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well... they keep it now.
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Perfect time to switch to GNex? </trollface>
what the? Apple is sending its first rounds of iPhone and iPads always by air.
It went over by air... (or by ship)
+Kevin Rose you can get your iphone if you could tell them to pack it and courier it and label it a refurbished phone. i know it cause i got one that way
Ah, I thought you already had a Nexus anyway! :0) It is a sign from the Google Gods that you must break with your Apple past and become fully integrated into the collective!
For some one as techy as Kevin, why he didn't notice he didn't have his phone in his hands, I woud never know.
Anyways, hope you get you phone back ASAP. :)
+Matt Roche NO Google Nexus Phone! My unlocked Google Nexus S got its update to ICS too late and with "late" i mean WEEKS after Google released ICS...
I can't believe you don't have friends there that can't fenagle something for you. (And yes... Go Android!)
Just have them drop it off at a Google office and let them figure it out.
Can't you find someone there who'd pickup the phone and then ship it to you on the downlow?
Uhm. That just sucks. But they are not allowed to send a phone b/c it has lithium inside? What's up with that? How are phone shipped to their selling location then?
Couldn't they pass it to an authorized apple retailer, and then that retailer send it to the U.S.?
lol its basically
Dear Kevin,
We got your shit and you can't do nothin' about it.
Warm Regards
What? Does lithium blow up or something? It is little things like this that make me hate all authority that tires to.......what is the use I am sorry for your loss........
Can they give it to someone that is heading back to SF?
Seems like a stupid regulation, after all, you carry the phone on a plane which travels by air, so the argument seems to be illogical. This seems more about how to get more money from someone, a kind of tax for losing something in their country.
Thought you were converting to Android anyway, tough way to do it but I think you'll live!
they're lying to can ship lithium batteries so long as you don't ship above a certain amount.
+Erick Ovando there are regulations for shipping products with Lithium Ion batteries in them. The sender just needs to declare that the phone has a lithium ion battery. The IATA has declared that the package have a label declaring it. Packing Instructions 965 shows a sample of the label. +Kevin Rose good luck getting it back.
+Kevin Rose You should tell the restaurant lady mama she can have it in exchange for her sweet potato recipe.
look for it on ebay in a few days. "official iphone once owned by kevin rose."
It has the lithium inside.
Seems legit.
I think you should keep in contact with them and when a friend is near there they can bring it with them back.
so how are the phones shipped here in the first place?! By pontoon boat???
we can carry them with us on our person but put it in a box and mail it is not OK? I am so confused........
Sorry, but...HAHAHAHAHA. That is insane! An excuse to buy a new phone.
They need to ship to you using HazMat packaging. Will cost them/you some more, but should deal with lithium battery issue.
I sure hope you being at Google means better Google apps for iOS. Most of them are shamefully bad. Makes Google look terrible IMO. I understand you want people on Android but first and foremost you want people using Google services.
Even if you can send a phone with Lithium in it, the battery terminals needs to be taped (electrical tape) separately wrapped and so on. Lots of lithium on a passenger plane yes, but not bunched together in an explodable volume. At most it'll burn the guy carrying it in cabin and not cause a chain event of burning devices. And no cargo hold because you can attend to a burning iphone in someone's pants and the plane is still safe, but imagine the entire cargo hold catching fire in the air with no access to the compartment while flying over the arctic pole. It's a USA regulation as much as Japan/International regulation by the way. Anyway, go Android!
I'm ready to go and pick it up for you. Just need a RT flight from PDX! ;)
Why not coming to The Next Web conference in Amsterdam next week? We were looking forward to you!
so it was against the law to bring it there...? O.o
They are part of the Google conspiracy to fully bring you into the fold ! LOL Now you have no iPhone.
I typically travel on airplanes in a pressurized cabin. Pressurization eliminates the issues (e.g. KABOOOM!) associated with low atmospheric pressure and lithium in a device where the battery is connected within the device during transport.

An example of an environment that has low atmospheric pressure is the environment a battery would experience during air shipment (as freight goes into a cargo hold that is not pressurized).

And now you know what those plastic tabs are for when you buy new electronics that have non-serviceable batteries.
Pretty sure that the law allows for shipping lithium Ion if it is sealed inside its device like in an iPhone, but what ev's.
all your phone are belong to us
they're probably just to cheap to send it by air. Costs them around $20-$30 to send it. Maybe offer to pay for the delivery.

Of course, if they aren't lying, then a removable battery would be ideal...

Note to Commentors: Android doesn't necessarily mean removable battery. The Xperia S doesn't have a removable battery. Just saying...
I am pretty sure when an iPhone is shipped from the factory direct to you they ship it by air, and that Lithium batteries have to be shipped half charged as discharging them fully damages them.
So get them to take the phone to the nearest Apple store and confirm the above, then ship that puppy (turned off) in a ziplock by fedex.
Kevin, I may be able to get a friend to bring it back from Japan when they fly over here. Let me know.
What do you mean they cannot send it to you. How do all the iPhones get to the US in the first place.
How does Toyota get the Prius to the States then? They have lithium batteries.
Maybe someone on will pick it up and ship it to you, all illegal like. That lithium man, it's scary stuff. Wouldn't want it in my pocket or my car or anything...
Translation: We found your phone, and one of the porters was the highest bidder. Thanks for the phone!
lol, WHAT?! They are made in China. How can China ship them here, but someone in Okinawa can't ship one? Have someone pick it up from the hotel, then let that person send it. I'm sure no one really checks that shit.
Thats bs I get shit shipped from hk and japan all the time. The last thing i bought was 10 litium battery packs, an it doesnt cost them nearly as much to ship from there to here as opposed to what they charge us to ship there. I believe china actually has a deal with the US where it only cost them a few cents to ship to the US
Just curious.. did you walk to get there in the first place or take your phone on the PLANE w you? :) So that I may better understand this .. if you take your phone on the plane with you that's all right, but they can't send it all by itself back home?? hmmm... something wrong here?
Translated: We arez hackin' your i phone thingee and quitting our day jobs.
But, didn't that lithium travel in your pants when you flew over there....?
do you know someone less concerned about legal niceties in the area who could pick up the phone and mail it to you?
Have a son who is a US Marine in Okinawa, could send him and his buddies over to get it :)
Ship it to a US air force base and then ship it to yourself
If they any photos of you left one the phone, I am sure they have been downloaded and photoshopped and you will be getting your blackmail email here real soon.
You had the galaxy nexus at the end of diggnation. You went back to iPhone?
Free iphone to first one to Okinawa :)
Tell sergie to pick it up while on his world tour
all your iphone are belong to us.
I'm coming back to SF at the end of June. 
USPS regulations for rechargeable lithium batteries

Secondary lithium-ion (rechargeable) cells and batteries are mailable via air or surface transportation when individual cells or batteries are mailed or when properly packed with or properly installed in the equipment they operate.

Japan, however, has much tighter regulations. They don't even allow you to mail watches with little lithium button cells on them. For shipment to the USA this normally wouldn't be a problem, but from Okinawa, international mail probably goes through Tokyo (via air) first.

I would imagine somebody at this Renaissance Okinawa Resort has friends among the large among military presence there. Pass the phone along to GI Joe and get him to mail the phone via APO at US rates.
lol yeah right they dont care just make sure you cancel it or you will be getting a big bill in the mail....
Call the local Renaissance in SFO and see if the General Manager can help out. Or possibly contact Marriott head office in Bethesda. I doubt they would want any bad press here in the US.
they maybe download can app english so better write recorspondence with.
iPhone has the lithium inside!
Take battery out nuff said two screws. Then send.
They can use FedEx or DHL in Japan.
That sounds like nonsense. They all come from China anyway. That hotel manager just wanted a new phone. 
He could've at least added another "Thank you very much" for the free phone you just gave him. Also, I'll bet this response is actually from "Peggy."
you had an iphone and work at google?!
don't know any friends is Japan? Have them pick it up and send it to you. ...or just get a Lumia 900 instead :) even Wozniak got one now.
I ran the email through Google's translator. It came back:
"Thank you for the free iPhone Mr. Rose!"
Have someone from one of the bases pick it up for you and send it through APO ;-)
I'm still stuck on them "regrading" your phone. They re-graded it from Grade A You to Grade B Them!
Wow Kev I guess now you need to upgrade to an Android phone, where do you work now, oh I remember... 'lost' your phone did you?
don't they ship iPhones all the time via air mail? I believe I got all my replacement phones by UPS, via the airplane. weirdos
As far as getting your phone back: a suggestion. If you don't know any military personnel there, Call Naval Base Okinawa and ask for the Base PRO (Public Relations Officer). Explain your situation to him/her. I betcha they'll dispatch a grunt to go collect the phone (don't forget to call the hotel and authorize pickup) and they'll mail it from base directly to you. Good luck!
I work with storage controllers that use lithium batteries, you can air freight a lion if it's not fully charged and it's sealed properly in a fire like context, so they're right there. But we can put faulty batteries on a boat to do FA regardless of their state.
If you need help, contact me, I work for an international logistics company, I can work worth my Japanese counterparts to pick up and get it to you.
+Kevin Rose Tell them to ship the phone back without the battery. It seems like the lithium battery is what the problem is.
Rene, how are they going to take the battery out of an Iphone?
My coworker is going to Okinawa next week. I can see if he will be in that area if you want him to try to ship it from Tokyo.
Doesn't Kevin have a Nexus now?
I am dying laughing reading this - "we keep it now." That is just so beautiful, even tho this is inconvenient for you.
i phone has the lithium inside. lol
wow dude, oh well get your self an android device. or gumstick up a phone from scratch ;)
At least it was a pleasant introduction to the email.
We trake your phone now meeeestrer Rose. Thank you wewy much!
lol. poor phone, poor kevin and poor english language
Sounds like a damn good reason to visit Okinawa again. Do it!
Wel that suxs, how do they explain people travelling on planes then?
but only in japan would a cab driver return a phone. happened to me once when i was living in tokyo and i thought it was just awesome!
The way I see it, the cab driver was kind enough to return the phone to the hotel, and the hotel was kind enough to tell +Kevin Rose that they have his phone, should he come back to Okinawa. It is not their obligation to return it. The shipping cost is probably more than the iPhone price.

Anyone who criticizes their English, try first to speak Japanese.
I agree with Andre, first off the Japanese are especially honest people. Had this been anywhere else, you'd be lucky if the cab driver returned it, let alone the hotel manager 'admitting' he has the phone and then offering his assistance. Obviously he's done some work to realize he can't send the phone over because it has a Lithium battery, this isn't something that would be considered common knowledge.

Secondly, the phones to the US are shipped from China not Japan, and what if the manager really wanted to phone, all he'd have to do is say he doesn't have it.

Finally, the English is funny. But then again, can you speak Japanese?
+Andre Sasongko the problem isn't with the shipping cost. The problem is that the phone contains lithium batteries. In order to ship it (a "dangerous" material) you need to provide a manifest explaining the various dangers (temperatures, pressures, etc) involved in transporting that specific combination of compounds as provided by the battery manufacturer. However, (as I've tried before) Apple refuses to provide such documentation, thus you simply are not allowed to ship it (by law)
I was in Japan and tried to ship a used iPhone back to Canada and ran into the exact same problem. There was no way for me to do it - so it had to wait until someone could take it with them on a flight. It was very frustrating. This manager should be commended for trying. Have someone go pick it up for you?
That's really funny. I find it odd how iPhones can be shipped through out the US but not internationally. Maybe they just really want to keep it! ha!
So how are the original phones shipped from China to US ?
Besides... for a few bucks more you can get someone who is over there and traveling to the states to bring it back for you.
This would be an awesome thing to go on about on a new episode of DiggNation... "hint, hint"
good news: They found your phone in Japan!
bad news: Is staying there.
Ill keep an eye on ebay for "supposedly" Kevin Rose iPhone selling
The best part is what bull that is. I sent an iPhone to Russia with no issues.
Just used FedEx they can ship it out. I did it but its a bit pricey.
Honest taxi driver, I'm impressed.
Nah ... let them keep it and upgrade to an Android phone :)
all your phone belong to them
well..that sucks.
international law hurts when it restricts something that we don't see as dangerous but they know can be used for horrible crimes.
But hey at least they wanted to really send it back even though they aren't allowed to cause of the laws.
You went to Oki??? I used to be stationed there when I was in the Marines im trying to find a way back ASAP. Next time you go there visit Yoshi Hachis restuarnt in Chatan. Best atmosphere /sushi/tea and saki on the island. If you go look real close at the pics on the wall you will be impressed.
P.S. if you take your old lady with you go to Cococs Spa.... Best experience of my life.(and yes it is pronounced Ko joke)Not to mention COCO Ichibana Curry place.
get the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from the manufacturer. worst case, get them to pull the data card and send it back to you.
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