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Toaster riding in the car
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he needs goggles if hes going to stick his head out ;-)
Now if those gas prices were sub $0.80 per gallon, it would be hard to tell that this picture was taken recently.
Great shot. "Did I not tell you I could drive?"
Nice. Generations now your dog will be admired, and people will freak out that gasoline was available to consumers.
Awesome dog! But in five years, you need to repost this picture so we can gawk at the incredibly low gas prices. ;)
I also didn't know there were "76" stations still ... all of them around the Midwest have closed or changed to a different brand.
+Kevin Rose is this "Google Toaster", the future cyborg dog by Google ? Look like real ;-)
With the old school 76 ball in the background, this could easily qualify for a pic snapped in the early 70's... Were it not for the $4 gas prices that is!
At first I though "wow what a cool vintage photograph!" and then I saw the gas prices....DOH - THEN I saw the comment above! ^^
Definitely proof that a picture is worth a thousand words . . .
+Rob Ostrander was thinking the same thing. I even thought it was because of the "76" ball. But again, saw the gas prices...
That is bad ass. If a little Instagram-y. ;)
Yeah So Cheap!!! (chicago here) :)
If that is cents per gallon, a little quick conversion makes them the sort of prices we'd kill for in Australia.
I feel blessed! In Dallas area $3.79-$3.99.
^^ Georgia is about the same.
over $7.00/gallon here in Tokyo
+Henry Wolf Don't they have high prices in Tokyo on purpose to keep the air clean?
What a cutie... :) (Gas prices aside)
have y'all tried pxlr-o-matic? to me it is even better than instagram.
Just showed this to The Girl, who went on about him for five minutes. I need to hold onto these things until I'm done with my web surfing so I don't lose my laptop for long stretches in the middle.
You'll look back and think... damn.. I only paid 4.04 a gallon back then. cute #hug
J More
oh man, your dog is adorable!
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