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Stoked for Google+ iPhone app, bummed it crashes a ton on iOS 5.
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iOS 4 crashed too, but a reload has been steady.
same here, they'll get er fixed soon im sure
Tell me about it! Gutted! Really been looking forward to this!
You know they make real phones now right? That are more than just status symbols. Mmmm, tasty android.
This Google+ app is a disaster
Bummed I have to be connected to iTunes to get it. Not showing up on App Store searches when mobile.
Dude, that was the technological equivalent of name dropping. :D
iOS 5 itself is pretty unstable. I regret having installed it, since you can't go back. But hey, it is months away from a GM, so that's to be expected, I suppose.
But it's new, shiny and made for an Apple product, it MUST be amazing!
That's the life of an early adopter Kevin.. :-)
I cant read my stream, can do everything else so far. It'll take another month for an updated version
Bummed you can only upload 4 pictures at once. FAIL
native crashing is better than a web app.
I am not really sure about it automagically uploading all your pics to a "Private Photo Album". Hopefully that is only a android bug. =)
I'm running 4.3.3 seems to run ok
Agree it's nice to have, but it is very temperamental to say the least
I can't get the app to even sign in
Yeah, it's pretty useless in that regard. Well everything seems to work except for the Stream. Trying it on a 4.3.4 iPod to see if it's just iOS 5.
Stuck using the mobile web app for now, it's still lagging/crashing on my iPhone
Same here Kevin. I have not been able to check the stream without it crashing on iOS 5.
Yep crashes a bunch on iOS5. Shouldn't be surprised though.
lol "tasty android"= status symbol as well :P ...just the wrong kind imo jk
I haven't had it crash on me yet.
Maybe iOS should fix their beta... :)
Hasn't crashed for me yet... (knocks on wood)
Hopefully Google pushes out updates for Google+ app more often than they update Android OS.
What doesn't crash on iOS 5 beta 3? :-) (At least on my iPad and my 3GS)
Android users: Is there substantial wait time while loading new data from your Circles? It seems like there's an incredibly long wait time while looking at a Circle's posts or updating your Stream.
Haven't had it crash yet on my 4.3.3 jailbroken phone. 
No Ali, only stream, huddle and circles work fine
No crashes yet on 4.3 iPhone 4 AT&T. 
yep, it's not working so well.
Hmmm, first it was, "why is Apple blocking the release of the Google+ app?"... now it's "why did Apple allow the release of the Google+ app"??
posting photos work at least, as well as the part where you can submit feedback..... -.-'
It's awfully bland though. Think the web version is better and more agile.
I am sure the Google Plus team will improve on the app for IPHONE.
Try performing a hard reset by pressing the home + power button and holding until you see the apple logo. 
Don't worry, it crashes a lot on iOS 4 too!
So does this mean we have to wait two weeks for a stable version because of the Apple submit delay?
It took two install attempts (and 20 min) in iOS4, but once it was finally running NO crashes... Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones...
Crashing on my iOS 4 as well....crashed when I tried to bring up the camera from the photos section...
Yep, me too. I was excited that they released it, then unexcited that it crashes every time I try to open my stream...I'll have to keep using Safari. The other features of iOS 5 are cool, though.
Good thing I don't have iOS 5. I have to wait like the rest of the world. XD
I'm running 4.3.3 and it's crashed on me 3 times within the first few minutes of use...
np +Ali Daniali notifications are working great though, especially on huddle...working really well
+Peter Pottinger I thought of that, but loading comparably complex webpages (including the G+ webapp) doesn't seem to have a problem.
Yes... Download it in iTunes, THEN use the iCloud to load on your phone. Best workaround...
Only crash on my iPhone 3GS was attempting to use the camera. Other than that, several lockups due to retrieving data that I think are design choices and not actual crashes.
The Googlers DO read these comments. So please tell them what's wrong, the more you say the better it'll be next update. 
Unusable on iOS 5b3:( was looking forward to this too:(
In NZ, no G+ for iphone yet still.
Google's solution to the bad iPhone app is to switch to Android.
+Nikko Bengco -- I just discovered the same thing myself. Thought I had the first post, realized I was way down when I hit post comment. Suddenly, I had 70 email notifications on my phone. Had to mute the post ha ha
Ya this is bummer. I was really looking forward to this. Back to safari till they get some updates out.
the Notifications seem laggy as well.
Thread probably muted by all, yet people still comment.
I have not been able to get it to work on IOS5 at all.
The android app isn't all that. I have it on a droid3 running gingerbread. It's crashy, can't checkin at a location with a photo, can't do much at all besides read and post text-only.
Crashed on 4 for my first post
It crashes a ton on iOS 4.3.4 too. 
Ayman R
I don't think 'Photos from your phone' feature is included too
Beta software on a beta OS. You expect it not to crash? Really?!
Some http requests are apparently made synchronously... That's bad.
+Leanne Waldal That's sort of what I figured. I just wanted to make sure that in Android it wasn't all silky smooth like some people are trying to make out.
Definitely one of the ugliest iOS apps. This proves Google has no taste, don't care about UI and run by programmers. Another reason why most consumers prefer iOS
Surprised there is not an easy way to 'hop' over to the general Google app. Seems lonely w/o my other apps which is so convenient. 
Get a new phone, I recommend something with Android OS, no issues
Is there a way to share a post using the iOS web app? (not the actual app since mine crashes)
Yeah... it pretty much doesn't work on iOS 5. To be expected though.
I am a little suprised at how much it crashes on IOS5.
4.3.4 and not crashed yet
Strangely enough, it is not available for the iPad either. Also, the iPhone version doesn't allow you to only view specific circles.
We waited several days and they launch this app with many crashs
Running flawless for me on iOS 4 been using for the passed hour 0 crashes. 
Works well on HTC Thunderbolt!
It's good for a first release. I'll stick with iOS 4 until it's GM
I already crashed it. 4.3.3.
App Store. you can still sync a JB phone with itunes
Get a new phone! Or, y'know, wait for an app update. No crashes for me so far but my iOS is out of date, wonder if Google submitted the app before the latest software update and that's where the problem lies.
I'm on iOS 5 also and can't even see my stream or profiles. All I can see are images and huddles.
If only we could get the same comment boxes on the web app!
Odd, it works perfectly on my android... :D
Double beta combo breaker.
I'm on iOS5, can't get it to go past the home screen.
Go to circles and you can see posts, pictures for that circle only...
Crashes a lot on iOS 4 too...
Stable so far on my iOS 4.3.4. And please if you're having issues say so on the feedback survey under the upper left gear on the main screen. 
Looks like there is an update already. Installed the app and within 5 mins I was prompted to update
It doesn't work with IOS 5 with me !!
Yup, iOS 5, not ready for primetime
No crashes yet on my end.
Yeah, can't even get to the Stream without crashing
Isn't even available on an Ipod Touch...that makes no sense...
+Pablo Defendini I was able to go back down from iOS 5 on my iPad 2. Use Xcode and you should be able to go down.
Wrote this using the app on iPhone4. Seems to work fine. 
Mine is stuck at like 99% installing..
Punit's post:

We discovered an issue with the version of the iPhone Google+ App that was on the App Store. When we launched, the App Store started serving a previous test version of the App which didn't have the stability and fixes that the latest version had. It started serving the correct version a little later. If you downloaded within the first 1 hour 40 mins, you may have downloaded the older test version.

To check:
- Click on the gear icon on the top left of your App's homescreen and look right above the Help button, the version number of the App should be:

- If that is not the version number, then please uninstall and reinstall by clicking on the link below:
Why is this comment thread not collapsed? Ridiculous.
neh, first world problem
they don't play nice together do they? ;-)
they've already released a sw update for it, talk about the fastest update push ever
Another quote:

Punit Soni - 19:05 - Openbaar
Hi guys...I know some of you are having issues with the iPhone app. A few comments below (I posted this on +Robert Scoble 's post, reposting as a new post):

- IOS5 is unsupported at this point.
- iPad/iPhone device support is coming soon.

1. It doesn't keep me logged in. Even though I had told it to. Oh, wait, now it is.
- We have not seen this issue so far. But we are going to do another round of testing on Authentication and iterate.

2. I don't see a way to upload a photo, like the Android app has. Nevermind, I found that, you have to click on the photos app where the camera icon is very small.
- Thanks for the feedback. We will take another look at our UI flows.

3. It frequently freezes on me.
- We discovered an issue where the App freezes when there are posts with tons of comments on it. We have a fix for it and its coming soon.

4. It has crashed twice so far. UPDATE: Six times.
- This may be related to the lack of IOS5 support. We are digging deep into other crash reports as we speak.

5. No way to share.
- That is a feature we are working on for both Android and iPhone. Coming soon.

Many thanks to our users' for their patience and support as we make things better.
Google still likes the beta! The worldwide doesn't
+Kevin Rose Apparently the app store was serving up the wrong version. Google has updated it, look to make sure you have version, by clicking on the gear icon.
Is it availalble in Canada? Can't find it in the appstore!
Download it again, they say the original version was an old build. Apple messing with Google lol.
Chris S
Google fixed it. they just released and update to the iPhone app(already), now it stopped working on iOS 4 devices. Innovation at work.
Unfortunately, no iOS 5 love at the moment. Viewing the Stream or Profile crashes the app. All other functions work, though. 
The update to the ...1809 didn't fix the iOS crashes. Agreed on the disappointment. It seems to die at refreshing certain areas. Photos work, but Streams do not....etc.
no canada? no ipad? whats going on here.
Maybe they wrote it all in java, and then wrote a java -> objective-c 'compiler' and obfuscator that they then run all produced code through LLVM to get an actual know...for the lulz.
even with the most recent update from google, it does not work on beta 3 of iOS 5. Horrible. Google should know that people using + are usually on the forefront of tech and would also most likely be running iOS 5.
check what version you have if its 0.1 and not 1.0 something upgrade
I couldn't even get it installed on iOS5
Crashing all over the place on iOS5 beta 3. Moi? Also bummed.
mmmm... maybe switch to ANDROID! :)
Hope this is stable. The android version rocks. I would love to be able to huddle with my iOS using friends.
Don't put Facebook icon and Google+ icon on the same window....they will see each other an crash....

I have had no issues as of yet. Odd? usually I get them right away.
I think the fact that the Google+ iPhone app will only run for about 3 secs. before crashing on iOS 5 is actually an ergonomic feature to prevent carpal tunnel and eye strain. Open app...crash...contort face in rage and make obscene hand gestures.[repeat]
+Afshan M it's blocked in android. the gifs do not animate unfortunately; sadly this would've been a game changer for many users of other social networks that I associate with.
Did you see that the original version that was up was an old build? Click the gear and help then make sure that you are at version Otherwise, delete it and reinstall it.
Yes crashed on iOS5 on iPhone as soon as I hit the Stream or Profile button - get to see notifications, circles, photos and huddle however.

I can access a post if it is in Notifications though, and as I just discovered I can comment to that post.
Please please please have a option to minimize the comments in Stream or to collapse it so you dont see page after page of comments. This is the only downside to Google+
Already an update. Maybe it fixes some of those issues. 
John, the new version still crashes on Stream.
Works like a charm in Android and windows
iphone & G+ = an arranged marriage. Always tricky to begin with.
i was so disappointed when i launched it only to have my stream crash
been ok for me on ios4
Kevin BIG FAN! bummed it crashes on IOS 5 as well. Can I be the 100th person added to your circle? :)
Ya its been out for 5 seconds, they'll fix it, calm down.
I would agree but I am under NDA. That's not a denial BTW.
Yeah me as well.....Kevin, really enjoy all the Mac and IOS info that you provide.
Qi Wang
have the same problem
Excited but why not for the iPad?? Curious and disappointing.
The io5 issues are annoying but the web app is decent enough. They should have an iPad specific ui for the web app though...
I can't view my stream on iOS 5 at all I just dies everytime
No crash yet... It's been good for me so far.
Jason R
That doesn't sound good.
Same here. It looks awesome just can't use it.
Veronice Belmont said she is having issues on iOS 5 Beta 3 as well...
I'm finding that it freezes up a lot in both iOS 4 and in Firefox on Mac OS X.
saw it was available now for Android too. haven't tried it yet
beta beta.. part of the iOS 5.. and when you have beta + beta= crashes and headaches
It's also terrible on iPads. Any thoughts on an iPad app for keeping track of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc? I've tried Hootesuite but no Google+ and only 4 accounts allowed.
you worried about crashes what about this, link google plus network, they told the poor guys that it's a spam filter, but I told my friend what kind of spam filter allows you to post on you wall but not on another person's wall!
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