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My cloud:
-- Evernote: Scanned documents
-- Dropbox: Photoshop files, pictures, misc.
-- .Me: Preference and contact syncing between devices
-- Amazon Music: Music storage and streaming
-- Gmail: Electronic mail
-- Google Docs: Misc docs and spreadsheets
-- Instagram: Daily pics

What do you use?
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Dropbox can use your files as they wish dude
That about covers it! Dropbox rocks. Hey is there a way to have Twitter stream to my G+?
-- Evernote: Scanned documents
-- Dropbox: Photoshop files, pictures, misc.
-- .Me: Preference and contact syncing between devices
-- Amazon Music: Music storage and streaming
-- Gmail: Electronic mail
-- Google Docs: Misc docs and spreadsheets
-- Instagram: Daily pics
Do you actually Scan documents, or you just shot pictures of them?
Same..but I am using Google Music
iTunes over Amazon for music, but for streaming i've started to use Google music. Everything else is pretty much the same
Almost the same, except Picasa for pictures, and I don't bother with music storage. Ten bucks a month for Sony's Music Unlimited!
Thanks for the list.
Pretty much the same except .Me , still use Exchange for that.
don´t you wish to have it all in one service?
Google Music
Google Docs
Google+ for pictures. Why use instagram?
Wuala has some advantages over Drop Box -- security, for one.
Dropbox + 1password sync
.me email/contacts/calendar
Gmail 2nd email
Google Music for Music
Dropbox for documents
Springpad for notes
Gmail for email
k rose on mobileme! im not the only one!
Gmail, google music, dropbox, google docs
Evernote for clips
Google Music Beta
Google Docs
Dropbox the rest
Man, I still have all my stuff on a 128MB Pikachu flash drive.
Spotify for music, the rest is the same :)
what will you do when there is no wifi or 3G connection?
Google Docs: Shared Documents
Gmail: email and contacts
Google Music Beta: music
Dailybooth/twitpic: social picture aggrigation
youtube: Vlog\video sharing
I live in Google now, with a bit of dropbox now.
If you keep contacts in MobileMe, how do you keep those in sync with Gmail? I'm thinking about switching contacts to iCloud when it launches but its that Email/Contact disconnect that I can't suss out.
Jungledisk: misc
Smugmug: pictures
Gmail: email
Google docs: text
Google Docs, Gmail, Instagram, Picasa, Flikr, Spotify
My Google Contacts are my end all contacts. Syncs everywhere.
facebook and/or google+ for socializing, human contact, friendship, etc.
Evernote.. Google Music .. Picasa .. Dropbox.. GDocs
All those but the .Me and Instagram.
Dropbox: audiofiles for my podcast
Gmail: 8 accounts
Instagram: Social Pics
Grooveshark: Music
holy frak, it's amazing watching the replies stream in . . . when Kevin talks, everyone listens I guess - the internet generation's E.F.Hutton :)
Evernote, Gmail, Dropbox, and Audible. Those are my dailies now besides Twitter/Facebook/Google+ now.
SoundCloud...a must-have tool for voice over talent
MS Skydrive 25 Gigs of storage for free, uh-huh
I've moved to Springpad for notetaking, and reminders. Not so great for scanned docs though.
holy crap thats a lot of responses in like 2 seconds
How much will iCloud change this for you?
Evernote for scanned doc
Dropbox for misc
Instagram for posting pics to FB, Twitter, everything!
Google Docs for work documents
Patiently waiting for iCloud and iTunes Match
Evernote: Sketching ideas, recepts and business stuff documents
Flickr: Personal Photos
Amazon Music: Music streaming (thinking of switching to Google Music)
Amazon VOD/Streaming: Movies, TV shows, Streaming
Netflix (ocassionally): Mostly for old shows
Google contacts: To end all syncing of contacts w/ Android phone it's the end.
Gmail: email
Dropbox: ebooks, sync between devices
Google Docs: notes, spreadsheets, forms
Picasaweb/+: photo sync
ssh: irc
ShiftEdit: quick html tweeks
That shows true power and performance of google+!!
Google Storage for Developers
- Evernote/Springpad: Scanned documents
-- Dropbox: Photoshop files, pictures, misc.
-- Google: Preference and contact syncing between devices
-- Google Music/Amazon Music: Music storage and streaming
-- Gmail: Electronic mail
-- Google Docs: Misc docs and spreadsheets
-- Picasa: Daily pics

My problem is I like to use/test all of them. I will see using more Google cloud then any other.
Just gmail and instagram, my flickr cant connect anymore and yahoo didnt want to help so just forget flickr and use instagram
don't forget GOOGLE VOICE for telephony.
Spotify - music
Remember The Milk - tasks
Google Calendar
Safari Books Online - tech books
Flickr - photos
guuuaaau fast update comments on this post! congrats google+ for this feature updated at real time, and congrats +Kevin Rose +20 comments 2 minutes
Dropbox: personal and project files
Gmail: e-mail
Instagram: random pics
Steam cloud & PSN Cloud: PC & PS3 game saves (when applicable)
This is like a Twitter chat on steroids. It's amazing to see the speed of responses!
Backup: SpiderOak
Email: Google
Everything Else: Virtually Dedicated (Virtual Private Server)
Gmail - email
Rdio - music
Pandora - music
Dropbox - todolist / doc storage
Instagram - photo sharing
Evernote for saving recipes, gmail, Dropbox 
Evernote, Dropbox, GDocs, GReader, Gmail, Xmarks, Lastpass
wow, this is slamming my inbox with notifications
Ubuntu One and Google (Mail, Contacts, Tasks, Docs, Calendar, Reader, Voice, Blogger, Finance, Picasa, Music Beta...)
audiogalaxy for music streaming
Cloud schmoud. They're still just SERVERS.
Jungledisk for secure backups and file sharing
Horde for PIM + multiple device sync
Tons of Open Source SaaS solutions for BPM, PM, DMS, CMS, etc
Amazon S3 (w/JungleDisk): personal files, photos, backup bookmarks
Dropbox: everything!
Gmail: email
Google Calendar: scheduling and events
Instagram: Daily pics
Picasa: photo sharing
Pandora: music (home and car)
Dropbox - pdfs/files
Gmail - mail
Flickr - Photos
Evernote - configs/shopping lists
Google Bookmarks
VPN for everything else
All these posts are going to my phone, how do I opt out!?
I use dropbox for quite a bit of stuff and Carbonite for backup but, I like to have stuff local.
This could serve as stress testing for Google+ lol. I prefer AmazonCloudPlayer for music and Google Apps for just about everything else. Dropbox as well.
Subsonic for music streaming. I don't have to rely on some other company to upload or 'match' my music. Just stream it from home. It also handles video and has a GREAT android app.
Google music beta
quick office/open office
Same except for .me, where I use Google Sync/Contacts/Calendar, and Google Music instead of Amazon. Pics I use Flickr, but will probably switch to Picasa I suppose soon?
GrooveShark on the desktop with playlists syncd to TinyShark on my Android device...
Dropbox, Yahoo! Mail, Google Docs, Instapaper, Diigo, Flickr, Google Reader
+Kevin Rose No other app's? Or are you just going all in with the cloud? If so good luck to you!
A wind up telephone, post office box, CB radio and a black and white TV. Technology. Phtooiee!
I think Kevin's email just exploded. What would we have done before Gmail and their conversation groupings for email?
If you don't have Wi-Fi access, you're screwed ;)
Dropbox, MobileMe, rdio, google docs, instagram
Evernote, Dropbox, Amazon Music, Zumodrive, Sugarsync, Google Docs, Lastpass, Xmarks, gmail, flickr, picasa, picplz, and more... Too many, probably. I need to streamline some. ;)
Google Music Beta (Works great in Canada as opposed to Amazon Music)
dropped flickr in favor of picasa/g+
Simplenote/Notational Velocity for todo and shopping lists.
Ryan T
Evernote, Flickr, Gmail, 500px,, Pandora
Read it Later, Google mail, Google docs, Google contacts (for syncing), Picasa (for photos), Google Music, and Lastpass
1) Dropbox
2) Google Sync (mail, calendar, et al)
3) Evernote
4) Pandora
5) Instagram
6) Chrome Sync
7) Twitter (if that counts)
8) iCloud (whenever it ships)
Dropbox, yousendit, audiogalaxy for music
My cloud:
-- Evernote: Scanned documents
-- Dropbox: file, misc.
-- .Me: Preference and contact syncing between devices
-- Pandora: Music streaming
-- XM/Sirius: Music streaming
-- Gmail: Electronic mail
-- Google Docs: Misc docs and spreadsheets
-- Instagram: Daily pics
-- Instapaper: to read webpages later
-- Square: to accept CC transactions
-- Photo Sharing: flickr, 500px, Zenfolio
-- Google Voice
Dropbox, gmail, gdocs, grooveshark, gcalendar
1) gmail
2) google +
3) google reader
4) Dropbox ( but planing to move)
- Dropbox: All Files
- Gmail: Mail, Google Docs, Calendar
- PogoPlug: Access to computer from anywhere
- Rdio: Music
.me/Gmail for e-mail/Calendar
Google Docs for documents
Evernote/Dropbox for web clipping and sharing between machines
Xmarks-for bookmark management between machines/browsers
Kindle/Kobo-for ebooks between devices
Wuala - files, etc
Lastpass - passwords
Picasa - pictures
Google Docs
Evernote is very very useful, syncs to everything, and easy to use.
Springpad - Notes, bookmarks
Gmail - Mail
Google Docs/Office - docs and such
Itunes/Amazon - music
+Colin Cornwall the Evernote feature that sold me was the fact that I can take a photo of a business card with my iPhone and attach it to the note and then search my Evernote notebook and the OCR that is built in will highlight the text on the photo of the business card.
I'm trying to use programs that store BOTH in the cloud and locally. So far using a MAC, I use:

Apple Mail - IMAP to GMail (mail cached locally)
Evernote - Local Copy of DB
Apple Address Book - syncs to Google Contacts
Skype - has access to Apple Address Book
Dropbox - For all locally edited Documents
Google Music - syncs iTunes folder
Xmarks - Bookmarks, Local and Cloud
LastPass - works when Net is off

All of these store BOTH locally and in the cloud. I've got more to check out, but if the Internet is out, I still have access to my stuff. The best of both worlds.
+1 over dropbox. I love the functionality of embedding documents and files from to a webpage. When google docs become more embedable I may likely abandon and dropbox and just use google docs all of the time.
I use the following:
-- Evernote: Scanned documents
-- Dropbox: Photoshop files, pictures, misc.
-- Amazon Music: Music storage and streaming
-- Gmail: Electronic mail
-- Google Docs: Misc docs and spreadsheets
I must be the only one using Springpad. Works well from my netbook and G1.
Reqall - awesome voice transcription & to-do lists while on the go!
Fever - Best combo mobile reader & personalized RSS feed curator
Last.FM - music sharing & tracking across many devices
Mint - cloud money management
Boxcar - iOS Notifications. Until iOS 5.
Google Mail, Calendar, Docs, Music, Reader
Endomondo for sports 
David H
Almost the same, minus .Me and Instagram.
Marty's cloud:
-- Evernote: web clips, travel itineraries, blog post ideas
-- Dropbox: PDF, story drafts (Word docs), pictures, misc.
-- MobileMe: Contact syncing between devices, iDisk uploading and sharing video footage and other filmmaking data
-- Amazon Music: whatever music I buy from Amazon
-- Google Music: misc MP3s (b-sides and odd singles)
-- Sirius/XM: Mac, iPhone, iPad
-- Gmail: Electronic mail
-- Google Docs: Misc docs and spreadsheets
-- Flickr: most photos I take
-- WordPress: iPhone, iPad blog post editing
-- Spanning Sync: Google Calendar syncing from iCal local

I've barely joined Instagram, so not in the habit of using it yet.
Still haven't embraced Google Docs yet. All Word 2011 and Pages (Mac and iPad). Someday, but not yet.
Evernote: Consider it my 'personal database' Scan and clip everything
Dropbox: Misc files I might want access to from home/work/mobile
Google Music: Have everything uploaded to it
Amazon Music: Sort of a backup to Google Music
Gmail: email
Flickr: Images (not used much)
SmugMug Pro: Keep all my primary auto and racing images here
Carbonite: 1TB backup of my entire system and 'archive' drive(s)
Google Mail (except I use it with Sparrow), Calendar and Docs - exploring music
Podio - team collaboration
Read It Later

And soon, to replace Evernote, Catch, Springpad, all the other stuff I've tried, my startup Fetchnotes =)
Remember the Milk for tasks.. the web version and Android app sync nicely. The rest is pretty close to what you have.
Google Sync (calendar & contacts)
SugarSync (& dropbox for passing around webinar recordings at work)
Google Reader
B&N Reader
Google Books (for books not available on b&n)
Amazon Cloud Player
Google Music
ZumoCast /Stream to Me/ Remote Potato / Air Video ( streaming video from HTPC. Each app has differnt strengths)
Zinio (magazines on iOS & Android. Been moving to B&N though)
My Movies
Amazon VoD

I added some randoms here, but I use them a fair amount, Amazed at The size of my list.
If only google and/or amazon would make their players available for Australia. And I don't think apple music will get here either (quickly) because of local label deals. #cantwaitthough

Used to have all my photos on Flickr. Now gradually moving them to Picasa. Picasa uploader is so much easier, plus it integrates with my Android better.

I also use Google Reader, Evernote, and a bunch of other services. Whatever provides an RSS feed - I pass it through feed2twitter. Twitter is the glue of my online life. I then publish an automatic daily digest of my tweets to my blog (via Twitter Tools plugin for WordPress). That works as a summary and as a backup of sorts.
I really want to read these comments, but I know if I expand them, I wont be able to collapse them :(
Google (Gmail, Voice, Docs, Contacts, Calendar, Sync, Bookmarks, Maps, Google+)
Mint.Com, Yodlee
Amazon Cloud Drive
Wordpress (various blogs)

I used to use Twitter a lot but no longer do.
And suddenly all be dead with ... iCloud ??
Google Docs: Online Documents
DropBox: Photoshop files, pics, music, misc files etc....
SugarSync: Work related files
Gmail: all my email as well as contacts (have a variety account synced)
Picasa: Photo Albums and daily pics
I use poisonpenis for pretty much everything.
I can't use Amazon, so I use Spotify or Musicuo. To play, I love Steam.
Google Docs
Evernote + MyFax
Xmarks to sync across browsers (Safari, firefox, Chrome)
SomaFM + Pandora +
Instagram + Instadesk (Flickr)
Google Reader
Notational Velocity + Simple Note
dropbox is great for music too, using the boxytunes iphone app.
Where do you see google+ fitting into all of that?
Dropbox: Docs backup, misc
Gmail / Calendar: Multiple accounts, centrally accessed
Google Music: Streaming, universal access to my music collection.
Google Apps: Business productivity
Picasa / Flickr Photo Storage
A-Drive: 50gb free Storage, I use it for all kinds of things.
Panda Pro Cloud Anti Virus, Cloud based real time anti virus / malware
Just started using google music, almost done uploading now. The only downside I see to it is no airplay support. That's really why i keep all my current music in itunes now!
Wunderlist - all list related activities
Dropbox - Sharing between clients and co-workers
Gmail - mail
GCal - Calendar
GDocs - Dox
Picasa/Imgur - photos
Google- Secondary Music Storage and Streaming
Google: contacts, calendar, music
Dropbox: files and documents 
Google apps (for my custom domain email),
Grooveshark for music,
Last Pass to store passwords
My Cloud
--Evernote: Recipies
--Dropbox: Graphic Proofs and Documents, apks
--Google Music: My whole music collection
---Gmail: Best email client period
---Google Photos: Instant Uploads
---HBOGO: Entourage catch up
Same except Google Music instead of Amazon - but since they switched to unlimited, might use both....
Chris S
I really hope iCloud will replace some of the other sites I use
Me - sync of prefs, contacts, bookmarks
Google Apps - custom domain email and docs
Google Music
Evernote - Work files and stuff to remember
Evernote - notes on the fly
Dropbox - misc photos, videos and pdfs
Google - mail, contacts, calendars, photos, music, docs, all seamlessly synced to my Droid, windows and macbook pro
lastpass - passwords
Dropbox : schoolwork
Subsonic : music
Some google docs
Google Docs
Amazon Music
Google Voice
Evernote - My memory for everything I always forget
Gmail - Mail
Spotify Premium - Music
Google Calendar - All my planning with multiple shared calendars with the rest of the family
Picasa, Blogger - gonna start using these two and looking for a Dropbox alternative
In theory we should be using Flickr instead of Dropbox for storing photos, but Flickr seems more volatile. I love Dropbox for everything else.
Drop .me and switch instagram for posterous
Zenbe list

Does Wuala have offline access on iOS? 
Ubuntu One, don't use mac or windows and it's free. Love linux so so much
My cloud:
-- Evernote: Scanned documents
-- Dropbox: large files, pictures, misc.
-- Gmail: Preference and contact syncing between devices and Electronic mail
-- Google Docs: Misc docs and spreadsheets
-- Photoshop Express app: Daily pics (I am waiting for Instagram for Android)
-- Main photos: Google Photos (Picasa)
Storing files: google docs / dropbox
communication: google voice, gmail, google +, and facebook
pictures: dropbox, facebook, google+/picasa

Best part is all this works with my Android phone and Google Chrome which runs on all the machines I touch.
Same list except no Amazon Music and I use LastPass for all my password/access management (which is fantastic!!)
Wuala, because it's encrypted first at the client end, and if you have computers on all the time, you can share your own storage to the cloud and get space for free. I have about 250 GB of free storage at this point...
Google Docs
Same exact list as you Kevin except I also use Evernote to make to-do lists and take notes in meetings.
And I have to add Instapaper for later reads I want to keep for a while... I usually delete Evernote reads quickly, unless they are for research.
Pretty much the same, but I don't use evernote. 
Oh yeah, Skitch for screenshots. Skitch rocks.
My cloud:
-- Amazon Cloud Player: Music storage and streaming
-- Evernote: organizing, todo lists, brain dump, & collect design inspiration as well as some reference files that might go away or change
-- Delicious Bookmarks: bookmarks of everything plus notes on software and plugins
-- Dropbox: all working files
-- Freshbooks: time tracking & invoicing
-- Google Apps: Email, Calendar
-- Gmail: beta stuff like Google+ and my gReader is still assoc w/ this account
-- Lastpass: secure password storage and sharing
-- Netflix, Hulu, Kindle: not exactly cloud storage but I own and store less stuff as a result of these. Pandora,, grooveshark, songza and about a dozen others music sites fit with this as well.
-- Pinterest: style and home inspiration photos plus some others
Google docs, SpringPad (Vs Evernote), Google Voice, Gmail (corporate too, at least for now), Picasa, G iCal, Netflix, and yes - (for complaining...that's mine).
MY Cloud:
-- Evernote: note in general
-- Dropbox: misc.
-- .Me: For resume
-- Grooveshark - music
-- Gmail: Electronic mail
-- Google Docs: Misc docs and spreadsheets
-- Instagram: Daily pics
My Cloud:
-Rdio: Music streaming
-Pandora: Random music
-Netflix/Hulu Plus/Vudu: Movies/TV Shows
-Google Apps: Gmail/Google Docs/Calendar/Google Voice
-Evernote: Clippings/notes/etc
-Flickr: Photos (hopefully iCloud will replace this)

Boxee Box/XBox 360: Consume Netflix, Hulu +, local media, music services
Evernote - notes
Dropbox - mainly used for pictures and coursework
Carbonite - remote backup but also gives me total access to all of my music stored on my Mac
MobileMe - (yea...) have about 10gb of music sitting on iDisk but used for email and syncing calendar, contacts etc
Amazon CloudDrive - music I purchased is on here, nothing else. (11 albums)
Gmail - email
Pandora - music (I like Rdio but prefer custom stations to playlists)
SkyDrive/Google Docs - scanned and other docs
Google Sync (free Exchange service) - syncing gmail
MS Exchange - syncing office mail
Pandora - music
Picasa Web - photos
- Dropbox is dead to me. I use Strongspace for all document storage and I have S3 for a backup.
- MobileMe/iCloud for all mail, calendar, computer syncing & iTunes Match for music when it arrives.
- I basically have nothing of value store on my boot drive that I don't have in the cloud or on an external drive & a Drobo. Need to reinstall OS X? No sweat. I'm up and running in about 20-30 minutes. Heavy app installs (i.e. FCPX suite) are easy now thanks to Mac App Store.
Springpad for notes, bookmarks, recipes, web clips, task planning
Dropbox for backups, folder share, easy file transfer to phone
Google Docs day to day docs and spreadsheets, collaboration
Gmail for email, contacts, next actions
Google+ Picasa for photos
Google Calendar for multiple calendars
Google Music for music storing and streaming
evernote, dropbox, rdio (until recently), gmail, gdocs, picasa, posterous for daily pics repository.
EVERNOTE! .me and dropbox
SugarSync for files, I like syncing whichever folders I want
Picasa for photos
SpringPad has become an Evernote replacement for me, mostly because it's pretty consistent across platforms.
Just today, I was looking for a centralized (self-hosted, maybe FTP-based) solution. Maybe an interesting idea: people would be able to install it server-side / on clients, and expand with modules, with results similar to the above. Modules could be opt-open source. Bandwidth would be cheaper. And, yes, a de-scattering wouldn't hurt.
+Kevin Rose What's the iCloud/Lion equivalent of the iDisk? Is there anything in the beta you installed? I used iDisk ALL the time to send large files between clients, so I'm freaking out a replacement hasn't been mentioned.
nobody using facebook for important and confidential conversations??
all of the above - especially dropbox (author review docs) and Google docs (almost everything I work on) and I think you have to consider photo sites - like flickr and picassa and what about youtube? Just about everything is "cloud" in a way.
I use much of that as well, but I also use MobileMe Gallery for 'cloud' photos. Great web site and apps on iOS. Sad that iCloud is going to be the end of this 'cloud' app from Apple.
-dropbox for file shairing
-Windows Live file storage
-Gmail & Google Docs & music & Picassa
-Catch for notes

I've fallen head over heels in love with JungleDisk.
Evernote/Gmail/Dropbox (but thinking about switching back to Sugarsync)/google music with a little Rdio/Flickr.
Evernote: Meeting notes, Bill filing
Google: Electronic Mail, contacts, calendar, photo sharing
Dropbox: Documents and Photo backup
Grocery IQ: shopping list
Online Music: Pandora
Online Videos: Netflix, Youtube (and rev3 of course)
Games: Xbox Live

I'm going to stop using Google Music. I would rather filter my mobile mysic exp.
OneNote via skydrive for organizing my various projects - can't wait for Android app so I can access it on my mobile
My Cloud

- Evernote ROCKS! Everything I can't remember!!!
- Dropbox: File Storage.
- which I prefer to Dropbox: File storage and Google Apps Integration.
- MobileMe: Personal email, calendar, note syncing.
- iTunes (soon to be iCloud): Music, movies, TV shows
- Gmail/Google Docs/Google Apps: Everything business related
- Twitter: News posting
Google Docs/Mail/Picasa
iSync (soon)
Spotify for music.
Waiting for iCloud for Contacts/Calendar synching.
I am a big fan of CrashPlan. It it very efficient and the peer technology is excellent for creating multiple backup locations.
Zootube: for beatin'
Aol mail: electrical mail
xanga: thoughts on radical gender politics
myspace: keeping up on shitty indy bands
imageshack: daily pics
- Dropbox: Documents, pictures, fonts, misc.
- Evernote: Snippets of code (PHP, MySQL queries)
- Gmail: Email
- Google Contacts: Contacts
- Google Voice: Voicemails, text messages
- GReader: RSS subscriptions
- Read It Later: Documents to read later
- NotifyMe: Todos
- 1Password: Passwords (w/Dropbox)
- Strava: Cycling log
<li>Evernote: Notebook, scans, receipts, everything</li>
<li>Dropbox: Business File Storage and sharing</li>
<li>.me: Contacts and Email</li>
<li>Gmail: Email</li>
<li>Google Docs: Spread Sheets</li>
<li>Google Calendar: Calendar :)</li>
<li>Instagram: Photos</li>
Yep HTML, doesn't work in comments. :)
* Evernote
* Google Music
* Gmail
* Google Docs
I use:
DropBox- file storage
Flikr/smugmug- photos
Google docs
Amazon music
I've been using sugarsync instead of dropbox
Was just going to say I thought amazon's killer idea was to give people 'free' storage of their mp3s. I think they can bank on their competitiveness to google music.
evernote, sugarsync, dropbox, still have a few things on Google docs.
Dropbox: File sync
CloudApp : Screenshot sharing
iCloud: preferences sync/backup
Google: mail, contacts, calendar, RSS
Instagram/Camera+: photosharing
CrashPlan: backup
Dropbox for for sharing some files across phone, PC and friends PC and phones I find it works well for sharing videos if they are to big to email from your phone.

Evernote for scanned files

Gmail for email personal, I use Thunderbird to connect to our exchange server at work

Pandora for music, I use both google and amazon if I want to listen to my own

Google docs

Google reader to keep up to date with all the new stories everyday
Evernote (iPad) for notes
Instagram (daily documenting of my 30th year)
Wordpress (mobile and non-mobile)
Google Docs
ZumoCast - music streaming from home computer
iTeleport (accessing desktops from iPad)
LucidChart: Collaborative Wireframing
Notes: Simplenote
Files: Dropbox
Clips: Evernote
Bookmarks: Xmarks and Delicious
Gmail, Evernote, Google Docs, and Dropbox.
SmugMug (soon to be Picassa)
iCloud (soon)
1) Dropbox
2) Google Everything (email, contacts, plus, apps)
ummmm That's about it
I am so ashamed of my cloud right now. Having spent the better part of the year doing a TV show I got so behind on my tech/gadget/geek stuff. Spending a few days sorting it out next week.
Sadly Dropbox is blocked by my work's firewall. I have no idea why. As is Google Music's Beta Upload program. So I use Amazon Music too. Seems to work well and integrates nicely with my android phone.
Qi Wang
all of those except amazon music.
Use Google suite of products mainly at home, Instagram, mix of Amazon and iTunes. My company, even though we sell companies on the cloud, blocks Docs and other cloud svcs. Sometimes I feel like I work for a company scared of technology.
Get everything else but the Amazon. It must have take day or weeks to upload your media.
Gmail, Gdocs, Picasa, Flickr, G+, Evernote, Dropbox and for Music I made my own cloud with file sharing and online radio.
dropbox: file sharing and document distribution
sugar sync: photo back up and storage
google music: music storage
google doc: only when other use it or request it
evernote: quick on the fly notes or things I want to remember later on
wow we pretty much use the same, except for music i use google
Evernote for scanned and saved pdf Docs...

Dropbox for files that i may need later

Amazon Music 5gigs of storage free plus my mp3 purchases saved automatically!! I have Google Music but Im linux and there is no support yet.. :(

PicPlz for photos because Im android

Gmail for e-mail
Google music beta-music
Google Docs-documents
Google+- social networking (fb -1)
Android (Google)-cell phone
YouTube (Google)-videos
I have sold my soul to Google & I love it!
Google Docs
Google Calendar
Outside of the Google Apps, I use Dropbox and Evernote.
exactly the same except for iTunes not Amazon and Facebook, not Instagram. And Netflix.
-- dropbox: misc. files and backups
-- gmail: electronic mail
-- google docs: my life in ms word integrated to the cloud
-- picasa: daily pics
-- grooveshark: my music
-- springpad: notes, etc.
That all makes sense. I'm getting a Macbook Pro soon, think I should pay extra to get a smaller 120gb SSD? I thought I'd run into storage capacity issues down the road but if my stuff is in the cloud or even on a secondary drive I won't really have those problems.. hmm
picplz over instagram... dropbox is all that.... +Amazon Muzak is soo cool... as it now allows you to do work on Google docs, Zoho Docs and Google Docs.
I think I want a CRM+VOIP/Voice-Mail+Fax+Email+Social all in one app. Android/iPhone/Win/Mac and you have a fun solution. We should make a full development blueprint and then go on Kickstarter and create the ultimate work tool. Perhaps even go opensource with it or not..........(kinda need to focus on my current main project)
My cloud:
-Gmail: mail
-Google Docs: documents
-Instagram: pics
-Grooveshark: music
-Dropbox: files and everything
You can always just put a truecrypt archive into dropbox. 
Google services for everything.
Gmail specially. Scanned Documents, invoices, TO-DO. Gmail is my secretary.
Also Dropbox.
Evernote is my ultimate go to
Idisc...but looking at Dropbox but hoping cloud surprises me
Studying Google Apps
without having a current .me or the new iCloud, I use Plaxo to sync my contacts and my calanders. I just tried to get iCal to Sync with google, but it's not doing it as well as Plaxo, I cant work out how to get all 15 calanders to appear on all services, editable both ways, for free, without Plaxo, it seems like it will be a harder job, as currenlty it only seems to sync '1' calander and not Work, Social, Appointments etc
Thanks for suggesting Evernote. I think it is exactly what I was looking for. I also use Dropbox for misc files, GMail for email, Daily Booth/Instagram for pictures, Google Calendar for appointments.
how about video storage or streaming for personal videos. I was going to try the new qik premium or youtube. i have an iphone so i am not that married to anything google, but i like my chances with google since they are not going anywhere.
+Stephan Severson - I have the UStream Producer on my iPhone for streaming (free app)
I used to keep all my notes and bookmarks in Evernote. Now simple notes go in, bookmarks saved in Chrome, which are synched (and accessible via Android App ChromeMarks). Longer notes I just put in Google Docs.
My cloud:
-- Dropbox: business and collaboration
-- .Me: Mail, Preference and contact syncing between devices
-- Gmail: Mail
-- Google+ Google Voice: communication
-- Veetle, Livestation: TV
-- TuneIn: Radio
-- Stitcher: Podcasts
-- iCloud: music, photos, docs - hopefully soon
- Dropbox Pro 100 for files
- Google for Mail, Chat, Calendar and Contacts
Evernote, Dropbox, Gmail, Mobileme (soon to be iCloud) and plaxo for contacts
-- Dropbox: For sharing
-- Live Mesh (MS): Personal file storage
-- Gmail: Email
-- Skydrive: Online docs (Superior to Google Docs at the moment)
-- Instagram: All photos (though Camera+ is interesting)
-- Grooveshark: Music
-- Spotify: Music
-- Me: iPhone/iPad stuff
Evernote for scanned documents? I've been using Google Docs for that. What's the advantage of using Evernote for that? How do you have your Evernote notebooks organized? Do you share your scanned documents in Evernote?
-- Evernote: documents
-- Dropbox: Shared Files
-- .tel: Share My vcard
-- Hotmail: Email
Surprisingly almost the same product minus the Amazon Music service.
What's floating in my cloud?
Google Account Sync: Contacts, Calendar, Docs, Email
Google Docs: Reports, Spreadsheets, Projects
Google Calendar: Events, Schedules, Tasks
Gmail: Email
Google Reader: RSS Feeds, Podcasts
Grooveshark: Online Radio
Evernote: Reminders, Ideas
Picasa: Photos
Live Mesh: Data Sync
SharePoint Online: Office communication/collaboration.

In hindsight, I'm a pretty heavy Google user...
Evernote is one of my favorite apps. Excellent for note taking. Love the sharing capabilities.
Similar to yours! Evernote, dropbox, .me, gmail, google docs, instagram, flickr, twitter (seems to be a repo for links for me now), github
Gmail, Picasa, Google Music, Google Docs, and Dropbox. But I'm bias :)
-- Evernote: insights, pieces of thinking, research for projects
-- Gmail: eletronic mail
-- Google Talk: conversations
-- Google Docs: for sharing docs
-- FlipBoard (for iPad): all-in-one-reader for Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and whatever else.
i have to agree with christopher, over dropbox. and being an android person, i sync my contacts list with gmail's address book. so my cloudiness looks like:

- scribd : various documents i get mostly from other people
- google docs : docs i type myself
- : random files
- google music beta : where my music lives in the cloud
- gmail address book : contacts syncing
- gmail : music
- picasa : photo sharing
- google reader : social blog reading (kinda)
- : w00t! my bookmarks aren't gone yet!
- : what i'm reading / what's on my bookshelf
- : where i write javascript
- github : where my open source software rests for the evening
Rdio & Pandora : Music streaming for your daily working tunes
I use my Amazon AWS for everything but my notes. Evernote is awesome. 
G+ and its instant photo uploading is the latest great addition to mine. I also use Chrome syncing to backup my browser settings and passwords, and have Backupify set up just in case, although I think it makes my setup a bit less secure -- it gives me a bit more data persistence for the cost of adding an extra possible point of security failure.
That list basically mirrors mine. I've been using Flickr for photos but, thanks to Google+, wondering if I should switch to Picasa.
The years of investment (time) in Picasa and web-albums paid off instantly when signing up to Google+. Although not the strongest cloud photo-sharing app currently Google+ has rewarded me in spades.
I like SugarSync over drop box (I used both)
I like using Omni Focus for my GTD (ToDos)
Surprised not to see more people list Google Reader and Google Voice. Both awesome in their own way.
Everything on your list except Amazon Music.
google contacts instead of .me and flickr instead of instagram
i use fiabee instead of dropbox ive got 15GB for free with it.
- Dropbox: documents, spreadsheets...
- Skydrive: photos
- Gmail: e-mails
- GDocs: other shared documents
- Youtube: shared videos
- My own online wiki for any notes, interesting links...
Kevin - I use pretty much the same cloud tools as you. I did try out Producteev for a bit but prefer to just chuck stuff in Evernote
Remember The Milk for task management!
Springpad: Notes, tasks, lists
Google Music Beta: Music
Gmail: Email
G+: Sharing...anything, really. Lots of tech articles :)
Google Docs: Docs
Evernote: Almost every note & scan - Sync'ed to all my desktops & Iphone
Google Calendar & Contacts sync'ed to desktop MS Outlook & IPhone (Google Sync)
Tasks: Toodledo, sync'ed to IPhone
Music: ITunes
Telephony: Google Voice
Cloud Data share: Skydrive (cannot beat 25GB Free space)
Off-site Backup: Crashplan
Evernote: ideas and important articles, on various desktops, ipad and phone
Google Calander
Dropbox: working documents, sharing amongst non-google centric peeps
Gmail: mail
Spotify & Boxytunes: music
Wunderlist: tasks
I have many similar cloud services but plan to move several to iCloud when it launches such as Dropbox, Amazon Music and replacing Gmail/Docs
Billings Pro
iCloud + iTunes Match (soon)
I find Springpad much easier to organize and a more "helpful" application. My Evernote notebooks were always a mess, because I never got around to organizing them. Springpad encourages categorization and organization at the time of creation. easy easy easy. Love the mobile app. Picasa for pictures, since I'm an Android junkie. With you on everything else.
Evernote - random notes
Google Docs - poems, random docs
Gmail - e-mail for multiple addresses - blogging
Spotify - music (I'm not sure if that's cloud or p2p)
Yammer - employer's internal communication
Mindmeister - Mindmaps (replaced that to locally stored Vue)
Doesn't google contacts do everything you need for contact syncing? Why have .Me?
all of the above minus Amazon. Wait until you get Spotify!
I use GMail, Google Docs, Google Music all on my Cr-48 Chromebook.
- Hashable for networking contacts - 2.0 app for iphone and android released today and it's awesome

Use all the above, no Amazon though.
Very similar except in addition I use Freshbooks, and Carbonite and I don't use .Me or Instagram
Gmail for contacts because I dislike MobileMe, Spotify for music, documents through Dropbox rather than Google Docs. Otherwise the same 
Can't you encrypt dropbox?
sugarsync, gmail, google contacts, google docs, google music, picasa, chrome sync

I never quite understand the interest in evernote; everything can be accomplished with gmail filters.
Have used exchange mail for a few years now. Am ready to switch to gmail so I never need to delete mail again.
SimpleNote - Notes
Hulu & Netflix - Entertainment
Mint - Finances
Instapaper - read it later
Google Sync, Amazon Kindle books across multiple platforms.
My cloud:
-- Flickr: Personal + Business Photos
-- Dropbox: everything
-- .Me: Preference and contact syncing between devices
-- Netflix: Mostly for old shows
-- Gmail: duh.
-- Google Docs: Misc docs and spreadsheets
-- Instagram: photo sharing
-- Pandora - music
-- Teux Deux - to do lists
-- Google Voice
I thought E on Email stood for Electromagnetic pulse biohazard mail
- Evernote | Scanned Docs and Notes (Imports from Mujinote on iPad)
- Dropbox | All Documents, 1Password Sync
- Google Sync | Calendar, Contacts, Email
- Amazon | Books/PDFs
- Instagram | Pics
- Wunderlist | To-Dos
- Google Reader | Reading List/RSS

Can reinstall Mac OS and be back to square one in under 15 minutes.
Google (mail, calendar, contacts, docs, photos), Dropbox (misc), Grooveshark (music)
mac mail: email
evernote: notes, saved web pages/clips, etc
drop box: document storage, study guides, MCAT storage
instagram, camer app, iPhoto: picture taking, and storage
itunes: music
My Cloud:
- Evernote
- Dropbox
- Google Music
- Gmail
- Google Docs
- Picasa
--Dropbox: Same
--Google contacts and syncing
--Office 2007
--Picasa - all uploaded by EyeFi
Evernote: scans
Omnifocus: todo
Dropbox: Tinderbox documents, shared files, Agile keychain
Gmail: emails and work email archives
Google Docs: Confusing array of documents. needs help
Google Music Beta: ALL my music. Wow!
Flickr - Was all my photos in a paid account
Picasa - Was only random blogger photos, but now will be for all photos, especially camera photos which used to just die on my phone.
MobileMe: Omnifocus uses this to accomplish it's synch's above. despite mobile me sucking, they manage to keep it perfect in synch.
I didn't list DEVONthink as my cloud because it's still not really, but I've moved from having all my docs in the cloud to on my hard drive because of the superior functionality of DEVONthink Office Pro. But their cloud synch kinda sucks right now.
I just scanned all the comments, but I don't think I saw Simplenote on there...I use it on iPhone, iPad, and the desktop and it's simpler and better in my opinion that Evernote for just taking notes.

Evernote is great for scanned docs and taking pics though.
Why not use Google Music ?
Google Music over Amazon music.
- Evernote (notes)
- Dropbox (files)
- Phanfare (photos)
- Rdio (music)
- Gmail (email)
- Google Docs (documents)
- Google Calendar (calendar)
- Hulu Plus & Netfliz (enterainment)
-- Evernote: Random Thoughts
-- Dropbox: Sharing with my Linux accounts
-- SugarSync: Most everything else.
-- Google Music Beta, Pandora: Music storage and streaming
-- Gmail: Electronic mail
-- Google Calendar: Combined view for my 7 calendars
-- Wunderlist: Keeping track of the ToDo lists
-- Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon Prime (still comparing them): Movies & TV.
Evernote: note taking
SugarSync: back-up and filesyncing
DropBox: file sharing
Spotify: music contacts
Kindle: books everywhere

Zite: News aggregator a.k.a. "Personalized magazine"
I am a massive Delicious user... around 7000 tags...
Basecamp + Campfire - project management and internal coms - bookmarks
Chrome + Sync - keeps website preferences in sync across browsers
Google Docs - collaborative work
Gliffy - collaborative wireframes
.Me - eternal allegiance to Steve Jobs
Dropbox - just about everything else
dropbox, gmail, evernote, pandora for sure...waiting to see how iCloud will figure into that.
Dropbox -> Misc Storage/Sharing
MOG -> Music (Made the switch to streaming.)
Google -> Mail, Docs, Tasks, Social, News
Twitter -> IM, News
Flickr -> Pictures (Now that I can login without a Yahoo account)
My Cloud:
-- Evernote: Scanned documents & notes with pictures
-- Dropbox: Photoshop files, portable apps, files, etc.
-- LastPass: Password Syncing between computers & phone.
-- Xmarks: Bookmark Syncing between computers & phone.
-- Google Mail: Electronic mail
-- Google Contacts: Address and phone book
-- Google Calendar: Important dates, meetings, birthdays, bills, etc.
-- Google Docs: Misc docs and spreadsheets
-- Google Pictures (Picasa): Pictures
-- Google Music: Music storage and streaming
-- Google Reader: RSS/News Feed Aggregator
I got sticky notes on the sides of my 12" monochrome monitor.
--Live Mail: email, calander & contacts
--Live Mesh: Syncing my PCs and my WP7
--Skydrive: Pictures and Document
--Live Messenger: IM
--Zune: Music
--Steam: Games and IM
evernote and google docs, mail, photos, and contracts.....all google
-- Producteev: To Do Lists
-- LiquidPlanner: Project Planning
-- Gmail: Email
-- Dropbox: Moving files home to work on
-- Sharing music, photos or anything I else I want to share for project management
google calendar
office live
mozy backup service
browserbased tweetdeck
and a shitload of tiny games running in the cloud.
and of course G+ and twitter for communication (and still also facebook but hope to leave that soon).
emailling, creating documents: GMail
social networking: google+, facebook, xing (for business contacts)
mockups and other drafts: creately
sharing pdf docs:
file sharing: dropbox
reading books: kindle (on ipad, iphone, macbook air)
pretty much the same as you, except for instagram.. dont do many pics..
google music for streaming. can't beat 20,000 songs for free! everything.
Very much the exact same "cloud" layout. I think the only one I have to add is "wunderlist" for task management with "remember the milk" a close second because I actually use them both right now
Same as you but I just discovered Music by Google beta

pretty nice!
Dropbox, Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, Picassa, Skype and yFrog.
My cloud:
-- Dropbox: Documents
-- Google Contacts: Contacts syncing
-- Google Calendar: Calendar syncing
-- rdio: Music
-- Gmail: email
-- Google Docs: Sharing docs and note taking
-- Google+ (Google Photos): Photo sharing
-- Mint: Finances

If Google did a better background syncing, music, and finances I think I'd be a fanboy... or maybe more of one :/
Google Music: Music
Google Docs: Documents
Google Contacts: Contact syncing
Google Calender: Calender syncing
Gmail: Email
Google+ / Picasa: Photo Sharing
Off topic, I did the Google Summer Of Code a while back... Basically Google has enough information about me to basically kill me, Hide my body, and replace me with a believable stand in... Once Google invents androids I'm screwed... From what I've read they're pretty much already there.
Windows Live Mesh for all personal files and game saves (between desktop and laptop). Also dropbox free, for image hosting and some work files.
Evernote - Notes
Dropbox - Docs
.Me -calendaer/contacts sync
Remember the milk - To do's
Echofon Pro - Twitter
and soon G+ App
My cloud (somewhat similar):
-- ActionMethod: All Tasks, across all mobile devices.
-- Evernote: Writing / Content development
-- .Me: Preference and contact syncing between devices
-- Gmail: Electronic mail
-- Google Docs: Misc docs and spreadsheets
-- Instagram: Daily pics

The BIG question: iCloud??
I have yet to pick my poison on the cloud music arena. I like apple's idea of scanning and recognizing my music without me having to upload it. That's the problem I've had with the cloud storage business, you have to actually upload everything. Ever uploaded your backup file over comcast's residential service? You're getting booted offline every 45mins until your 200gb-1TB+ is done uploading.
- Google: For being a Ninja
- Record Podcasts (Recording live seems to boost productivity)
- Evernote: Notes & Ideas for upcoming Projects (love the tagging features)
- File Upload & Sharing (Great workflow for clients & partners)
- Gmail: Mail Hub
- Google Docs: Simultaneous Collaboration & Documentation Design
- GrooveShark & Pandora: Endless Audio Source
- CGHub: Endless Inspiration
--Photocopier: scanned documents
--US Postal Service: mail
--Rolodex: Contacts
--Cassette Tapes: Music storage
--Shoeboxes: files, pictures, etc
--File Cabinets: Misc Docs and spreadsheets
--Poloroid Camera: Daily pics

(How far we've come in the last couple decades!)
Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Reader, Sites, Picasa, Tasks
We7 with Scrobbling
Dropbox, Skydrive
When iCloud comes out, will iTunes cloud storage and streaming replace Amazon music for you, or will you stick with Amazon?
MyCloud = PHP based open-sourced product called "OwnCloud" self hosted on Apache. Basic Linux security model - serves up Documents, Pix, etc.
+Kevin Rose what is the easiest way to scan and store documents in Evernote? Do you have a link you can share?
I scan documents with Fujitsu ScanSnap. It scans directly to Evernote. You can choose to recognize text on the computer or let Evernote do the job
4me I use skydrive, carbon, evernote
All-Google shop here. I know ... I know.
My Cloud:
- Google Docs: document collaboration
- Google Contacts: contact (syncing)
- Google Calender: calender (syncing)
- Gmail: email
- Google+ / Facebook: Sharing / broadcasting

- Flickr: pictures, photos
- PicNic: photo editing
- DropBox: .pdf, iWork document syncing
- Evernote: Notes, Clippings, References, Bookmarks
- ReadItLaterList: News collection
- SpiderOak: Secure Back-Up (Zero-Knowledge)
- Skype: VoIP, landline
- Kindle: books
- ifttt: workflow (from one web service to another)
- NotifyMe: To Do Lists
- Wordpress: CMS, blogging
- Amazon AWS: hosting
- InCheck Pastel: personal finance management

--- hopfully soon ---
iTunes in the Cloud (with _iTunes Match_): music
Google Docs
Remember the Milk
I use:
Dropbox (I love this one ;))
Google Docs
Google +
Music was my last area to move to the cloud earlier this year. Old albums went to Google, new stuff tends to come from and stay with Amazon.
my SAN (I built). I android phone. My shit..
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