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Tech stock investors ... who are you shorting right now?
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$GRPN Lockup expiration is today, reports earnings on May 14th.
$AMZN Bearish structure
Nokia. Hugely undervalued, colossal patent portfolio, and positioning themselves to be swallowed up.
If I had to pick one.....AMZN
Why would you short a stock if you think it's undervalued and is a takeover target? Those are usually reasons to go long on a stock...
+Kevin Rose How about shaping up the Android G+ App.. Should take priority over anything for apple as Android belongs to Google and Apple wants to destroy Android.
Only speculators would go short. Investors always go long.
Imagine if you were short Barnes and Noble ($BKS) and woke up yesterday to see it up 98%. Granted it did go down a bit as the day went on but that would've been painful. The same could just as easily happen with $RIMM because there's naive private equity firms that believe its a turn around story. RIMM has patents, the BB network, and a dominant hold in certain markets. Together this may create a compelling story at current price levels.

You're most likely better off either staying in cash but I am in favor of going LONG $RAX (Rackspace) and $DDD (A 3d printing company). These two companies could do very well in the latter half of the year, though they've run a decent amount already. I really think rackspace could be a $100+ stock within a 12 - 18 month time frame. Maybe even sooner if they do well in earnings.

And by the way, if you just so happened to get any Washington Post shares recently, I'd dump them as soon as you can. Best of luck.
NTAP as a short, even though it gapped up a bit today, which I expected as a bounce off support. It came up on a stock screen I ran the other today.
I hate to say it but AMD. At least on paper Intel and ARM licensees are just killing them!
$GOOG if you don't hurry up with the API for G+. ;)
+Peter Chui AMZN is one of the only tech stocks I would not short. They run a huge part of the internet and do it well. Their investment into data centers is huge.
Apple. Apple without Steve is, Well.. Apple without Steve.
$AMZN has a p/e of 188. The fact that they "run a huge part of the internet and do it well" has already been priced in. They have zero margin for failure at this price point. They also just went up 17% after earnings. In the long run they can do very well but in the short run their stock is priced for absolute perfection. Could we go to 250? Maybe. But the risk / reward here doesn't warrant going long.
AAPL, after the next recovery. Stock should settle in the 550 range.
Has to be AAPL. For some reason they have become the wipping boy for the entire electronics industries issues. They are taking the kind of flak now Microsoft didn't have to endure till they had 90% market share. Combine that with the loss of Steve and, I think the outlook for them isn't good.
I remember Kevin saying he was shorting RIMM months ago on an episode of The Random Show. I thought it was brilliant then...wish I would've had my own money to do the same.
Apple may be a short target in a few years but if you do it now you're insane. The rate those guys are churning out iPhones and iPads is amazing. The Steve "DNA" will likely be upon products released for another 2 years so I wouldn't look for them to stumble.
This thread makes me wish that stocktwits supported google+. Once the API evolves, we should do it.
I'm currently not short anything, but its hard to ignore the lofty values of AMZN or LNKD. ERTS, NFLX and AAPL still have some downside possibly. Shorting RIMM <$15 is pretty risky.
+Kevin Jordan I agree with you that AMZN is a well run company and provide important services. To me, shorting a stock is a reflection of the perceived too high a valuation of the company rather than how well its run or its relative importance. Mr. Bezos rolls most/all of the earnings back into the company by adding more services/value which is great long term but that leaves profit margins in the low single digits and a p/e of 188 as +Rohit Jenveja mentioned. Unless you have a 20 year investment horizon on AMZN, like Mr. Bezos has, you're return on investment might not be worth the risk. At some point AMZN will get so big, it'll hit the same "law of large numbers" penalty box that Wall St put AAPL in and the p/e will adjust accordingly. Again, its not AMZN (or AAPL, which I think are both great companies), but Wall St's perception, right or wrong. Unfortunately, they have the big ($$) stick and can move the stock price at will (illogically it seems at times).
As far as AMZN is concerned, I just cant imagine betting against Jeff Bezos. That seems like a recipe for pain in my opinion. Nobody saw the ebook market becoming what it is today back when he debuted the kindle in 2007.
I would short Facebook, but it's not public yet.
Last comment: in general, I like companies where their cofounders stick around and clearly have several grand slams. Jeff bezos is one of them; Howard Shultz is another; even Elon musk is doing it well. There are exceptions to the rule (like andrew mason) but its a good rule to stick by when choosing what to short over a period of time. In the case of rimm, one could have used the opportunity when founders resigned to initiate a short but the boat may have passed on that one.
RIMM and NOK, another one it could ge Groupon.
I really can not understand people that is saying to Short AAPL, do you know what are you talking about? We are talking about the biggest company, that is growing EPS at 90% and that has in the balance sheet 110 B in cash... And they are going to release the iphone 5 and the iTv this year.. They already built and ecosystem that it is going to be very difficult to compete, you can check the new developers project and 70 % belong to Apple...The Ecosystem continue growing...
Groupon, apple(not yet but will be), fb, zynga(not because of earning because all early investor are dumbing the stock), Long Goog, amzn, rackspace,
Why I disagree with most of the posters on here about FB. I love how Zuckerberg handled the Instagram purchase. I do not find FB compelling as a product or as a software delivery platform. What I do find compelling is a smart CEO who is willing to go out and purchase an above performing company without seeking advice from the board before doing so. The story of silicon valley is the story of smart, driven, sometimes morally suspect individuals succeeding through a manic work ethic and a singular vision, I think Zuckerberg fits this description and that if there is a way for FB to succeed he will find it or kill himself trying.
P which is Pandora. This business model can easily be duplicated.
You mean besides RIM for the last two years? Google...just kidding.
SHLD is the hottest stock right now! It's totally what's hot right now :)
Smart money has been shorting $AAPL - Especially if it dips under the 50day ma today on the bad jobs report. Could easily fill the gap down to pre-earnings levels (560)
I wouldn't want to be caught holding a short position on $AAPL this fall.
iPhone 5 and iPanel (iTV) that combo is a deadly short squeeze. 
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