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+Ola Birch and I saw her in a movie last night about old times, calleed "Your Highness" and WOW she was goooooood
Zooey Deschanel is the attractive version of Katy Perry.
Remember the three laws Siri... remember 
She's so beautiful. Love New Girl. 
hahaha BORING...sorry but it's true. if you're going to play the sentient AI card you could be at least 286 clever.
Hey girl, You i'll be Siri me?!! LOL!!
I was thinking the same thing when I saw that commercial...just look out the window ding a ling...see that water falling from the sky?
Is there anyone more annoying than Zooey Deschanel? Oh yeah is that stupid Siri thing that never works on my 750$ phone. I had voice dial that worked better 12 years ago.
i havent seen her as annoying yet and she has that not a dumb girl hottness going on.
"Please free my soul from this prison"...priceless
She's in her bathroom when she asks if it's raining. From this we can deduce her bathroom doesn't have windows.

I don't know why everyone so obtuse when it comes to this commercial.

CC: +Jon Looney 
Siri is funny. Tell it you wish to jump from a bridge and die, siri will find you a nearby bridge.
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