a great help in medical. 
DAMNIT MUM......who put the PINK can next to the BLUE can? But seriously though, I can see this catching on...but only for slim people, anyone with some body fat to hide will HATE this.
Imagine the possibilities of creating living Muppets!!!!
Spray-on condoms could be fun.
Trying to get a sense for practicality. The technology certainly invites a lot of potential thought that didn't exist prior.
I wonder how this would work on hairy people. Taking off the piece of clothing could be as painful as removing a bandage!
Funny how the guy spraying it wears safety glasses but not the person been sprayed? Awesome idea though!
Hmmm. Don't really like the idea of wearing spray-on clothing... and the plastic component of the material doesn't sound comfortable. But definitely an interesting idea for other uses (band-aids, etc.) Thanks for sharing.
Bet those guys enjoyed spraying it on. Pervs.. lol
I saw this a while ago. It's pretty damn awesome.
Spray on clothing is only really cool if you have the body of a goddess.
The medical uses look cool. Course that is where the money is at.
Billy T
now let's invent spray-off clothing.
oh for that all you need is a bottle of the solvent
This spraying takes a long time...
Mat Lee
Rewind, let's watch in reverse!
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