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Google idea of the week: Buy Evernote, integrate it w/Google Docs and your upcoming GDrive storage produce. Think mountable storage (eg. dropbox) with Google Docs content creation tools and the searchable indexing of Evernote. Now that would be a killer product.
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Agreed! I use Evernote for clipping web pages all the time...usually for things I want to post to G+ later.
Yikes, it would. Hope Evernote adds this to their Trunk offerings. 
add some MILKinc and Cookies..
I'm not sure they necessarily need Evernote's assets to efficiently do this – in my [heavy] Evernote usage, it's pretty much the Gmail for the rest of my life.
google can always come up with a better version of evernote, buying them would be a waste of money. my 2 cents
No...please don't let Google buy it and kill it. Evernote is great the way it is. Google has enough engineers to build their own Gdocs Evernote like Ad-on. Please don't kill Evernote.
That would be very useful. Tying Evernote into Google infrastructure would be a big feature and buy-in point for many people.

Will it happen?
Google needs to FIX Google Docs and leave everything else alone.
I'd love something like Evernote (or evernote itself) to use storage from Google, it'd run really well.
+Jason Kinas exact thought.. and evernote (longtime paid sub here) is bloated.
No, Google would kill Evernote, and only integrate it search technology. I love Evernote and don't want that.
I say they should buy springpad if anything, their business model is more in line with the google way. It would definitely make gdrive and docs alot more useful and powerful. 
I am a huge Fan over Evernote! I also really love Google. So in my mind this would be en epic idea to integrate into Android phones and into Chrome. I can see the success now... Please google do this so we can all benefit immensely
Oh, that's frighteningly interesting, actually.

PS: why is this the only comment here? Are we the only two still awake on a Wednesday night?
Evernote is great but what does it have that Google couldn't recreate on its own with the ability to import Evernote data.
Why do we need Google to buy Evernote? Just open up and integrate the services. I'm sure both of them are doing well by themselves :)
+Adalgiso Mancini IV My perception: Google far more frequently kills products after acquisitions rather than successfully integrates them. They buy for engineering talent or a particular piece of tech in a product and reassign that tech/talent elsewhere letting the original product die.
with the google+ auto upload of pics they could be automatically entered as an Evernote entry
Personally I am a fan of delicious and the youtube guys already own it.
Agreed. It would really augment their offerings nicely. Coincidentally, I was thinking the other night how much I really love Evernote and that Google should buy them because they don't have anything in the 'notes' space.
Evernote would be a good addition to Google Docs, would be awesome if it was integrated with Google Cal as well, like you can set specific Docs to be reminded about and synced with your iOS/Android device or notebook on the day.
That sounds like a great idea, would be nice to have an all in one package.
Disagree... First of all, acquiring Evernote for its indexing capabilities seems off -- this is Google we're talking about... the king of indexing. Also, in my mind they are two very different products. Evernote is about capturing information. Google Docs is about MS Office-style document creation. Evernote doesn't have a killer feature that Google Docs needs -- they just serve different purposes and different audiences. What would an acquisition look like? Evernote has a very loyal user base that would be aghast at any attempt at merging the two products. Google Docs is in a sensitive position too due to its need to appeal to the conventional Enterprise user. And it's not like Etherpad which they could just open-source to appease legacy users (I still use etherpad to this day on my server!). Now, what they could do is acquire Evernote and just rebrand it as "Google Capture" or something, and make it a complementary product to Google Docs and GDrive, and tap into the same google storage cloud (a la Gmail/Picasa premium today). As a bonus they could use "content captures" as a search signal.
That would be cool, but I can't see them doing mountable storage cause they have been restricting themselves to be inside a browser, online. They are trying to move us away from huge operating systems and local storage and integrating with that would ruin the dumb terminal solution they push.
+Kevin Rose I can beat that. On + for all commentary on a particular link, Google should create thread functionality which lets users combine multiple posts (and therefore comments, shares) around the link that was shared. This way very quickly an awesome public view of user feeling about a link could be garnered. Next step is if enough combinations are created by users multiple links aabout a topic could be combined around the topic. For example, imagine a timeline like ui (for real-time comments) around kindle fire announcement.

The reason this is interesting is .... propellar!! The new upcoming service. And the +1 button.

Could be awesome. 
Should have known that Google would have something...but compared to Evernote it's a little clunky, perhaps I'm spoiled by Evernote.
I'm dreaming about this kind of Google product too
I've also been thinking about the same thing for a while, that Google should buy Evernote. I really hope that happens.
No thanks. If Google is going to go through all the trouble of an acquisition, I think SpringPad is a better choice. The plus side (pun not intended, I swear), it already let's you login using your google account credentials.
Buying a company isn't always appropriate. I believe Google has worked hard enough on similar products to be able to do what Evernote does even better (due to being able to tie it in with more services google offers) So it's an interesting idea but I think it would only serve to make +Radek G an unhappy person as he and many others would prefer both healthy competition and options.
I'd buy Evernote if I could - there are so many opportunities there ...
I doubt they will. Evernote relies on a heavy client although it does have the browser version as well which doesn't do stuff like encrypting text very well. Google aims to be a Browser only interface, minimizing reliance on OS-dependent rich clients to the bare minimum (Chrome browser for offline, a few plugins for video chat, etc.) Evernote goes against that grain.

I would be push more for Google to buy MindMeister or a browser-based Mindmapping tool to enrich their Google Docs offering further.
That's a good idea. But until they do I will stick with evernote. It's the best there is at what it does. 
Google - do not touch the Evernote! Sorry, just no trust that Google won't kill the product.
they should index gmail stuff and make it searchable on to those logged in, that will be killer.
Leave my Evernote alone! :) 
+Miklavz Grmek What would you suggest they do then? Downsize? Bigger companies are harder to manage though Google's done a good job so far, I dont believe being a big company means you HAVE to loose quality and as long as google continues to pump out great services and a great OS I think they will remain relevant.
+Sandeep Deshpande That's a truly hideous idea. search in gmail works just fine - why mash it into web search?

Doesn't google desktop already index email?
+Marc Eglon Google desktop has been retired. "As of September 14, Google Desktop will no longer be available for download, and existing installations will not be updated to include new features or fixes." Source :
Here's a prediction: google becoming increasingly hodge podge now they've swapped out schmidt.
Google idea of the year: combine all the chat & video apps (Talk, Chat, Voice, Messenger, Hangout, etc) into one killer communication app
+Matthew Zelinsky A++ I've been wanting them to do this for YEARS (to the extent of the existing services at the time. obviously)
+Miklavz Grmek Use a separate email provider with encryption if you need to, browse incog, and be careful about what you say on social networks. I'm paranoid TRUST me on that one but I dont want my online experience to be so fragmented i have to go to a million different companies for the things I need/want.... Trust isn't required go else where for information you dont want them to have Hell host your own email server.... I do
i've been pitching that idea to friends since 2009
It would be awesome for Google but I wish you wouldn't mention it again because I rather like Evernote just as it is with the team and direction it currently has.
And sometimes Google buys companies and just lets them continue on but sometimes not.
Evernote idea of the week: Buy Google's voice search recognition and incorporate contextual search into the product.
If Google bought Evernote, I would stop using Evernote. Consolidation of an industry is not always a good thing. It's nice to have independent companies out there doing their thing.
I agree that Evernote is good on it's own. As a long-time premium user I really appreciate their product and the way they think about it's development. +Phil Libin & the team has been doing a great job.

To integrate the two services, someone needs to cook up a connecting service using the APIs offered by both companies. I've been happy with some great services that push or pull content into and out of both.

Keeping the culture (people!) of innovative small companies alive.

On the other side, Google has done great things with Sketchup and Keystone (is that what it was called before Earth?)...I used both before they were Google properties and they have definitely been able to improve with Google's stewardship.
Oops...Earth used to be called Keyhole Earth Viewer. Sorry about that!
I don't think Google needs to buy evernote to learn how to index a folder... they seem to be pretty good at indexing...
They already built Google Notebook, but they let it die.
Why must they buy it...Evernote is progressing just fine the way it is...that said, an happy marriage between google docs and evernote would be worth cracking open the bubbly for.
+Tom Paladino, that's right...
...and Evernote provided a nice import tool for the obsolete Google Notebook data!
Google used to have Google Notebook but they just recently killed it.
I am already on board. What a fantastic idea. 
Please no! I love Evernote as it is and would like it to remain "independent." As much as I love Google's suite of products, I wouldn't want them to "own" everything. Keep things separate, I say, but integrate thru more open APIs.
How do I integrate Evernote and GDocs?
No, no, no! Why do we insist on the big guys buying the little guys and then turn around and complain when the big buy have too much power.

Diversity in the market place is a good thing, let Google compete with them and offer a better service, and a choice, that's when the consumer wins.
Couldn't agree more with +Daniel Vice

I don't think Phil would even want to sell. Evernote has a ton of growth left. Their model is "customers for life" so they aren't concerned for an exit like every other startup.

Keep Evernote out of the hands of "big" companies.
Chris K
They should buy memolane... I like that better then facebooks timeline
I seriously don't see that. Google has not done the best job with acquisitions in the last few years. If they bought Evernote and left them alone....maybe. I just think that Evernote is great the way it is now. I think Google would just muck up the user experience of Evernote if it did happen.
duh, thought you meant to buy the app and integrate it to Google Docs. I go there and think why buy a free app? But how do you integrate it, besides Kevin, you're the guy what has some money.
+David Wegley: 'has not done the best job with acquisitions in the last few years'...really? Picasa, Youtube, Writely -> Google Docs, Keyhole -> Google Earth/Maps.
Has anyone used the Office add on for Google Docs. It versions documents and syncs them in Google Docs. It is quite nice.
I have been waiting for this for the last 2 years every ince I started using both Evernote and Dropbox.
What? Wait? Really?! Awesome... I am an Evernote Google Docs junkie.
+Ralph Mettier I totally get what you are saying. They do have some major hits in there but in YouTube's case they left them alone for the most part. What I should have said was acquisitions and services. There is a giant list on the other side too: Orkut, Fast Flip, Notebook, Aardvark, Slide, Buzz, Wave. Just saying, Evernote has some elegance to it and is a great service. Google tends to be more like an software engineering sledgehammer when sometimes what is needed is creative lighter touch. Google+ is the first thing that they have created in a while that has some elegance to it. If it were to happen, I just hope they keep the Evernote team together and let them run the designing.
Emil W
Can someone tell me whats so special and unique about evernote ? I dont get it..
Ditto, keep notes in plaintext in dropbox, and use plaintext (on iDevice) and vim !
Evernote has not worked on my laptop for over a year and their tech support has never been much help
Google idea of the week: Get into the manufacturing business and destroy Apple. Problem?
This sounds like a great idea to me only because I don't use Evernote and therefore won't miss it when it disappears completely never to be recreated again (except for maybe three features that eventually find their way into a google offering two years from now).
Evernote is one of the best tools I've ever used, but this would make it awesome.
I just gave you a tech geek fist bump for this. As a user of both products, add the third, Dropbox, this combination would be a perfect combination and solve much for me.
Googles not good and too slow at integration 
I like it, as long as they keep an evernote desktop application with the same or better word processor functions.
Even just more syncing options would be just fine - GDocs for composition, Evernote for capturing.
While I doibt this would ever happen, I would love to have a desktop version of Google Docs that easily synced to the cloud.
But since it's being discussed: two-step authentication for Evernote. Seriously.
I'm such an Evernote addict. That would be a great combination.
Microsoft has that. Onenote, Skydrive, Windows Live! dAHHH
No buyouts! Let 'em create their own and compete on feature set.
Google Docs integration would be cool, but please stay independent Evernote !
Evernote has been very vocal about their "100 year plans". You can't promise that if you're owned by Google. Nice idea, but wouldn't happen.
I can't think of anything more depressing in the software space than Evernote being gobbled up and destroyed by Google.
+Roger Benningfield I can - Imagine Evernote quietly fading into the ether. I don't think the bog G would destroy Evernote. They might integrate it with lots of other services, but I believe we would also still have the same type of app that we have now. The Evernote brand is a good brand. Honestly, Google could just use Evernote apis and throw some money at Evernote and accomplish much of what +Kevin Rose was suggesting.
That's why they pay you the big bucks.
Evernote would first agree to sell. I don't know if they'd want to sell to the likes of Google :p
Google wouldn't buy something they could do better themselves, I think indexing is one of Google's stronger suits.
Google has a fundamentally social mission, Evernote has a fundamentally person mission. Google thinks Cloud First, Evernote thinks device first. The two don't belong together.
Google buys all kind of interesting ideas/companies, I heard there was one called youtuubez or something they bought a while ago.
Wow one good idea can really go to your head......Kevin you were more interesting before you became pompous . 
Angry much there Rev? Sheesh, have some communion wine and relax..
I think we could all come up with a ton of "ideas" every week if buying up existing products for a vast sum of money and merging them qualifies.
This would put a whole new spin on web docs. 
I know everyone loves Evernote, but after several attempts over the past year+, it still crashs on my iPad. I like the concept of Google buying it because they'd fix that. And enhance it. Nice idea, Kevin.
Google should buy Apple (call it The Goopple) and integrate it with the Department of Defense. Think MBA-SAM (MacBook Air Surface to Air Missiles) integrated with Google Wave and MobileMe.
Evernote has never worked for me, so I'm all for a Google alternative :P
How about Apple buying Evernote AND DropBox :-)
Google docs actually kind of sucks. It's still nowhere near Microsoft Word. If you don't need features, why not just type your text into Evernote?

You can collaborate through Evernote.

I would be in heaven to have that option.
I would love to have mountable storage that I could sync local folders with just like dropbox but to a somewhat greater extent. I already use Google Docs as my primary office suite since I don't need all the extra features included with Microsoft Office most of the time - however, there are times I do!

One thing I love about Google's cloud suite is that everything's integrated or interconnected one way or another. Google+ is already accessible from the majority of Google's cloud suite and Google Voice, Gmail, and others are integrated with the contact list. The list goes on.
+Matt Handal
Google Docs has all the basic functionality a webapp should. Its great for students and people that just cannot afford MSO. Ive used it for work and school for years to make minor changes and for distribution. I still use Pages or MS Word for the major stuff.

And +Kevin Rose I totally agree! I cant wait til GDrive comes out. Ive been mounting my GDocs drive for a while now, but Evernote integration is whats missing.
Uh, there's Office365 now... there is "Office in the cloud" and it's probably more affordable than buying an office license, especially if you need like 10 concurrent licenses.
I gotta look into this Office 365.. There's plenty of talk about it, and I was stoked over the fact I get Office 2010 through my MBA program.
Yeah that gets to be very expensive especially when google docs is free so is evernote.
Another google idea is to blow the LMS/CMS systems out of the water and take education by storm by developing their own. Imagine the possibilites of a free robust LMS/CMS.
I wrote it on a piece of paper about 15 years ago. I just can't find it ;)
Most likely in the "dark net" of the labs section....not visible to mere mortals!
I've used Evernote for a long time and love it. I don't know if I like the idea of Googlizing it up. aka..If it's not broke don't fix it?
I agree with Linda, I've used Evernote for quite a while. I've used Google Docs as well. My concern is if Evernote got merged into Google's workings, would it still feel and work exactly as I know it? Look at Gowalla for example; Used it for years only to get completely alienated by a complete reworking of the mobile application and website to the point where I dropped interest in favor of Foursquare.
i've thought about this a few times. I would love this idea.
I thought of the same thing last weekend +Kevin Rose ! I tried out Evernote for the first time and found out that their tags system is much more useful (Delicious like) than the Google Docs collections implementation. Having said that, I didn't want to switch to Evernote. I trust the Google storage much better. I also use Dropbox for its mountability feature. I couldn't agree with you more.
They should have done that ages ago! I have almost stopped using Google Docs because of Evernote.
Mark M
Evernote seems to charge for high storage. Why not charge the same amount for Google API integration.
This would be very smart because you would get out of the storage business and still get your revenue. I'd pay for this anytime. There is NO WAY you can get me totally off Gmail / GDocs. Why not find the synergy there and still get your revenue?
Totally disagree with the comment Evernote doesn't have a killer feature that Google Docs needs +Eric Wilson ! Evernote tagging is like tagging in +Delicious where you can use existing tags and/or create new tags on the fly. In Google Docs you need to have the collections created prior to applying them to docs. Okay, to be fair, lets keep buying +Evernote aside. Google Docs needs to at least implement this tagging system in their Docs.
Google killed Google Notebook, I used that before I used Evernote. Google killing it lead me to switch as Evernote had an import feature. All that Google would need to do is bring Google Notebook back up, build an import feature, and hope everybody they burned by killing GN forgives them.
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