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Bravo! Keeping it simple and focusing on core products, love to see companies doing this.
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Didn't even know Jaiku was still around.
Hmmm. Code Search was handy, but I'm probably in the minority for thinking that. Some of those were definitely dead weight.

Anyone still on Google Wave? ;)
hahaha... man. Google Wave. That was the biggest non-event in the history of the internet.
January 15, 2012 is the magic date.
If only Microsoft did this with Windows decades ago...
+Eric Lortie Code Search was very handy for digging up old revisions of code or quickly tracking down the source of random error messages. I'll miss it.
Brazil would invade Mountain View if Orkut shut its doors.
Orkut is not used anymore in latin american countries not even brazil
Thank you for pointing this out in a positive light.
There was talk of killing Google Translate too but I still it around. Did Google change it's mind about it? Just curious.
+Homer Gaines With all the functionality they just added to Translate (and with how simply cool it is), I certainly hope they keep it around.
Maybe they are not simplifying but making room for more new projects. Although if they did decide to start focusing more on their core products that would certainly be a smart move.
I don't think they'll axe Translate. This technology is extremely important for machine learning and is especially important in mobile.
I used google health, and I'm rather disappointed that it will be shut down.
"I gave you life. It is on me to take it away from you" (c) Taras Bulba and Google
Its good to see they're going to trim some of the products and focus more on the game changers 
I hope they change their mind on code search. I use it nearly daily and i know a lot of other developers do as well. Losing it will be a huge loss.
Do you think Google+ will be made available for people 13+ before Buzz is closed? I have a lot of friends who use Buzz because they can't get on G+ due to the 18+ age restriction. They were pretty unhappy when I told them Buzz was going to be shut down...
Keep it lean, Google! Those services all sucked anyway.
It seems like Google does this a lot, and adds the best of the features to their other products. Remember when Wave got shut down, and Docs got real time collaboration?
Code Search? I'm not feeling "googly" anymore.
+Danny Peck Google labs did not suck. It was like their playground where they could try out cool stuff. Not many companies have this. Actually, I can't think of any.
google labs made me believe that google was a hip company who welcomed new what should I think?
Google should acquire Wolfram Alpha.
tough choice Buzz is a bad move. We should keep code search
I uses it really useful.
I mean, they did give us google maps and google earth...
I can't figure out why Buzz stayed around as long as it did. Considering it messed with Gmail and was a pain to disable. In fact after G+ started and you disabled Buzz you also disabled G+.
I disabled Buzz like a day after it was introduced and it hasn't affected my G+
Yes, I agree! but killing google labs? that's heartbreaking.
While I agree with your sentiment “Keeping it simple and focusing on core products”, a part of me is uncomfortable by what I see as “slash and burn” tactics through the product portfolio…

I am a Google fan boy and it is their creativity that truly inspires and fascinates me… what does this slash/burn mean for their creativity?

I know we all hope the goal is to focus on mainstream products, but Google isn’t/wasn’t mainstream… What does this mean for the next “gmail”, the next “google doc” or the next gears?
+Michael Pepin But admitting when you had a good run and shutting down is good too. "Fail fast" and try again. Hopefully anything mildly useful will find its way back in another form.
Agree! I saw the lure of the google buzz thing when they started it, but the whole area keeps getting more and more saturated. I like what they are doing with google+ and their search has been the best since infoseek ( o0 ). Keep it simple and prosper Google! Befriend the competition!
Never a bad thing when a company is willing to cut funding to services that nobody either a) uses or b) knows about.
Glad they're keeping iGoogle. I think it is a nice way to have RSS feeds available everywhere.
That's a bummer about Google Code Search. Sometimes it's nice to see how people used less document APIs. 
Great. Finally google is putting buzz to sleep.
I'm muting this post on the account that your aspect ratio on the post picture offends me.
Who gives a fuck what Kevin rose thinks? 
I hope there will be some special parameter in regular search to limit results to source code.
It's awesome when a company tries to streamline it services. But I hope to some of these axed services appear in other aspect of google.
Google+ is doing better then Buzz ever did.
+Daniel Roa Obvious troll is ... obvious. Google wouldn't put all their eggs into an integrated service if they plan to shut it down soon.
google please allow the old usenet (groups) to become what they once were
In the beginning before G+ you could do it. But after G+ started there where several people I know that disabled Buzz and in doing so disabled their G+ account.
Why are they not killing Orkut?
I have already started mapping my future, as far, as going ahead and staying with And, yes, I made the decision after hearing the sad news about Google Buzz. I mean this was the best tool for the public to use against all that is Wrong in the world. DUMB MOVE GOOGLE! YOU NOT ONLY DROPPING THE BALL, UR QUITTING TOO! U QUIT, SO I QUIT. i need Google acct for my HTC. But, the will be away out of that soon, too. We are witnessing the dis-assembly of Google. o'well Facebook has rank anywayz!
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